60+ dirty talk examples and erotic text messages for long distance relationships


It doesn't matter whether you're both sitting in different corners of the same room typing on your smartphone, or traveling hundreds of miles away in different cities or foreign countries.

With a few sexy lines you can not only show your boyfriend that you miss him, but at the same time you can arouse a lot of anticipation and stimulate your imagination .

leaving a few spontaneous dirty talk text messages Maybe you're now wondering what exactly you should write. You ponder intensely, but you just can't think of anything suitable quickly.

Erotic teasing with our dirty talk examples and messages
Erotic teasing with our dirty talk examples and messages
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No problem! Here are our dirty talk examples for a perfect, erotic teaser on your cell phone .

An important dirty talk tip before you start

When you send messages that suit you from our list as dirty talk texts to your crush, just be yourself. Choose texts that you personally like and can imagine coming out of your mouth.

If possible, include inside jokes, personal memories, and details from your favorite sexual moments . These erotic details and sweet “trivia” go a long way toward making your real encounters much more meaningful. The anticipation will grow and the reunion will become more intense.

60 dirty talk examples and erotic text messages for long-distance relationships


Here are 60 dirty talk examples and text messages for long distance relationships that will send him flying to you as quickly as possible:

1. “I imagine what it would be like if you were here with me right now…”

2. “I bought new panties. Want to see?"

3. “My inner thighs miss you in between!”

4. “I had a naughty dream last night and guess who starred in it?”

5. “Have I told you how hot I get when I feel you on me?”

6. "I just got up and now I have this uncontrollable urge to kiss you long and hard."

7. "I'm out to lunch and... I'm not wearing any underwear !"

8. "I can't stop thinking about some very, very dirty things...Can't you help me?"

9. “My ceiling is so boring, I wish I could see you on me instead!”

10. “Want to guess what I’m wearing right now?”


11. "I've thought long and hard about what I'm going to do the next time I see you..."

12. “If I were next to you tonight and you had three wishes, what would they be?” *wink*

13. “You make me feel so wet between my thighs!”

14. "I'm watching this dirty video online and it's driving me wild!"

15. “My goodness, it’s gotten so hot. Wait, let me take off my clothes…”


16. “Do you have any idea how much I want you right now?”

17. "I don't normally say this out loud, but you're just so sexy..."

18. “Do you think I’m wearing panties right now?”

19. “What do you do after work?” I really need something from you as soon as possible.”

20. “Did you know that you smell so good I could practically eat you?”

21. “Are you hungry for tonight?”

22. “I can’t stop thinking about what you did to me last night and how good it made me feel.”

23. “I need your body next to me tonight. Come here soon!”


24. “I can only think of one thing right now and that is you and me on my bed together.”

25. "I can't possibly imagine sharing you with anyone because you're so fucking hot!"

26. “You’re driving me so crazy that I can barely stand it!”

27. “I want to share every inch of my body with you!”

28. “The first thought I had when I woke up this morning was how great last night had been!”

29. “Even though I haven’t seen you in a really long time, I still remember your body like it was yesterday!”

30. “Next time let’s make love in front of a mirror so I can see you making it to me!”

31. “I wish I could have you now, right this moment.”

32. “I like putting it in my mouth!”

33. “It drives me crazy when you pull my hair.”

34. "Seriously, just come here so I can cover you in bite marks and hickeys."

35. “I’m always in the mood for you.”

36. “Touch yourself and think of me.”

37. “You make me want to sin.”


38. “I loved seeing you in those tight pants last night.”

39. “Do you think I would look better in a bralette or a top?”

40. “I had the wildest dream ever last night, and guess what, you were there!”

41. “I can’t stop thinking about last night.”

42. “I’m looking forward to our date tonight. You’re going to love what I have planned for you!”

43. “Even though last night was our first time, I’m already addicted to you!”

44. “What are you planning to do later?” Can I come over for a quickie?”

45. “I don’t like sitting here at work when I could be home doing it with you.”

46. ​​​​"I just thought of a new position that we should definitely try!"

47. “I miss feeling your hands all over me.”

48. “I want to mark you as mine, and I’ve sharpened my nails!”

49. “You’re going to scream my name tonight.”

50. “Tonight is all about pleasure and pain!”

51. “I’m going to bring out the animal in you tonight!”

52. “You want to know what I can’t stop thinking about?”


53. “I'm all alone and I imagine you caressing me. I wish you were here so much.”

54. “Do you remember that time at the hotel?”

55. “I always wanted to do it in a car…”

56. “Would you like to play a game with me? I’ll be tied up and you make the rules.”

57. “How about we skip dinner and you can eat me out instead?”

58. “I miss you… inside me!”

59. “I’m going to give you an indecent choice and it won’t be easy for you to decide.”

60. “Come on. Her. Now.”

Sexting ideas for even more erotic excitement

If your crush or partner really gets into your dirty talk teasing, then you can follow up sexting suggestions

more erotic sex messages and creative lines to make him really hot and horny? Here are some naughty chat lines and sexting examples for you to make sexting chats and dirty talks Caution: explicit content 😉

1. “I loved seeing you in that shirt/jeans/top/panties last night.”

2. “Do you think I would look more attractive in a dress or tight pants?”

3. “Have I told you what I call my breasts?”

4. “I can’t stop thinking about you, get out of my head!”

5. "I know last night was our first time, but I think I'm already addicted to your cock."

6. "I'm going to wear my fuck-me heels for our date tonight."

7. “What are you doing later?” Can I come over to give you a blow job?”

8. "Tonight I want to kiss gently from your lips towards the south... the only question is how far down will I venture?"

9. “I don’t enjoy sitting at my workplace when I would rather be at home with you doing immoral things together.”

10. “I was just laying in bed thinking about you…can you guess what I was doing?”


11. "I just found this cool sex site on the internet...it gave me some great ideas for later."

12. “When was the last time you jerked off?”

13. "I was thinking about something...would you get mad if you found out I kissed a girl while we were together?"

14. “I found some sex positions that I think we should try, what do you say?”

15. “I miss feeling your hands all over my skin so much. I want you to rip my clothes off and fuck me really hard.”

16."I think it's time we tried the back door ( anal sex )."


17. “Does the thought of watching me with another girl turn you on?”

18. “You have a choice tonight: anal or oral. So what will it be?”

19. "If you can guess what color my bra is today, I'll give you an unforgettable blowjob tonight."

20. “Do you want FaceTime sex now?”

There are absolutely no limits when it comes to sending long distance dirty talk text messages to your partner. As soon as you use one of these lines, your conversation is sure to jump and send your thoughts into sexual overdrive. I wish you lots of fun and erotic pleasure...

Audio book for even more suggestions and examples

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There are also helpful tips for long-distance relationships and telephone calls. The many great exercises will help you put what you have learned into practice.

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