The best free dating sites for women – a comprehensive overview


Welcome to our blog post about the best free dating sites for women !

In this article we give you a comprehensive overview of the free inclusive services of well-known online dating portals specifically for women. Be it membership, registration, profile, getting to know new people and contact options and much more: the female gender enjoys special status on numerous dating sites in the form of free functionality.

Find out which dating sites stand out in this comparison and enable you to search for a partner for free in .

Why a dating site for women?

The best free dating sites for women - a comprehensive overview
The Best Free Dating Sites for Women – A Comprehensive Overview
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Why use a dating site specifically for women? This question may seem unnecessary at first glance; after all, women can participate in most dating sites.

But there are good reasons why a dating agency tailored specifically to the needs of women is an attractive option. Free dating sites for women enable them to move in an environment in which they feel particularly at home. You can register at your leisure, browse through profiles of other members and exchange ideas with people who have similar ideas and wishes.

These dating sites often offer a safe space in which women can get to know new people in a pleasant atmosphere without feeling overwhelmed or even harassed by numerous messages from potential partners. Such a platform gives you the opportunity to actively take the initiative and find out for yourself which profiles suit you.

One of the best-known free dating sites for women is finya . Here women can find a large selection of potential partners and, thanks to the extensive profile of the people they would like to get to know, they can specifically search for singles who suit them. Comparing different profiles is also made easier thanks to the clear presentation on the free dating sites for women.

So women can be sure that they will really find the right person and will get exactly the support they need in their search for true love.

Which dating sites are reputable and free for women?

A reputable and free dating site for women is, for example, “OkCupid” . OkCupid is a popular dating platform that offers its users a variety of features and opportunities to make new contacts. Registration is free and the sign-up process is simple and straightforward. Women can browse profiles, send and receive messages, and participate in various games and surveys to optimize their profile.

Another reputable and free option for women is “finya” . finya is one of the largest German online dating sites and offers a wide range of functions and filters to find suitable partners. The platform places great emphasis on security and private browsing. Women can sign up for free, browse profiles, send and receive messages, and participate in group chats and forums.

Tinder is also a well-known dating app that women can use for free. On Tinder, users can browse profiles and, if interested, swipe or exchange messages. The app offers a large user base and allows women to choose potential partners based on their preferences. It is important to note that all dating platforms offer some paid upgrades and features that are optional.

However, to use basic functions and get to know men, women can safely use the mentioned dating apps and sites for free.

Which dating app is completely free?

There are several dating apps that are completely free. A popular option is Tinder . It allows users to swipe through profiles and find matches without incurring any costs.

badoo is also a widely used free dating app for women. Here, female users can view profiles, send messages, and receive recommendations without having to pay.

Another dating app that is free to use is OkCupid . Here users can create a detailed profile and communicate with other users without incurring any fees. Lovoo is also a popular option among free dating apps. It allows users to view other users' profiles and send messages.

There are also many other dating apps that are completely free. Some of them are Plenty of Fish, la blue, Lemon Swan and bumble. These apps offer all the features to meet other users and chat without incurring any costs.

Another popular free dating site is Lovoo . This app offers similar functions to Tinder, but also allows users to make attractive profiles more visible through “match votes” or by awarding coins. Lovoo is easy to use and has a large user base. It's important to note that free dating sites often deal with advertising and hide some features behind payment options. It may also be that the quality of the profiles and the success rate in finding a partner vary. Ultimately, choosing the best free dating site depends on individual preferences and needs.

It is important to note that although these apps are free, some of them offer additional paid features to improve the experience.

Nevertheless, the majority of the basic functions can be used free of charge. It is advisable to check each app to learn more about which features are free and which may require payment.

The best free dating sites for women at a glance

In today's digital age, it is important for many people, especially women, to find a free dating site to meet new people and find potential partners. These free dating sites offer a variety of ways to sign up and create a profile to meet other singles.

In this list (not intended as a ranking) you will find the best free online dating portals for women:


100% free dating site with many functions - finya
100% free dating site with many functions – finya

One of the most popular and best-rated free dating sites for women is finya. finya is one of the largest free dating sites in Germany and offers a variety of functions and members. On finya, women can view profiles, search for other singles and send messages for free.

In the realm of online dating, the meaning of the word “free” is not always clear. On some platforms such as Parship or ElitePartner only registration is free, while on others such as lablue or Bildkontakte additional “convenience” features cost money. Sometimes only certain groups are allowed to register for free, such as LemonSwan or C-Date . However, things are different with finya.

This online dating platform, founded in 2001, is characterized by being the only completely free dating platform on the German market.

What makes finya particularly stand out?

Compared to the expensive top dogs, finya doesn't have to hide. Some convenience features such as video chats or a mobile app are not available and the support sometimes leaves something to be desired. But the foundation of finya is solid.

The combination of automatic dating and a singles exchange with a search function makes it possible to select suitable profiles from a huge database of around 7 million members and exchange an unlimited number of messages. The members' profiles are personal and meaningful, but those who wish can also remain anonymous. In addition, finya also offers entertaining games such as a matching game .

Using finya is completely free , which has both advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages are obvious: The user base is huge and getting started is easy, without long personality tests or billing pages. All you need to do is choose a pseudonym, confirm your email address and you're ready to go. However, this simplicity also attracts fakes and dubious singles who are just looking for quick adventures at finya, even though this free dating site is not about casual dating and the like. Female singles in particular have to fight a bit at finya and show a thick skin for unpleasant messages, while men have to work twice as hard to assert themselves against the competition.

la blue

la blue
la blue

In a similar way to Bildkontakte, the essentials of the German singles exchange lablue are included in the free basic subscription . This is financed by advertising banners, which can be annoying but do not affect the functionality of the platform. After registering for free, you can contact us directly (via email or chat) and search for profiles.

What makes lablue particularly stand out?

Lablue is a dating site with fair conditions and a modest profile. If you wish, you can purchase a premium subscription, although this is not mandatory. However, compared to top dogs like Parship, the price-performance ratio is extremely favorable, as costs start at 4 euros per month.

However, there are limitations that you should consider with lablue. With around 500,000 registered members, the user base is rather small and lacks some convenience features such as a radius search and detailed search filters. Lablue has a rather inconspicuous reputation, but the editorial team believes that this is not justified.

Although the website is not state-of-the-art, it still looks appealing. In addition, the platform offers a special advantage due to its essentially free structure. You can start looking for a partner and find your new partner without a big budget.

What are the fees for at lablue?

You only need a premium membership for special functions such as an overview of visitors to your dating profile.

Lemon Swan

LemonSwan - finding a partner at eye level
LemonSwan – finding a partner at eye level

LemonSwan is a fresh online dating portal that has only been active since 2018. Although the number of members is not yet enormous, it is continually increasing. LemonSwan is an interesting option, especially for single parents, as they can use the platform free of charge for six months with appropriate proof, including all features. If you cannot take advantage of this advantage, you will pay between 15 and 30 euros per month for the premium membership with LemonSwan - a very affordable price compared to other providers.

What makes LemonSwan particularly stand out?

LemonSwan presents a classic dating agency that recommends tailor-made matches to you based on a thorough personality test. Similar to Parship or ElitePartner, LemonSwan focuses on quality and compatibility. However, compared to the expensive market leaders, LemonSwan stands out thanks to its pleasantly inexpensive membership and also presents a well-thought-out concept and an attractively designed platform. With its headquarters in Germany, LemonSwan also underlines its seriousness.

In addition to generously providing a free premium membership for single parents, LemonSwan offers a particularly attractive feature: the bouncers . These expert employees check every new profile for seriousness and serious intentions and carry out an authenticity check for every newly uploaded photo. This effectively prevents fakes and scammers from gaining access to the platform and, above all, offers women a safe space to flirt and fall in love.

C date

C-Date - casual dating with class
C-Date – casual dating with class

As a provider of casual dating, C-Date gives women free access to the platform in order to keep the female quota consistently high. After registering, female members can use all functions directly and do not pay a cent for the premium membership. Men, on the other hand, have to pay a monthly fee of between 40 and 70 euros to enjoy all the features. The rules are therefore similar to those of a swingers club .

What makes C-Date particularly stand out?

C-Date is one of the leading and largest casual dating communities in Germany. The focus here is on casual flirts and the realization of erotic fantasies, not the search for true love or a life partner. In the casual dating space, C-Date stands out from its competitors and offers a strong focus on erotic adventures and casual dates.

With an impressive user base of 2.5 million members and a female quota of between 50 and 60 percent, C-Date is a clear recommendation. It is refreshing that C-Date offers a well-functioning platform in this segment, as the selection of reputable and large casual dating platforms in Germany is limited. Here you will find a wide range of erotic flirts with like-minded people, role plays and the fulfillment of special fantasies .


Tinder is a popular dating app worldwide that is free to use. Millions of singles have already signed up and over 55 billion matches have been made so far. being the most diverse dating app for heterosexuals and the LGBTQ+ community

Whether you're looking for a relationship, new friendships or just fun, everyone can find something suitable on Tinder. In contrast to many other dating portals, you can simply swipe the profiles shown here to the right (I like) or to the left (I don't like).

The filter function can be used to adjust search settings such as age, gender and region. If both sides like each other, there is a match and nothing stands in the way of getting to know each other.

Registering is child's play thanks to the simple profile creation: After registering with your email address and password, images can be uploaded. Name and age must also be provided. In the “about me” field you should write something personal about yourself in a few words in order to attract the attention of other singles and thus achieve matches.


The German company LOVOO may seem like another Tinder clone at first glance. However, upon closer inspection, differences between the German underdog and the US market leader quickly become apparent. But first things first: The core function of LOVOO is a classic dating app where you rate other members according to the “Hot or Not” .

This means that profiles of other users in a certain area and based on a few search parameters are suggested to you. Using photos and profile text, you can either express interest or reject the proposed profile. If two members find each other interesting, a match occurs and they can exchange messages and meet in real life.

What makes LOVOO particularly stand out?

LOVOO expands this basic Tinder principle with a few additional features. These include the “icebreaker” messages that you can send to another user before a match. You can send one icebreaker per day in LOVOO for free. You have to pay for more.

Almost every action on the platform, from liking to icebreaking, requires so-called “coins” , a virtual currency of which you only have a limited amount available per day.

What are the fees for at LOVOO?

If your coins run out, you will have to wait or purchase additional coins with real money. Members with an optional premium subscription (LOVOO VIP) do not have to pay coins for many actions and have additional features such as incognito mode available.

The VIP subscription is available from 6.67 euros per month and has different durations.


OkCupid deliberately sets itself apart from other dating apps such as Tinder and primarily appeals to an academic, liberal target group. The app uses completely gender-neutral language and allows you to create very detailed profiles in which you can search for a total of 22 gender categories, 13 sexual orientations and 4 types of relationships. This is particularly valuable and also enables queer people and people who feel they belong to non-binary genders or do not identify with a gender at all to participate.

What makes OkCupid stand out?

What is unique about OkCupid is the sophisticated algorithm that sets the app apart from the competition. While Tinder or Bumble also take search parameters such as distance or age into account, OkCupid goes one step further and matches your preferences with a special formula to suggest members who are the perfect match for you. The questions you answer when creating your profile not only serve to complete your profile, but also to feed the algorithm with useful data.

As with most mobile dating apps, OkCupid is essentially free. You can create your profile, find and rate other users' profiles, and exchange messages, all at no additional cost.

What do OkCupid charge for?

However, for some premium features such as a send confirmation for messages, a boost for more attention on your profile or advanced search filters, you have to pay a monthly fee of between around 10 and 30 euros, depending on the scope of the features and the duration of the subscription.

Plenty of Fish (POF)

Plenty of Fish - Date, chat and flirt for free
Plenty of Fish – Date, chat and flirt for free

POF , also known as Plenty of Fish , was founded in Canada in 2003 and is headquartered in Vancouver, making it one of the world's leading providers. Although there are not that many users in Germany yet, POF offers a principle that focuses on quantity rather than quality and is quickly reflected in the type of communication between users.

The membership numbers are high and confusing, and there are obscene speeches that can be traced back to the category “mass instead of class” . Fakes are an issue on the free platform, but support responds quickly and removes troublemakers.

POF's popularity is partly due to strong advertising campaigns in the United States and is also supported by the promotion of celebrities such as Britney Spears and Lady Gaga , who have featured the portal in their music videos. POF has won several awards in the USA and is one of the largest portals worldwide. In Brazil, for example, it is the market leader.

Although POF is not only aimed at finding true love but can also be used for flirting, the registration process is too cumbersome and it is difficult to make new contacts quickly. Overall, the global market leader is interesting, but there are princesses and princes as well as frogs - or in this case, fish.

What makes Plenty of Fish stand out?

At first glance, POF may seem a little confusing, but there is still something appealing about it. Although fewer than 200,000 Germans are registered, there is always a lot of activity here. You can have pleasant conversations even with people from a distance, provided they respond to messages. However, this depends heavily on how creative and appealing the first message was written. Crisp one-liners without ingenuity will not produce likeable contacts at POF.

The fact that POF is free is definitely a big plus . However, we believe that a premium membership can also make sense as it offers additional features at PlentyofFish and is worth it. The price-performance ratio is unbeatable and offers a lot for little money.

Plenty of Fish charge for ?

POF has the currency tokens, which enables access to various additional functions. These tokens can be used, for example, to purchase virtual gifts and forward them to other users. However, the success rate of gift giving is rather modest.

Image contacts

Bildkontakte is a dating portal that is one of the few dating sites that can be used free of charge by both men and women. As a result, you do not have to pay any fees to register; you simply need to provide your email address and some personal information.

As soon as you have registered, nothing stands in the way of your flirting pleasure on the dating site. With the free basic membership you have access to all important functions and can send messages without restrictions.

What makes Bildkontakte particularly stand out?

In the classic singles exchange Bildkontakte you will find an extensive database with around 3 million German members, which you can search independently according to your search criteria. This means you retain full control over which singles are shown to you on the platform. However, the search filters in the free subscription are a little limited, which means that a radius search is not possible.

This makes finding singles in your area a little more complex and difficult, but by no means impossible. Bildkontakte offers a variety of functions and features that many other free dating sites do not have. A video chat and some entertaining flirting games ensure additional fun when using the platform.

As the name suggests, at least one photo is mandatory for your profile, which, similar to LemonSwan, is manually checked and approved by the Image Contacts team. Fake profiles and “blind profiles” without a picture cannot be found on Bildkontakte.


The flirting and dating app Bumble basically follows the same concept as the industry leader Tinder: you can create a free profile, fill it with your own photos and personal information and search for other profiles within a certain radius of your location. You can swipe profiles left or right on the screen, with right meaning “interest” and left meaning “not interested.”

If a profile you swiped right also thinks your profile is interesting, a match - on Bumble this is "new bee in the basket . This works via both the Bumble mobile app and the “Bumble Web” version in any common browser.

What makes Bumble particularly stand out?

Bumble differs from Tinder in one crucial way: While on Tinder you can start a chat immediately after a match, on Bumble female members have to make the first move . This gives them the opportunity to consider interest in their match and start the conversation if they are genuinely interested.

Men have to wait until they are contacted. This rule protects women from crude pickup lines, but can be stressful for shy singles. In the case of same-sex matches, the initiative is open to both.

Another difference from Twitter is the detailed profiles on Bumble , which not only consist of text and images, but also contain personal information that you can search for specifically. This allows you to narrow your search based on height, drinking or smoking habits, and other factors. This enables a precise search similar to dating sites such as finya or LoveScout24 .

What do Bumble charge for?

Bumble offers essentially free features like signing up, creating a profile, and messaging through the app. However, free users have a limit on the number of likes they can give each day. However, this limitation is recharged daily.

However, if you want to use more functionality like Super Swipes (other users receive a notification when you like them) or the Spotlight (your profile gets more attention for a certain time) or need more likes, you can use a Boost or Premium plan. Complete your subscription.

The terms can be designed flexibly and vary between one day, one week, one month or three months. It is also possible to activate the subscription for life.

The prices for Boost or Premium subscriptions are between 1.99 euros (per day) and 16.66 euros (per month, in a semi-annual subscription).


Badoo is a rapidly growing social network that 260 million members worldwide since its founding in 2006.

What makes Badoo particularly stand out?

It is not exclusively a dating app, but rather a type of “social discovery” app that focuses on making new contacts and friendships, as well as finding a partner. Badoo offers uncomplicated contacts, flirts and similar experiences, which can certainly lead to a permanent relationship.

The app uses the swipe or hot-or-not principle to display singles in your area or around the world. If you mark someone as a “perfect match”, you can start a chat and – atypically – exchange not only text messages but also photos.

What do Badoo charge for?

With an optional extension to a premium membership, additional functions can be used with Badoo. Although the basic functions are also available to users without a paid subscription (with the exception of competitions), other features require payment of fees.

Depending on the term, these amount to between 17.99 euros and 109.99 euros and allow, for example, sending messages and questions to all users (instead of just confirmed hits), activating incognito mode, undoing actions and viewing from already liked users and favorites.

In addition, Badoo also offers the opportunity to purchase points that can be used to carry out various actions. These include, for example, purchasing and sending virtual gifts as well as prioritizing your own profile in other members' searches. The points can be purchased in packages of 100, 550 or 1,250 and cost between 3 and 21 euros.


Jaumo is a German dating app that is used by many young members worldwide. The focus here is on casual flirting, not serious dating.

Registering with Jaumo works similarly to Tinder. After registering, all you have to do is insert a picture of yourself and a short slogan. This is an attractive incentive to get singles to get to know each other in person instead of entering tons of data into a virtual profile.

Matching and getting to know each other works in the same way on Jaumo as on other dating apps. Members are suggested and can be matched, swiped or contacted directly.

fish head

Another free dating site for women is . This singles exchange is aimed specifically at users from northern Germany and allows women to search for potential partners in their area free of charge.

specializes in finding singles from northern Germany The membership is small, but very loyal. A big advantage of the platform is that it is completely free.

What are the fees for at Fischkopf?

A “Goldfish membership” of 6 to 10 euros is only required to expand the profile with more photos and longer texts. However, this is not a must. All important functions are available for free.

What makes fish head particularly stand out?

The Fischkopf platform is extremely likeable, even if the web design and small member base seem a bit old-fashioned. Despite some confusion, the site is lovingly designed and offers around 500,000 northern German singles an opportunity to get to know like-minded people. Once you have found a suitable profile, you can either start directly with a message or express your interest with a virtual rose.

By the way, the premium membership here is called “Goldfish” and brings additional sympathy points. Unlike large dating apps and portals, Fischkopf consciously focuses on the region and offers completely free use.

Is Parship really free for women?

As mentioned at the beginning, “free” does not necessarily mean “free”. Women can register for free on dating agencies like Parship (or Be2 , eDarling , ElitePartner You have access to a variety of functions and can use some features of the platform without having to pay for them. As a woman, you can search for potential partners and view their profiles for free. You can also conditionally send and receive messages to other members without having to pay. You also have the option to upload photos and fill out your profile in detail to present yourself to other members.

However, there are also paid options on Parship and Co. For sensible contact and partner search, a paid premium membership is usually always required. necessary. You get a lot from such dating agencies with a sophisticated matching system, but the fees tend to be on the high side.

In summary, women on Parship can use the basic functions for free and can get a basic overview with the basic membership. However, for additional features and benefits, there is a need to take out a paid premium membership.

Our conclusion: Which dating agency is right for you?

It is important to note that choosing the best free dating site for women depends on individual preferences and needs. It is therefore advisable to try out different platforms and make a personal comparison in order to find the ideal dating site. Overall, these free dating sites offer women the opportunity to meet potential partners and find new people without making any financial commitments.

With the multitude of free dating sites for women, it is important that you are clear about your personal requirements.

In order to find the right dating site for you, it is important to compare different providers and carefully check the functions and conditions. The free dating sites for women presented here all offer you excellent opportunities to meet new people, find potential partners and make your personal search for a partner an exciting, safe and successful experience.


Here you will find links to references that were used to research this article in addition to our own tests. You may also find further information there.

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