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GLEICHKLANG – Alternative dating agency tested and compared

Overall impression: [Rating:95/100]

GLEICHKLANG is a serious and, above all, social dating service based on an alternative dating system. This enables a targeted search for a partner based on a match in key lifestyle and personality characteristics. This makes this platform virtually unique in its kind on the market.

Gleichklang - Alternative dating agency - logo and lettering 2020
Gleichklang – alternative dating agency – logo and lettering 2020

The activity of this alternative dating agency covers the entire German-speaking area, with the majority of members living in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The program and the alternative demands of Gleichklang set this singles exchange and dating platform apart from other dating platforms.

GLEICHKLANG sees itself as a partner agency that provides singles placement using psychological methods as a professional service.

This dating portal mediates different types of partnerships with a range that ranges from committed monogamous relationships, marriage/marriage or registered civil partnerships to long-distance relationships, weekend relationships or partnerships that are not geared towards a monogamous lifestyle. The members alone decide what type of partnership is arranged based on their individual wishes and needs.

With this claim to do justice to the individuality of the individual, it surpasses the conventional matching procedures of other online dating agencies.

In addition, the partner exchange offers you as a member a very effective friend search . By becoming a member, you acquire the option, so to speak, to successfully complete your search for a partner.

According to the dating site, numerous members have already found the right person for a happy relationship or real friends through psychologically based dating at GLEICHKLANG .

Seriousness and seriousness

At GLEICHKLANG there are no free memberships for participating in the mediation. A moderate membership fee ensures that you only meet serious members who are seriously interested in finding a partner or friendship. This means you don't have to deal with the numerous fakes that often populate the free platforms.

GLEICHKLANG – the other partner agency

GLEICHKLANG is another partner agency that offers an alternative system for initiating partnerships and effectively finding friends.

As a small, specialized dating agency, it does not rely on a huge file with countless free profiles, file spam and mass lists as partner suggestions like many other dating sites do.

The focus of the mediation of friendships and partnerships is rather on the seriousness of the intentions of its members and the accuracy of the suggestions made. Suggestions are made over time and - especially for rarer characteristics - it can take some time until the first suggestion is made.

This also applies to narrow geographical searches. In the end, it is most likely only a matter of time before you meet the one person who is truly right for you for a happy and long-lasting partnership or for a real friendship.

Gleichklang - Alternative partner search and dating agency
Gleichklang – Alternative partner search and dating

Find friends through friend brokering

GLEICHKLANG is the only psychologically based friendship broker on the German-speaking Internet. Friend search is not mixed with partner search here, but is a separate option that you can use.

Minimum tariffs, support tariffs and social tariffs

A minimum tariff is offered for financially less solvent members. This currently amounts to 48.00 euros for a full year of membership and does not even cover the running costs of Gleichklang .

This is unique in the industry and is only possible because financially better-off members voluntarily pay the support tariff (74.00 euros). There is also solidarity among the members.

There is also a social tariff: so that a membership does not fail due to financial Gleichklang , the operators grant a social tariff of 6.00 euros for a one-year membership upon request by email (applies only to people in acute social emergency situations). .

Dating with psychology

At GLEICHKLANG the initiation of a partnership and the brokering of friendships are based on psychological findings and using psychological methods. Using a scientific questionnaire and a personality test, relevant information about lifestyle and personality, but also appearance, is collected.

On this basis, optimal partner suggestions and friendship suggestions can then be made using a psychological-mathematical mediation algorithm. This means that the search for a partner and friendship is associated with a very high chance of success that cannot be achieved on other dating sites.

In a first step, when looking for a partner and friendship, the fit between central lifestyle characteristics and relationship wishes is determined (e.g. status as a single parent, desire to move in together, marriage, weekend relationship or long-distance relationship, desire to have children, geographical characteristics, willingness to move, basic ethical attitudes, sexual orientation, etc.). Only in the second step is the placement fine-tuned based on personality similarity.

GLEICHKLANG is the only partner agency on the Internet that guarantees a combined placement based on preferences and personality similarity.

GLEICHKLANG as an alternative

Here you will find people who are different from the members of the large singles and dating sites. As part of a well-founded and alternative dating service, this alternative dating agency focuses in particular on brokering partnerships and friendships between people with strong social and ecological responsibility.

Relevant people - including vegetarians and vegans - have the best prospects of making their search for a partner and friendship a success.

Currently, just over 25% of members are vegetarian, meaning they say they don't eat meat or fish. Approximately 5% of members are vegan, meaning they do not eat or use any animal products, including meat, milk, eggs or leather.

The attractiveness of this reputable dating site is the consistently implemented holistic partner search and friendship search.

Singles who are looking for a partner here and non-singles who are looking for friendship or travel partners here are characterized by a high level of authenticity, sincerity and reliability that you will not find on other singles exchanges, partner agencies and get-to-know-you platforms.

All legitimate sexual orientations

alternative dating system, GLEICHKLANG practices openness and tolerance towards all legitimate sexual orientations. In addition to the areas of heterosexuality and the gay area with our gay and lesbian members, we also specifically support the search for a partner for people with less common sexual orientations or ones that are neglected by other partner agencies.

This specifically enables effective mediation for bisexuals , asexuals , transsexuals , pansexuals and for members with an interest in SM or BDSM .

Consideration of religious and non-religious ideas

There are members on this dating site with a wide variety of religious beliefs . This also applies to people who see themselves as agnostics or atheists, as well as people who feel drawn to Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, esoteric spirituality or a generally open spirituality.

However, the prerequisite is that there is tolerance for different lifestyles and ways of thinking.

Dating for seniors

The community offers seniors a safe and effective way of finding a partner, which has already enabled numerous seniors to find new partnerships and new friendships.

Especially for seniors with their increased life experiences, consistency in lifestyle is particularly important for the development and continuation of a new partnership relationship.

Seniors also place particular value on the seriousness and seriousness of such a community and service for legitimate security interests.

Good opportunities for single parents

Also included is targeted support for single mothers and fathers , which takes into account the criteria of effectiveness and safety. All members are asked whether or not they accept a partnership with a single parent member.

Only if this acceptance is given can a partner suggestion be made. This makes it much easier for single parents to find a new partner and at the same time a father for their children.

Finding a partner and friendship for highly sensitive people (HSP)

Gleichklang now also specifically supports high sensitivity (HSP) in their search for a partner and friendship. All members are asked whether they have high sensitivity and whether they value the fact that suggested other members are prepared to deal with it.

Accordingly, all members are also asked whether they would accept a partnership or friendship with a highly sensitive person. On the basis of these questions, the chances of successful placement can be significantly increased.

Finding a partner for people with disabilities and illnesses

This is an offer in which people with physical or mental disabilities and illnesses have the best prospects of finding positive contacts and successfully completing their search for a partner.

People with disabilities and handicaps find suitable partners here for whom the disability or handicap is not an obstacle to building a partnership relationship.

Likewise, people with physical illnesses and risk constellations , such as cancer, MS or HIV (AIDS) can avoid rejection and injuries from the outset on this contact exchange and make their search for a partner a success through effective special mediation.

The search for a partner for people with mental illnesses or problems such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, personality disorders or psychoses is also specifically supported.

The basis for all of these special options is the acceptance principle , according to which GLEICHKLANG asks all members whether there is acceptance for a partnership with a disabled person or with people who are affected by a physical illness or a mental illness.

Only if this acceptance is given will a partner suggestion be made. This means that the search for a partner for disabled people and physically or mentally ill people is much more relaxed here than is unfortunately the case elsewhere in life.

As a disabled or ill person, you can be sure that your search for a partner and friendship is in the very best hands.

The right counterpart even for special physical characteristics

People with various other physical characteristics are also supported here in their search for a partner. This affects people with unusual body sizes, as well as people with increased body weight, chubby and Rubens figures . Chubby women and chubby men, as well as Rubens women and Rubens men, find people who value their figure.

But it also affects intersexuals (hermaphrodites, hermaphrodites, who are characterized by the fact that they have characteristics of the male and female sex. Very short people (dwarfs) and very tall people can also successfully search for a partner.

This contact exchange ensures that all partner suggestions are accepted from the outset for the corresponding characteristics, if they are present. There are enough people who rate the corresponding characteristics positively.

Partner happiness even with sexual dysfunctions

People with sexual dysfunctions often develop great self-doubt and fears about actively looking for a partner and withdraw more and more to protect themselves from being hurt. Exactly these people do not need to be afraid of looking for a partner Gleichklang

Through the mediation, suitable other members who do not see sexual dysfunction as an obstacle to a fulfilling partnership are found and introduced to their members with sexual dysfunctions.

Members can, if they wish, indicate that they only want to be recommended to other members who are willing to enter into a partnership with a person with a sexual dysfunction. This enables people with sexual dysfunctions to find a partner in a relaxed manner.

In reality, sexual dysfunctions usually do not represent a real obstacle to a positive experience of sexuality or a partner relationship if they are dealt with openly.

The contact portal asks all of its members whether their partner accepts a sexual dysfunction and uses this acceptance information for mediation.

Gleichklang has made it its program to find all these people with special characteristics and/or interests as part of its psychologically optimized dating service. The portal team does not rely on a large number of matches, but rather impresses with a smaller, but carefully considered selection of partner suggestions.

Free services:

  • Participation for free is not possible in order to exclude fakes from the start and to ensure a certain quality. However, the social tariff is already available for 6.00 euros per year.

Paid services (included in membership):

  • Create profile
  • Psychological profile and graphical evaluation of the questionnaires on personality, relationship models and attitudes
  • Professional dating agency & partner suggestions
  • Friendship brokering
  • Anonymous communication via cipher system
  • Free member support via email and telephone
  • Free email service
  • Use of the classifieds portal
  • Information portal about the vegan lifestyle and vegetarianism


  • Very affordable membership fee (standard: 98.00 euros per year)
  • Promotional prices and a social tariff for people in financial need (73.00 euros for a whole year)
  • Scientific personality test with graphical evaluation
  • Best matchmaking platform for people with special characteristics and/or interests
  • No fake profiles recognizable, high authenticity of the members
  • High chances of placement
  • High activity level of members
  • Consideration of all legitimate sexual inclinations and tolerance towards each other. all religious directions
  • Promising dating site for seniors, single parents and people with disabilities
  • Ideal for vegans and vegetarians
  • Ideal for people with sexual dysfunction
  • Members form a community of tolerant, open, sophisticated and solidarity-based people with hearts and minds
  • Very high proportion of women


  • No free trial membership possible
  • The layout and usability of the website could still be improved

Costs and prices:

  • The 1-year tariff: 98.00 euros annual fee
  • The 2-year tariff: 159.00 euros (79.50 euros annual fee)
  • The social tariff: 73.00 euros annual fee

It applies to all “ three in one ” options: partner search, friend search and the use of the various contact lists. No further costs. The booking includes a manual profile check by a member of the Gleichklang team, the results of which, including possible tips and advice, will be communicated to you shortly after participation begins.

Contract and termination:

The membership will be automatically extended for another year if not canceled. Cancellation is possible up to the last day informally by email, postal letter or telephone. The operators will point out the extension of membership in the fee list, in the welcome email, in the participation area and in the terms and conditions.

Over the last few years, the internet introduction platform Gleichklang has decided to increase its fees because the extremely low previous fees had not covered its costs until then.

This fee increase is already taken into account in the prices stated here. However, all price increases only affect new members, while the fees for old members remain unchanged.

For members, Gleichklang remains an exceptionally affordable provider, despite the fee increase, where membership should never fail due to a financial emergency. That is why the social tariff of EUR 73 per year for people in need remains untouched.


Test winner in the Alternative Contact Exchanges category
Test winner in the category “Alternative dating sites”

Probably the best dating site and dating agency for people with an alternative lifestyle or other physical or mental peculiarities as well as for seniors, vegetarians, vegans, ecologically oriented people, single women and men, highly sensitive people and people with sexual dysfunctions.

This provider continues to be characterized by high authenticity and seriousness. The focus here is obviously not on the provider's profit intention, but on the people who use this offer. The operator assumes social responsibility for its members.

Finding a reputable and socially responsible provider in the online dating industry is quite difficult - but you've definitely come to the right place!

For these reasons, Gleichklang our test winner in the “Alternative Contact Exchanges” category .

Overall impression [Rating:95/100]
Best alternative dating agency
Number of registered members [Rating:80/100]
almost 19,000 members and rising
Activity/authenticity of members [Rating:100/100]
No fakes, very active community
privacy [Rating:90/100]
Clear data protection information, trustworthy operator
Member checking [Rating:95/100]
No free memberships, extensive questionnaires
Women's quota [Rating:100/100]
~ 40% male / 60% female
Search filter N/A
no member search, but selected partner suggestions
Costs & Fees [Rating:95/100]
Very cheap memberships, social tariff
Features & Functionalities [Rating:90/100]
Personality tests, matching, mediation, advertising portal, cipher system for anonymous communication, information portals
Usability & operation [Rating:90/100]
This could be improved a little or the latest standards in web design could be implemented, unfortunately no mobile app is available
Free services NV
Free use is not possible due to quality assurance purposes
Customer Service & Support [Rating:100/100]
Help and support for members possible via email or telephone (free of charge), high regard for member concerns
Feedback members [Rating:100/100]
Above-average feedback, high level of user and member satisfaction

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Joachim D.
Online editor, copywriter and publicist in the field of online dating since 2012. Passionate blogger for over 10 years with diverse interests and many years of expertise in the market for dating sites, dating apps, dating agencies and flirt chats through hundreds of product tests, expert interviews and intensive research over more than a decade .


  1. Some friends of mine are in Gleichklang and a couple found each other there.

    My impression:
    * Of the paid PBs, Gleichklang the most reputable and cheapest.
    * The published prospects of success sound realistic.
    * Surplus of women.
    * Comfortable distance from the waste stream.
    * Data protection ok.
    No “everyone can see everything”. * The quality of partner suggestions is variable, but can be controlled by carefully filling out your own extensive profile.

  2. Since I find the principle of Gleichklang very pleasant, I registered there about 8 months ago. There haven't been many interesting partner suggestions yet, but the few that I get are a good fit - at least a lot better than the random hits on conventional platforms.

    And if you fill out the forms honestly and fairly, you will only receive profiles that you can do something with.
    Unwanted target groups can be easily hidden. To be honest, I don't notice anything about the alleged Eso and other groups.

  3. The dating platform Gleichklang .de now offers psychological training in relationship skills

    At the online dating agency Gleichklang .de, members and other singles looking for a partner can now also psychological seminars to improve their skills in finding a partner and building relationships .

    With the psychological seminars for a successful search for a partner Gleichklang would like to use the words of Dr. Gebauer creates a closer connection between the processes of finding a partner on the Internet and real life. In the future, Gleichklang wants to differentiate itself from dating sites that only appear on the Internet. The aim is to establish itself as a holistic service provider that helps its members find a partner both on the Internet and in the real world in an effective and scientifically sound manner.

    The full press release can be found here

  4. The internet introduction platform Gleichklang decided to increase fees at the beginning of 2013 because the extremely low previous fees did not cover costs.

    Instead of EUR 40 per year, the standard fee for an annual membership is now EUR 48 per year.

    The voluntary support rate for members with higher incomes has been increased from EUR 70 to EUR 74 per year.

    The two-year membership has been increased from EUR 100 to EUR 104 and the three-year membership has increased from EUR 120 to EUR 124.

    For renewals after membership expiry, the renewal after the one-year membership now also increases from EUR 40 to EUR 48 per year, while the renewal fees after the expiration of two and three-year memberships remain unchanged at EUR 20 and EUR 10 per year respectively.

    However, all price increases only affect new members, while the fees for old members remain unchanged.

    For members, Gleichklang remains an exceptionally affordable provider, despite the fee increase, where membership should never fail due to a financial emergency.

    That is why the social tariff of just EUR 6 per year for people in need remains untouched.

    -> These changes have already been taken into account in the post!

  5. I successfully participated in Gleichklang . I think others also have good chances there. However, I know from my contacts with women at Gleichklang that women receive fewer suggestions than men. In addition, some complained that they always had to take the first step to get in touch with the men.

  6. I have never met a better forum than Gleichklang . Everything just fits. If you really have to choose the social tariff, you won't be discriminated against. The team makes a touching effort to respond to inquiries and "problems", to respond to requests, and simply with a lot of patience and a desire to work with "people". This forum deserves my utmost respect!!!!!!! I really hope it stays that way for a long time!!

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