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Overall impression: [Rating:70/100]

Flirt Fever is a dating site for the younger target group and advertises with the motto “Flirt Up Your Life”. The average age is between 20 and 35 years. - Flirt, chat, date – Flirt, chat, date

The portal is suitable for anyone who wants to flirt and who wants to meet new people and make contacts.

Over 4 million singles from Germany are now registered with Flirt Fever, and according to the operator, new registrations every day amount to around 1,000. However, it is unclear how many members are actually active - there is no clear information on this.

The number of singles who are currently online is displayed right on the homepage (on the screenshot you can see almost 2,000 active members on a Saturday afternoon in December 2014). At Flirt Fever there are always people online who want to flirt - make contacts and flirt to your heart's content, that's what this dating site is perfect for. Register, upload a photo and off you go.

The flirt guide offered also contains tips and tricks on the subject of flirting, chatting and dating. A love lexicon and a dating guide round off the offer.

There are also always flirt surveys, the results of which are then published.
Of course, Flirt Fever also has a search function with which you can find singles from all over Germany or specifically from your area.

Registration itself is free, but in order to be able to contact other members, you must subscribe to a paid messaging service.

And that's also a downer with Flirt Fever. A 14-day test subscription only costs €1.99, but if you don't cancel in time, this quickly turns into a contract extension of ten weeks and €12.00 in additional costs per week. The subscription is automatically extended for another ten weeks if you do not cancel before it expires. - singles exchange (screenshot from December 2014) – dating site (screenshot from December 2014)

The portal is largely left to the members themselves. The operators only offer the user interface and the messaging service. There are no automatic matching and partnership algorithms like some other dating sites.

But there is a decent search function to search through the membership for potential partners. The search results can be easily displayed and sorted by age, distance and/or gender.

According to the provider, the profiles of new members are first checked by hand and they also aim to ensure a high level of protection for their own members. However, a certain proportion of fake accounts cannot be prevented. However, this is at a moderate level for a singles exchange.

What is striking, however, are the many highly polished profile pictures of young, beautiful women that already attract male visitors to the homepage. The assumption here is that the person behind each of these profiles is not really the person who first appears to be.

Free services:

  • Registration
  • Create profile
  • View profiles
  • Use search function
  • Use radius search
  • Receive messages
  • Participation in dating chat

Paid services:

  • Send messages
  • Contacting other singles
  • Receiving singles suggestions


  • Trial subscription possible
  • ideal for young singles up to 35 years old
  • many members
  • Flirt Bible and Dating Guide
  • Flirt surveys put you in a good mood
  • Uncomplicated search function
  • Radius search


  • automatic contract extension
  • relatively expensive compared to other dating sites
  • Suspicion of fake profiles and members with professional intentions
  • sparse member support

Costs and prices:

  • 14-day test subscription costs € 1.99 (note: automatic extension by 10 weeks)
  • 10-week subscription “10 weeks package” costs €12.00 per week including VAT (payable for ten weeks in advance – total final price: €120)
  • For contracts with cell phone payment, the price per 7 days is € 4.99 including VAT.


On this singles exchange, members can quickly and easily look for potential partners throughout the German-speaking region.

They are supported by a solid search function and have a large selection with around 4 million registered members. How many of these profiles are actually still active and at the same time have serious intentions remains to be seen.

The contract conditions (automatic extension for 10 weeks at 120 euros) and the hefty price are likely to be a deterrent.

We can advise new members to put this flirt exchange through its paces when using the 14-day trial membership and, if you don't like it, to pay attention to the notice period so that the trial subscription does not turn into a 10-week membership.

Overall impression [Rating:70/100]
Number of registered members [Rating:95/100]
4 million members, 1,000 new registrations per day
Activity/authenticity of members [Rating:70/100]
Fake profiles and members with professional intentions exist
privacy [Rating:75/100]
German standards
Member checking [Rating:80/100]
manual member checking
Women's quota [Rating:80/100]
approx. m 53% : w 47%
Search filter [Rating:80/100]
Search filter and radius search
Costs & Fees [Rating:50/100]
12 euros per week
Features & Functionalities [Rating:80/100]
Chat, messaging service, search functions, glossary, dating guide
Usability & operation [Rating:80/100]
good design and usability, keep it simple principle
Free services [Rating:70/100]
no free contact via messages
Customer Service & Support [Rating:70/100]
Support via contact form
Feedback members [Rating:55/100]
Former members sometimes view the chances of success as low


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