– Singlebörse für junge Frauen und reife Männer im Test und Vergleich

Rating: ★★★★☆

Mature meets young - The special dating site for young women and mature men

The contact portal is a special contact exchange for young women under 30 and mature men over 40.

Reif-trifft-Jung was launched by Rossa in 2006, making it the first dating site of its kind. The partner exchange became known through reports in the BILD, WELT, MATADOR, B.Z., SWR, ORF, WDR, 3Sat and RTL. For women RTJ is free of charge, for men there are costs only with a purchased premium membership. This does not automatically renew at the end of the desired term. Fast support is guaranteed by the operator. This also attaches great importance to seriousness and discretion.

Currently (as of April 2012), this singles exchange has about 50,000 members and has a male share of about 63%. The gentlemen have about 11% of them a premium membership. The average age for women is 24 years and for men 47 years.

Current Notice: is unfortunately no longer available and has discontinued its offer. However, we recommend MillionaireMatch as the best alternative. You can find the offer of this international contact exchange here.

MillionaireMatch is an international dating portal for rich singles, which convinces with a high degree of seriousness and data security. More than two million singles are registered on MillionaireMatch worldwide. Among the members are millionaires, doctors, lawyers, athletes and other wealthy people who are looking for a partner. Users have the opportunity to meet members from Germany as well as from other countries (USA, Great Britain, Australia, …). There is an Apple app and a mobile app for Android smartphones

The Mature Meets Young Phenomenon

Some of us will probably think of one name in particular from the German celebrity world when we think of this topic: Lothar Matthäus. In fact, the ex-football player virtually celebrates the M-Ü-40-W-U-30 principle. But there are numerous other prominent examples, especially from Hollywood. A trend can be observed that goes far beyond the cliché of the money-grubbing luxury slut who wants to hook a millionaire with a Lolita penchant.

But what are the reasons for the increasing popularity of this partner constellation?

Mr. Rossa emphasizes: „Many women are simply fed up with singles exchanges where they are besieged by some 08/15 men right after signing up. With us, they can look for an experienced man with level themselves.“

Also Dr. phil., Dipl.- Psych. Astrid Meinhauser: „The psychologist tries to find out from these couples what made the younger or older partner so attractive when they first met. Often the young woman seeks safety and security from the older partner. The more mature man, on the other hand, is attracted to the youthfulness, dynamism and beauty of the young woman.“

Mind you, it has long been an open secret that men usually prefer younger women when choosing a partner. This is an evolutionary recipe for success, because this combination produces the most viable children. At least according to a study conducted in northern Scandinavia.

The fact that men in most cases marry younger women is a sensible choice, according to Finnish scientists led by Samuli Helle from the University of Turku. In the study, they found that most children were born in marriages in which the spouse was about 14 years older than the wife. The number of
Offspring reaching age 18 was highest at an age difference of 14.6 years, the researchers report in the journal Biology Letters of the Royal Society in London. Women prefer older men, who offer more opportunities to successfully raise offspring due to better financial and social status. Men
on the other hand, prefer younger women as partners because of their higher fertility. (Source: Spiegel v. 05.12.07)

With the foundation of this contact platform, Mr. Rossa has probably hit a nerve. The steadily growing user numbers prove him right.

Design and functionality:

The website of appears rather minimalistic and does without polished designs and the excessive use of glossy photos. At times, the pages also look a bit pale.

All the basic functionalities of a good flirt exchange are available such as profiles, photos with sharing for registered or favorites, video/audio upload, e-mail, quickmail, instant messages (messenger, chat), favorites, ratings, matching (who matches me?), advanced and special search. Women and premium gentlemen can use everything, basic members (gentlemen) can send quickmails, cuddle and make reviews.


The age structure is distributed according to the motto. If you take a closer look and get in touch with some of the members, you will quickly realize that many young women at RTJ are primarily interested in finding a well-off, successful and self-confident partner who can offer them security, safety and experience. These ladies want to find a man who has something to offer them and not a welfare recipient.

Therefore, our opinion is that men who have little money will not feel very comfortable there. However, men who are well off, and there seem to be quite a few of them, get their money’s worth when they specifically look for young women.

Meanwhile, the ratio of premium men to women is also right. For every man who is a Premium member, there are currently more than three women.

Unfortunately, RTJ could probably also be a target for commercial ladies or spammers/scammers (Nigeria Connection). As a provider, you have to keep an eye on this. Otherwise, you can be very satisfied with the probability of getting a date with young ladies.

Free services (basic membership):

  • Registration
  • Create profile with photo
  • Use search functions
  • Cuddling women (a kind of virtual kiss)
  • Send 3 quickmails per day (ready-made short messages)
  • Messages received (but cannot be opened)

Premium men and women can be unrestricted:

  • Communicate without borders
  • Full access to the contact database
  • Use private chat


  • Discretion is paramount – you decide for yourself who you want to show your content to
  • Very anonymous – registration and payment also possible without providing the name
  • Very good selection of young women and mature gentlemen.
  • Consistent target group orientation
  • Fair terms and conditions, no subscription trap
  • High proportion of educated and successful men
  • Good contact opportunities for premium men
  • Fast loading times
  • Good and reliable support
  • A lot of related information about „Mature meets young


  • Commercial women and spammers/scammers present
  • Little suitable for low-income men
  • No special original matching
  • Community still relatively small, but selected audience
  • The design of the website could use a new coat of paint

Costs & Prices:

„Premium membership“ for men

  • 1 month: 99,00 €
  • 3 months: 199,00 € (~66,30 € per month)
  • 6 months: 299,00 € (~49,80 € per month)

Payment options:

  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal
  • Anonymous cash deposit at any savings bank in Germany

Cancellation & Deadlines:

You can often find clauses such as „no revocation after use“ or a subscription renewal where the contract is simply renewed at the end of the term and money is debited.

Not so with Mature Meets Young! There is no automatic renewal of the subscription here.


With, the providers have managed to identify a trend and successfully fill a niche with a properly presented contact exchange and fair contract methods. The idea of „mature meets young“ is consistently implemented. Anonymity and discretion are guaranteed. However, you have to align yourself with a certain clientele or be part of a certain group yourself to have fun here.

Also, as a man, you should be aware that a certain number of commercial ladies and spammers/scammers are up to their mischief. For example, you should be careful who you share your private contact information with and also avoid requests to use fee-based contact services. At the same time, the reference to a financial emergency and the request for support often indicates a fraudulent scam. But if you take this to heart, it will be hard to find a bigger and more promising dating site in this segment of flirting sites.

Young women can find many doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, entrepreneurs, professors, doctors and millionaires / private individuals at RTJ. These gentlemen usually know better than younger men how to treat a woman and make her happy. Due to the greater life experience, many of these gentlemen also deal with life and love more calmly and contentedly.

Overall impression Rating: ★★★★☆
Number of registered members Rating: ★★★☆☆
approx. 50,000 active members
Activity/authenticity of members Rating: ★★★½☆
Privacy & Security Rating: ★★★★½
German data protection standards, clear terms and conditions, anonymity and discretion
Member audit Rating: ★★★½☆
Women’s quota Rating: ★★★½☆
~ 63% male / 37% female
Search filter Rating: ★★★★☆
Costs & Fees Rating: ★★★½☆
Free basic membership for men, free for women in general
Features & Functionalities Rating: ★★★★☆
Common range of functions
Usability & operation Rating: ★★★★☆
simple design, fast loading times
Free services Rating: ★★★★☆
For women 100% free
Feedback members Rating: ★★★½☆
Isolated complaints about commercial women

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