Poppen.de – The largest sex chat community in Germany


Poppen.de – Erotic contact exchange with a large sex chat in a detailed test and comparison


The name already reveals what Poppen.de is about. Of course, about the most beautiful thing in the world: fucking , or rather sex !

Poppen.de - Erotic contacts and large sex chat

Of course, you can also find a relationship on this free sex exchange , but other singles exchanges are much better suited for this. Because on Poppen.de the focus is on sex that is as uncomplicated as possible. Free sex contacts are the goal of the majority of members.

According to the operators, the free sex exchange has a total of over 4,000,000 members and an average of 300,000 visitors as well as 270,000 logins and 550,000 private messages per day. In the evening, an average of around 25,000 members are online and active at the same time.

Poppen.de - sex contacts and erotic chat
Poppen.de – sex contacts and erotic chat (screenshot 2018)

The numbers speak for a very active and lively community. For once there is no big company behind Poppen.de They have managed to make this sex exchange grow to a considerable size without any major backers.

On Poppen.de, all members are entitled messages for free , as well as surf all profiles and view pictures. However, if you want to access the members' FSK-18 pictures/videos, have more than 5 free SMS messages available or simply want to be preferred in the search results and mailboxes, you have to either have the premium membership or the slightly better VIP membership. Book a membership for relatively little money.

Then it will be easier to find a partner to fuck with in this otherwise basically free sex exchange.

With this link you will receive a 7-day premium membership for free.

Thanks to the self-developed system for verifying telephone numbers, there are almost no fakes among the premium and VIP memberships. However, the number of fakes among free members is even higher. So you need to be a little careful when dealing with free members.

the level of online chat or private messages is not particularly high. Is that because of the name? Women are spoiled for choice, but it is not always easy to find high-quality sex contacts.

Emails like “Want to fuck?” , “Do you have MSN?” and “When do you have time for me?” . However, if you are primarily looking for sex, you are still in good hands there. As a man, it's not always easy because of the many competitors and the women's overfilled mailboxes. However, with class and an appealing profile, as well as a fake check, you stand out significantly from your competitors.

Unfortunately, there is still not a balanced gender ratio. But if you put in a little effort as a man, then you have a real chance of having real sex contacts. After all, a little effort, commitment and sophistication are a prerequisite for real sex contacts in every sex exchange. After all, you first have to earn an invitation to fuck.

So if you can live with a certain fake rate among the free members and the high proportion of men, you are definitely in good hands here. However, uncomplicated sex as a man

However, women looking for sex contacts are certainly in good hands on Poppen.de, provided the lady can cope with the lack of standard that sometimes occurs.

Poppen.de - Highlights
Poppen.de – Highlights

To increase your chances as a man, you should book a premium or VIP membership, which is relatively cheap compared to other providers in this area. Another big advantage is the lack of a notice period . So you certainly don't take a big risk on Poppen.de.

Membership structure and activity

The gender ratio on the portal is clearly in favor of men - around 60 percent are male, 40 percent are female . A detailed look at age shows that women are on average between 35 and 45 years old, while men are more likely to be found between 25 and 35 years old.

It is noticeable that there are relatively few women between 20 and 25 on the platform, which influences the overall picture of the user base.

Men are clearly the ones who participate more actively here. They are quicker at answering messages and are less afraid to contact new women. In contrast, women are more reserved and wait to be contacted.

A woman's response rate depends on several factors. The method of contact plays a crucial role. Boring, standard messages are answered less often than creative, individual messages.

The company says that between 350,000 and 500,000 messages are sent through the system every day. Since even the free basic membership allows you to send messages, this number is quite realistic.

Registration and authenticity check

Registering on the erotic platform only takes ten minutes of your time. Important, private information such as your date of birth and your email address will be requested. Please note that a valid email address is required to use the portal.

After confirming your email address, you can create your profile. A progress bar shows you how far you are with your profile. If this bar is 100 percent filled, your chances of a successful date increase, as other members would like to know a lot of information about you.

The authenticity check for more security

Women seem to respond particularly frequently to messages from members with authentic status on Poppen.de. The authenticity test on the platform is completely free and activation usually takes place within 24 hours.

In order to pass this test, you must first write your Poppen.de user name on a piece of paper and add the current date to it. Then take a photo of yourself with this piece of paper and send it to support.

The image will not be published on your profile and will only be used for verification purposes. As soon as the support team has examined your picture, your profile will immediately be stamped with the authenticity seal.

Contact options at Poppen.de

The contact exchange offers several ways to get in touch with other members.

Contact via profile

By investing a few points, you have the chance to send a rose to another user and include a special message. You can also send a pre-written flirt message . dThis option is only available to basic members.

Most profiles offer a guestbook where you can leave a personal entry that will be publicly visible and perhaps draw attention to you, but feedback is not guaranteed. sending a personal message remains a proven way to contact someone.

However, it's important to choose an original subject line to leave a lasting impression. You can also place your messages at the top of the recipient's inbox.

Online Chat

On average, there are around 2,000-2,500 registered users in the chat rooms, spread across various rooms. Here you can make contacts easily and without obligations.

Because the chat rooms are divided into regions and subject areas, you can quickly and easily find like-minded people with whom you are on the same wavelength.

The forum

On Poppen.de there are special forums for all members - whether basic, premium or VIP - that make it easier for them to exchange ideas with each other.

These forums offer a variety of topics that promote easy contact.

You also have the option of creating an individual search and thus specifically searching for suitable contacts.

Popcorn – The app from Poppen.de

Since 2019 there has also been an app from Poppen.de – Popcorn ! This app is designed to be extremely user-friendly and offers a variety of functions. The best part is that the basic functions can be used for free.

Popcorn - The app from Poppen.de
Popcorn – The app from Poppen.de

So nothing stands in the way of flirting and writing messages for the first time. However, for an even more intensive experience, a premium membership is recommended.

In your Popcorn profile you have the opportunity to provide the same detailed information as on the Poppen.de website. You can also comment on photos and flirt via messages.

As a premium user, your profile will be preferred in search and chat - this significantly increases your chances of making interesting contacts. At the same time, you have the option to comment on photos and use 'Invisible' mode

average user rating of 4.1 stars should also be highlighted positively . This means that Popcorn leaves most of its competitors dating apps behind.

Free Services (Basic Membership):

  • Registration
  • Create a profile with photos and videos (max. 5).
  • Secret photo gallery
  • Authenticity check
  • Personal search settings including video search
  • Favorites list (Max. 5)
  • Wink 3 times a day (contact by clicking)
  • Display of the last 5 profile visitors
  • Receive messages
  • send messages
  • Write to 10 new members per day
  • Access to the news archive, news filters
  • Send friend requests (Max. 50 friends)
  • Participate in video chats
  • Participation in the forum
  • Browse profiles and shared photos (exception: FSK18)
  • Messenger
  • 5 free SMS per day
  • Personal @poppen.de email address
  • Participation in surveys

Premium members have unlimited access (in addition to basic features):

  • Display of the last 50 profile visitors
  • Unlimited winks
  • FSK18 check
  • See webcams in video chat
  • Message history
  • Watch shared videos
  • “Message already read?” function
  • Access to advanced profile features
  • View response rate
  • Send message with picture
  • 10 free SMS per day
  • Write to new members without restrictions
  • Guestbook
  • Secret video gallery
  • Complete the interview
  • Advanced statistics
  • View friends of other members
  • Secret video gallery
  • View the “Meet Me Here” profile section
  • Leave 20 guestbook entries per day
  • Photo search area search
  • Upload up to 15 videos
  • Access to the Premium Forum
  • “Who is online?” list (sortable)
  • Participation in the photo competition
  • Create events
  • Invisible on Poppen.de
  • Up to 100 friends
  • Up to 50 favorites
  • View all Top100 lists
  • Ad-free use

VIP members have unlimited access (in addition to premium features):

  • Display of the last 150 profile visitors
  • Priority in the “Who’s Online” list
  • Priority in search results
  • Preference on the home page
  • Preference in the Similar Members box
  • 15 free SMS per day
  • Leave 30 guestbook entries per day
  • Upload unlimited videos
  • Save up to 6 search settings
  • Access to the VIP forum
  • Telephone support at local rates
  • Up to 500 friends
  • Up to 100 favorites


  • Free membership or free writing and receiving private messages
  • Comprehensive range of services included in the Premium and VIP membership
  • Uncomplicated and quick registration
  • high activity level of flirting members
  • Well attended chat rooms
  • Very good forum! High activity and also free
  • Very cheap compared to the competition
  • Well suited for homosexuals and couples
  • Women have a large selection and will definitely find the sexual contact they are hoping for
  • No notice periods
  • An integrated blog that always provides current information
  • Separate identification of members with financial interests
  • Nicely implemented Pop Roulette (random video chat)
  • Good filter options in the search function
  • Mobile version of the website available


  • Very high proportion of men
  • Fakes among the free members
  • Level sometimes leaves something to be desired
  • Occasional technical difficulties

Costs & Prices

Poppen.de's cost structure is extremely attractive: both male and female members enjoy the same affordable conditions.

Premium Membership:

  • 3 months: 22.49 euros (7.50 € / month)
  • 6 months: 35.90 euros (5.98 € / month)
  • 12 months: 53.90 euros (4.49 € / month)

VIP membership:

  • 3 months: 35.90 euros (11.97 € / month)
  • 6 months: 59.90 euros (9.98 € / month)
  • 12 months: 89.90 euros (7.49 € / month)

You can choose between a three-month, six-month or one-year membership. With a longer term you save up to 46% of the premium.

As long as you do not cancel the contract, it will automatically be extended for the selected period. There is no notice period.

Payment options

If you have a paid membership at Poppen.de, there are various payment options to choose from.

  • Credit card (MasterCard, VISA)
  • Direct debit
  • Payment by invoice (bank transfer or cash deposit)
  • Billing via the provider Compay
  • Billing via the provider ClickandBuy
  • PaySafeCard

Discretion when paying:

Payment via external payment providers is handled discreetly. The account statement simply says “onabo” and the amount you pay for your membership. You will not find any references to Poppen.de.

PaySafeCard is one option for completely anonymous payment without Poppen.de having access to personal data . This is available at selected kiosks and gas stations and works according to the prepaid system. You acquire a 16-digit code in the selected value. After membership has been selected on the Poppen.de website, the code can be entered and the membership will be activated promptly.

Cancel a contract:

Your Poppen subscription will automatically be extended for the selected period if you do not 4 weeks before the membership expires.

Important note: Uninstalling the app does not result in cancellation of the subscription.

If you pay by invoice (bank transfer or cash deposit), your membership will not be extended.

Voucher for Poppen.de:

With this promotional link you will receive a 7-day premium membership for free.

Unfortunately, there are currently no other Poppen.de vouchers available.
As soon as we have current voucher codes, we will publish them here. If you would like to be informed immediately about the arrival of new vouchers for this dating platform, then simply write us a short email with the subject “Voucher for Poppen.de” and we will send you current voucher codes by email as soon as they become available.

Customer service and contact address:

For inquiries or to cancel your profile in writing, simply use the following contact (German member and customer service):

SmH Servicecenter.de GmbH
Metzer Str. 13
13595 Berlin

Email support: kontakt[at]poppen.de
Data protection officer: datenschutz[at]poppen.de
Legal violations:rechtsverstoesse[at]poppen.de

Telephone: Telephone contact via support center

free template from Aboalarm to cancel .

Poppen.de - test winner in the erotic contact portals category
Poppen.de – test winner in the erotic contact portals category

Further information about your valid right of withdrawal and contractual details for dating sites can be found on the website of the Hamburg Consumer Center . It also provides information about other pitfalls in the digital world for those looking for a partner to prevent financial risks.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Poppen.de:

Why is the app actually called something different than the website?

The reason is probably the terms of use of the various app stores, which do not allow sexualized content.

But fortunately, well-structured dating apps like this are still permitted.

What about child protection?

As a basic member of Poppen.de, you only have the opportunity to view content from FSK16 . This means that all pornographic or sexually explicit content is only accessible to people who are of legal age and have proven so.

This restriction ensures that young people cannot be unintentionally confronted with such content. However, in order to be able to see hardcore content from FSK18 onwards, premium and VIP members have the option of carrying out a special FSK18 check .

They have to prove that they are of legal age and then gain access to even more revealing content. This approach clearly shows Poppen.de's commitment to the protection of minors. By introducing clear age restrictions and enabling verified memberships, they ensure that minors cannot view inappropriate content.

What experiences do women have on Poppen.de?

On Poppen.de women are indeed in the minority. This means that male members are significantly more willing to make contact. However, the fact that there are more men than women does not necessarily mean that the presence of women on this platform is not taken seriously.

Despite the occasionally rough tone that can be encountered, the men take the women there seriously. The majority of men at Poppen.de understand how important it is to maintain an appreciative tone towards all users.

Of course, there are always exceptions - people with less good intentions or a lack of understanding of appropriate behavior in virtual space often occur.

However, it is then the responsibility of all community members to hold these individuals accountable and make it clear to them that such behavior will not be tolerated.

What Poppen.de alternative is there?

LovePoint , JOYclub  or C-date are viewed by our team as potential alternatives with similarly good ratings. However, it is difficult for us to make a qualitative comparison because all of the erotic dating sites mentioned have been rated very well by us and only differ in orientation and details.

A suitable choice cannot be made objectively, but depends on your individual needs, wishes and goals. The best thing to do is compare our test reports yourself and choose the right erotic exchange for you.


A free membership to this sex exchange is definitely worth a try for men and women. This sex contact exchange has a lot of members and its chat rooms are also well attended. As a woman, you shouldn't expect the highest level, but women can easily find what they are looking for when it comes to sexual contacts. Men have to put in a little more effort to find contacts for fucking. A paid upgrade is recommended to increase the chances of real sex contacts.

Overall impression [Rating:85/100]
Test winner in the category: Erotic contact exchanges
Number of registered members [Rating:95/100]
over 4,000,000 members, of which around 17,000-25,000 are online at the same time
Activity/authenticity of members [Rating:75/100]
High activity in chats and forums, fake profiles among the free members, some with financial interests
privacy [Rating:80/100]
Clear terms and conditions, no hidden costs
Member checking [Rating:65/100]
Only for Premium and VIP members
Women's quota [Rating:60/100]
Quite a high proportion of men of 60%
Search filter [Rating:85/100]
Limited as a free user, but TOP as a paying customer
Costs & Fees [Rating:90/100]
Basic membership completely free, premium and VIP memberships very cheap compared to the competition
Features & Functionalities [Rating:90/100]
Online chat, video chat, SMS, forum, blog, search function for events, swinger clubs and parking lot sex
Usability & operation [Rating:70/100]
Easy to use and simple design, keep it simple principle, sometimes technical difficulties
Free services [Rating:90/100]
Can be used free of charge as a basic member with sufficient functions for contacting you
Customer Service & Support [Rating:80/100]
Telephone support at a local rate for VIP members
Feedback members [Rating:60/100]
Opinions sometimes vary widely. Women mostly positive, men partly negative

76429fa0ff6c41f781df625ccb679a7e Poppen.de - The largest sex chat community in Germany

Joachim D.https://www.dating-vergleich.com
Online editor, copywriter and publicist in the field of online dating since 2012. Passionate blogger for over 10 years with diverse interests and many years of expertise in the market for dating sites, dating apps, dating agencies and flirt chats through hundreds of product tests, expert interviews and intensive research over more than a decade .


  1. Hello Tina and Michael,

    Thank you very much for your detailed feedback on this portal. We take such feedback seriously and will take it into account in our next test and pay particular attention to the aspects raised.

  2. We have been registered as users for some time and can't really understand the very positive rating of Poppen.de.
    Behind at least 75% of the alleged women's profiles there are "non-singles" who either pretend to be single and are looking for a relationship with their partner or who have at least stated that they are "not single" but are still looking as a couple.
    – The operator of this site doesn’t seem to be interested in these fakes at all. As long as the company doesn't take action in this regard, a paid membership is a waste of money and is out of the question - at least for us.

  3. I registered a few months ago and have already had three hot sex dates. I have average looks, I guess. You just have to get a little involved and make contacts actively and, above all, with quality.

    The chat was a bit slow at the beginning, but once you have a few contacts everything becomes easier.

    Can recommend Poppen.de.

  4. All in all, the system is only worthwhile for women. My friend has an average of four men in the “holding queue” waiting for a first meeting.

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