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Only desperate people use dating portals? Dating myths like these persist when looking for love online

Looking for love: Myths about online dating debunked

The digital world has revolutionized the search for love and a suitable partner. Despite the growing popularity of online dating portals, persistent myths persist that...
The dark side of WhatsApp sexting: risks and dangers

WhatsApp sexting: What parents need to know

WhatsApp is a messaging platform that connects people worldwide through instant chat features. The phenomenon of sexting is a growing problem for parents as it...
What is behind the WhatsApp sexting function? We deliver answers!

WhatsApp Sexting Revealed: What's Really Behind the Popular Messenger's Hottest Feature?

Deep in the encrypted vastness of WhatsApp lies a world of exciting and sensual pleasure - the phenomenon of WhatsApp sexting. What is WhatsApp...
Many women and men are looking for an affair

Tips for a successful search for an affair

There are also many people in Germany who do not feel completely comfortable in their existing relationship. However, it is still far from...
eDarling - Europe-wide dating agency with a good track record

eDarling – Europe-wide dating agency with a good track record

eDarling is one of the largest dating agencies in Europe with a special focus on finding long-term partnerships. The providers primarily rely on the development of scientifically based partner suggestions and extensive customer service.
Women's body language decoded - what it tells us.

What women's body language tells us

If you want to know what's going on with a woman at the moment, you should definitely pay close attention to her body language, facial expressions and gestures. In it you will find... - Largest German Speed ​​Dating Provider - Website Screenshot from January 24, 2024 – 7 women, 7 men, 7 minutes…

4 - Speed ​​Dating Website in Test and Comparison Under the motto "7 women meet 7 men at 7 tables for 7 minutes each"...
MillionaireMatch - The largest dating exchange for wealthy singles

MillionaireMatch – The No.1 dating platform for rich singles

So if you're a well-off single who doesn't want to waste any more time searching for your wealthy peers on mainstream apps, MillionaireMatch is probably a great dating site for you. To find out whether MillionaireMatch meets your high standards, we took an in-depth look at everything the dating site has to offer for rich singles and millionaires.
TikTok instead of Tinder - The new trending dating platform

TikTok instead of Tinder: How the app is becoming the hottest dating platform

TikTok is developing into the new dating app TikTok is not only conquering the world of funny videos and challenges, but is also increasingly being used as a dating platform. Always...
Financing your studies in a different way: Personal insights from a student

Financing your studies in a different way: Personal insights from a student

Modern student life is full of challenges, and one of the biggest is undoubtedly financing your studies. The story of a young student who has an unconventional...
International Fetish Day is a special day to celebrate fetishism, BDSM and a kinky lifestyle

International Fetish Day: A journey into the world of lacquer, latex and leather

On January 19, 2024 we will once again celebrate International Fetish Day 2024, a day that takes us into the fascinating world of lacquer, latex and leather. This special day, which traditionally takes place on the third Friday in January, invites us to get to know and explore the diversity and beauty of fetishism. Whether BDSM, bondage or other preferences, International Fetish Day reminds us that we can celebrate our individual inclinations and fantasies.
MyPolonia – contact exchange for Polish singles and women from Eastern Europe – contact exchange for Polish singles (formerly

The contact and singles exchange (formerly is an offer specifically for Polish singles who live in Germany. Many members also live in Poland or are not Polish at all, but are simply looking for Polish people to get to know without obligation.