Bleisure Traveling – 6 tips to avoid boredom on a business trip


Many people see a business trip not only as strenuous work time, far away from their usual surroundings, but also as an opportunity to gain new inspiration and impressions.

The following article shows six valuable tips on how to make your next business trip interesting and exciting, so that the necessary is combined with the pleasant.

A survey has shown that more than half, namely 55 percent, of all business travelers actually enjoy their business trips - especially when they take them to places they haven't been before.

The reason for this is that the current generation of business travelers knows exactly how to combine pleasure with the necessary business part. The classic business trip quickly becomes the so-called “bleisure travel” , i.e. a combination of leisure - leisure and business - business.

6 tips to avoid boredom on a business trip6 tips to avoid boredom on a business trip
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Extend the business trip to more days

Especially if you are going to an exciting place, such as London or Paris, where the traveler has never been before, the business trip should be extended by a few days - of course by using vacation days.

The time can be used to relax and discover new cities or countries. This offers a great advantage because it means you can save money on flights, especially for more distant destinations.

The route has to be taken either way for the business trip, so you should definitely use this opportunity to explore foreign places and new cities.

This will definitely increase your motivation for the business trip. After such a break, the batteries are recharged and you can start your everyday life full of energy.

Enjoy the time alone

Bleisure Traveling - Enjoy time aloneBleisure Traveling – Enjoy time alone
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The business trip can rarely be combined with a regular family vacation - because it is usually undertaken alone. However, this can also be a big advantage, because every now and then it can be downright healing to spend time alone.

This may require changing your point of view and consciously enjoying the time that remains between the series of appointments and important meetings alone.

It doesn't matter whether the time is simply spent in the hotel room watching your new favorite series and taking advantage of room service reading a book or partying all night long in a club - these are great experiences often possible without the usual caregivers.

Have you partied all night in a club for a long time? Welcome to Bleisure Traveling! Have you partied all night in a club for a long time?
Welcome to Bleisure Traveling! Photo by Nick Fewings @jannerboy62, via Unsplash

Most hotels also have fitness rooms that invite you to dedicate yourself to your physical well-being and fitness for a long time. Interesting conversations often arise there, which can be extended hotel bar or over dinner

Take your partner with you

If you can add several days of vacation to the three-day business trip without any problems, you can of course also take your partner with you - perhaps it will even be possible for your loved one to work during the trip.

This is a great opportunity to combine leisure and work and spend quality time together. Of course, the person traveling with you should also be flexible and have no problem spending a few hours alone if their partner has to fulfill their business obligations.

This gives the other person the opportunity to look for a chic restaurant or a great bar to spend the evening together.

To be open for smth new

Those who are traveling alone on their business trip should be open to other people and new experiences. The hotel bar has always been one of the most important meeting points.

False shyness is definitely out of place here. Because other business travelers also enjoy a little company and a nice conversation with a classic drink at the bar after work.

There may even be an opportunity to make profitable contacts for the future. Of course, this not only applies to the bar in the hotel, but also to public bars or cafés in a foreign city.

Familiarize yourself with the hotel environment

If you really don't feel like having company and small talk during your business trip, you can also familiarize yourself with the hotel's surroundings on your own. Maybe there are interesting exhibitions and museums nearby or great restaurants for a relaxed dinner?

It is advisable to obtain information about the hotel surroundings in advance. If the interesting museum or favorite attraction is very far from the hotel, it will hardly be worth visiting during a short business trip.

The district can of course also be explored spontaneously on site - for example, by packing your running shoes and combining the discovery tour with a sports session. Other people, a different city and a short-term new everyday life can offer a great break from the stressful everyday life at home.

The accompaniment with an escort lady/gent

There is of course an alternative to enjoying the business trip either completely alone or with your partner. For business travelers, there are agencies that offer exciting accompaniment.

The company of an escort lady or gentleman can provide a tingling change and an escape from everyday life on a business trip.

Most people only associate the term escort with attractive ladies who provide pleasant company for heterosexual men in their hotel rooms in the evening. However, there are not only these types of escort offers.

high-class escort, you no longer have to go to the cinema or theater And that great dinner in a chic restaurant can also be enjoyed with good company instead of alone.

Escort lady Carolin from Düsseldorf - Excellent EscortsEscort lady Carolin from Düsseldorf – Excellent Escorts

The offer of escort companionship is not only available in a heterosexual constellation, but also as a same-sex companion. This opens up endless possibilities for making lonely evenings during a business trip a pleasant one.

If business trips often take place in the same place, using a high-quality escort service can be particularly practical. This can result in a permanent accompaniment that is already known to the business partners over time.

The question of whether the escort gentleman or lady is limited to visiting a restaurant, partying at a discotheque or going to the cinema is of course at the discretion of the individual. However, nothing stands in the way of an erotic end to a beautiful evening.


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