A brief overview

The website Dating-Vergleich.com as well as its offer deals intensively with the topic of online dating and tests and compares dating portals, singles exchanges and contact platforms of all kinds. In doing so, we at Dating-Vergleich always make every effort to provide you as a visitor with serious, neutral and objective information and articles.

Only in this way can you, as a visitor and online dating prospect, make a well-informed decision, which you will not have to regret shortly. We want to save you valuable time and save your wallet.

The online dating jungle

Because the fact is: there are now countless singles exchanges, dating portals, dating sites, online chats, dating apps and plugins on the Internet, and almost every day there are more. It’s a veritable online dating jungle out there, sprawling in all directions, yet not bearing blossoms everywhere. In the hidden thicket also lurk predators and dangers. These must be circumvented. So, which contact platforms and tools are really good and which only deceive your visitors with fake profiles and requests?

An indication can be the tests that are regularly made by various magazines. These tests are conducted and published in print as well as online. This website is intended as a portal to write summarily and comprehensively about these test reports and also to conduct its own tests. Furthermore, this dating comparison site is intended to provide an overview of the current market in the field of dating and flirting.

Another point that should not be ignored is the fact that not every portal is equally right for every single! Thus, the needs are individual and everyone has different preferences and requirements.

Friendscout24.de, Neu.de, i-Love & Co. Numerous websites offer singles dating via the Internet. At any rate, the forecasts promise a rosy future for online contact exchanges. German singles exchange websites already generate over EUR 50 million in annual sales. The singles business is considered very attractive – and not only for those who flirt, but also for the singles exchanges. Because these also know: Germany is the land of singles! And: for 41 percent of German Internet users, dating via the Web is definitely an option, according to an Emnid study.

In order for you not only to pay, but also to fall in love, the most important thing is to find out which dating site is the right one (for you). Here it all depends on the needs of the user. Are you looking for a hot flirt, a casual date or a woman/man to marry. How old are you? Do you have any special features or preferences? Do you move in a special scene?

Find out about each provider at Dating Vergleich and then choose where you can sign up with maximum promise. This not only saves money, but also a lot of time. We sincerely wish you success in your search for a partner!

What makes Dating-Vergleich.com so special?

It is our honest intention to provide you with a serious overview in the online dating jungle and to offer you orientation and decision-making aids in the world of dating sites.


All facts and info

We make every effort to consider all the facts available to us when evaluating the contact platforms.

We gather these facts from the providers themselves, from neutral reports in the media, from user feedback, from other tests (e.g. Stiftung Warentest, …) and from our own tests and experiences.

They should be able to make a final informed decision.


Influence from any side should be avoided or minimized. Although we also promote affiliate programs, we do not allow ourselves to be manipulated in our judgment.

Whether or not we pursue a partnership relationship of any kind with a contact platform should have no bearing on our bottom line.

Neutrality takes precedence over partnership here.

Ease of use & clarity

User-friendliness and clarity on our website is of great concern to us. We attach great importance to simple and intuitive navigation as well as contemporary structures and design.

Therefore, we regularly adapt the layout and design of this website to current standards.

Real feedback from users

In the spirit of Web 2.0, we want to involve our visitors – including you – and stimulate a dialog.

Your feedback, experience and opinion are very important to us.

Simply use our comment, rating and contact functions for this purpose.

Orientation and safety

We want to provide you with guidance in the dating jungle, so you don’t have to aimlessly waste time and money trying to get to your destination.

We also want to warn you about the many black sheep in the online dating market.

Partnerships and recommendations

Here you can find an overview of our partners. On this page you will also find a number of websites, which we consider recommendable and do not want to withhold from you.