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Overall impression: Rating: ★★★★½

“Find and be found” is the motto on Lablue, but what is behind the much praised offer of this online chat provider?

Compared to the big players in the online dating market, Lablue has much less advertising and I don’t remember seeing any TV commercials for this portal. Nevertheless, this provider appears again and again in renowned tests and serious reports far in front and is extremely popular in the flirting scene.

So a real insider tip for newcomers?

The unique selling points

The biggest unique selling point is certainly the provider’s strategy of making online chat available completely free of charge. The only exceptions are a few additional features, which can be added at a very fair price. - Free online chat for dating – Free online chat for dating (Screenshot)

At this point, it should be said that you can be quite suspicious when you come across the advertising message “Free registration…” in the area of singles exchanges and dating agencies. Often enough, this hides a bait-and-switch offer with limited functionality, so that you will soon have to sign up for a paid subscription in order to reasonably get in touch with other singles.

This is definitely NOT the case with Lablue! The free range of functions is absolutely sufficient to successfully get in touch with other members quickly and easily and to get to know them.

The membership structure

This approach has enabled the platform to build a steadily growing, active and relatively loyal online community since its inception in 2002. For example, lablue now has over 500,000 members, many of whom are online quite regularly. The average age is probably between 32 and 38.

If you take a closer look at the structure of the community, you will quickly notice that it goes far beyond that of a pure singles exchange. Thus, in addition to singles who want to flirt, you will also find numerous married people or people in partnership who just want to chat a little nicely and talk to interesting people about God and the world.

In addition to such interests around virtual mail friendships (similar to the former concept of pen pals), there are also many members with an affinity for sports and active in your free time, who are looking for a suitable partner for joint leisure activities without ulterior motives.

Finally, there is a smaller number of members who have quite clear intentions and are looking for adventure and sexual contacts. Women have to fight here – as with all other contact exchanges – again and again with salacious offers. If you don’t want to get involved, it’s best to simply ignore these messages.

Another positive aspect is the checking and control of newly created profiles and member accounts by lablue moderators. This has helped to get a good grip on the problem of fake profiles and misuse of profiles, which is often observed in free offers. This is very remarkable for a free community!

All in all, one can speak of a very heterogeneous membership structure here. The corresponding interests and intentions are also clearly visible in the user profiles and it is also possible to filter specifically in the search.

The chances are therefore good that you can make new contacts quite quickly and meet interesting people without leaving your own four walls.

How does the registration/membership work?

The registration is done really fast and very easy to handle. It’s best to set a small but concise profile text right away, as this is probably the most important factor, besides the photos, to arouse the interest of other members.

After confirming the email address, you can start right away. So creating a profile is really only a matter of 2-3 minutes. Only the editorial review and activation of the profile pictures and texts can still take a little time, but this is not tragic.

In the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with the user interface and the functions or browse through the profiles of other members.

Security, data protection and privacy

Your given email address as well as your other personal data, which you have not made public, will of course remain secret and your anonymity thus protected. In addition to your publicly available profile pictures, you have the possibility to create a secret gallery of photos that you can make available only to certain members whom you trust.

The individual chats are done on a 1:1 basis, making them a private matter between you and your opposite. You can have several chats at the same time.

The provider undertakes to observe and comply with all statutory data protection provisions, in particular the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the German Telemedia Act (TMG). There is explicitly no data trading with your private data. Data will only be passed on to third parties with the corresponding consent of the customer or to fulfill contractual or legal obligations.

The user is also entitled to request at any time, free of charge, the modification, blocking or deletion of his data and to object to the use of his data for direct marketing or advertising purposes and to receive information about the storage of his personal data.

lablue dating app

The online chat provider has also recognized the signs of the times and has followed in the footsteps of the big dating app providers such as Tinder, Lovoo, Jaumo or the mobile applications from Parship and LoveScout24 and developed an application for smartphones itself.

After a short download and installation, the lablue dating app can be easily placed on the smartphone homescreen with an icon for quick access on the go. Via push message, users can be informed about new flirt chat messages in real time.

Since this is a so-called web app, it cannot be found in the Google Play Store or Apple Store. The installation works via the Internet browser such as Google Chrome and can be installed via the “Add to Homescreen” function.

Younger members (under 50) in particular like to use the app. Best agers are probably still better off with online personals at the moment.

Free services:

  • Registration
  • Create profile
  • Upload photos
  • Create secret gallery
  • Send and receive messages
  • Online chat
  • Create favorites (limited)
  • Manage friends (limited)
  • Search function with many filter options

Paid services (lablue Club – premium features):

  • Longer message retention time
  • News archive (90 days)
  • View last 32 visitors of own profile
  • “Who rated me?” function (last 32 people)
  • History of the last 16 chats
  • Create favorites (up to 64 people)
  • Manage friendships (up to 32 people)
  • Express editing of the photo
  • Express editing of the profile text
  • Create notes
  • Block list (up to 50 members)


  • Registration, messaging and online chat completely free of charge
  • Fast registration and activation
  • No subscription model (premium booking ends automatically)
  • Reliable member verification (therefore few fakes)
  • Active community
  • Easy to use
  • High chances for new contacts
  • High flirt factor – exciting chat conversations possible
  • Search function with many filter options
  • beautiful, revised look since 2013
  • Relatively good prospects of success
  • private photo galleries
  • Fair prices for additional functions
  • Great support for free platform
  • Various payment options


  • Insertion of advertising (discreet)
  • Layout uninspired and navigation could be improved
  • Profile design still expandable

Costs and prices:

Basic functions as well as chat and mail permanently 100% free of charge. A fair price is only charged for the additional features (see above):

  • 1 week: 4,90 Euro (4,90 € / week)
  • 1 month: 8,90 Euro (8,90 € / month)
  • 3 months: 19,90 Euro (6,63 € / month)
  • 6 months: 29,90 Euro (4,98 € / month)
  • 12 months: 44,90 Euro (3,74 € / month)

Note: All prices are without guarantee and can be changed by the supplier at any time.

Payment options:

  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal

Contract and termination:

There is no subscription model with recurring monthly fees. For the additional functions, the above-mentioned costs are due once for the corresponding period of use. The lablue Club will automatically expire afterwards.

Test winner in the online chats category

Test winner in the “Online Chats” category

To permanently delete the member account, just click on the button above Profile -> “End membership”.

Coupon for

Unfortunately there is no coupon available at the moment. As soon as we have current coupon codes we will publish them here.
If you would like to be notified immediately about the arrival of new coupons for this dating platform, just send us a short email with the subject “Coupon for lablue” and we will send you updated coupon codes by email as soon as they become available.

Customer service and contact address:

Simply use the following contact for inquiries or to cancel your profile in writing:

Holderäckerstr. 8
70499 Stuttgart

E-mail: info[at]
Phone: There is no telephone customer support available

For example, you can use this free template from Aboalarm for the cancellation.

You can find more information on your valid right of withdrawal and on contractual details for partner exchanges on the site of the consumer center Hamburg. It also provides information on other pitfalls in the digital world for partner seekers to prevent financial risks.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about lablue:

Is lablue really free of charge?

At lablue, you can contact other members for free via chat or the messaging system, permanently and without restrictions. An absolutely unique selling point on the online dating market.

Is the lablue chat free of charge?

At lablue you can chat completely free of charge at any time without any restrictions. According to information from the provider, this is to remain the case in the long term.

How long does it take to register with lablue?

The registration is done very quickly and takes only about 2-3 minutes. The activation after a short check by a moderation team takes place via e-mail.

Is there a lablue app for mobile?

Yes, you can add a so-called web app to your smartphone homescreen for quick access on the go.

To do this, call up and tap on “Add to home screen”. Then follow the installation instructions on the screen.

Often used search terms and typos

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In summary, it can be said about lablue that it is an above-average active flirting community with high chances of success. However, the site stands out above all for what is probably the best free online chat in Germany.

If you are looking for fun and distraction, want to meet new people quickly and easily, and want to get in touch with potential partners, lablue’s online chat is certainly the right place for you.

The additional functions are certainly not necessary for common flirting, but they make account management easier for frequent flirters. With many singles exchanges, registration is free, but communication is usually only possible with a paid upgrade. At lablue, a different policy is followed: Messages and online chat are completely free of charge.

For these reasons, this flirt exchange is our test winner in the category “Free online chats”.

By the way, you can find free online chats without registration as an alternative via the link to our blog post.

Overall impression Rating: ★★★★½
our test winner in the category “Free online chats
Number of registered members Rating: ★★★★½
over 500.000 members
Activity/authenticity of members Rating: ★★★★½
weekly up to 10.000 members active, few fakes, authentic members with real intentions, high flirt factor, active community
Privacy & Security Rating: ★★★★½
German data protection standards, transparent conditions
Member audit Rating: ★★★★½
exemplary moderation of profiles for a free platform
Women’s quota Rating: ★★★½☆
male: ~62%, female: ~38%
Search filter Rating: ★★★★½
Search with filter options and regional search results
Costs & Fees Rating: ★★★★★
Free to use, only additional functions for a fair fee
Features & Functionalities Rating: ★★★★½
Great and easy to use chat, lablue app, favorites lists, friends lists, message archive, profiles still expandable
Usability & operation Rating: ★★★★½
user-friendly, easy to use, layout partly out of date
Free services Rating: ★★★★★
Absolutely free to use to a reasonable extent
Customer Service & Support Rating: ★★★★½
good online support for free offer, no phone support
Feedback members Rating: ★★★★½
high flirt factor, good chances of success

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