80+ sexting examples and ideas to get started with sexy messages on WhatsApp, Tinder & Co. IMMEDIATELY


Looking for sexting examples and suggestions for erotic exchange of ideas?

In this article we'll show you what sexting is all about and how sexting works without it seeming embarrassing, clumsy or awkward. We also provide you with a lot of sexy suggestions and ideas for your next sexting chat via WhatsApp , Tinder and Co.

Let’s get dirty ;-)”

Not only will you direct her/his thoughts to you, but you will also create anticipation for the next meeting and make you want more... in your own style, without bending yourself.

What is sexting? What is dirty talk about sexy chats and texting apps?

Over the last two to three decades, new media have fundamentally turned the way we live and consume eroticism on its head.

As a recent development, the spread of high-end smartphones combined with fast, widespread Internet has made it possible to exchange erotic thoughts and fantasies from anywhere. Eroticism on the go .

A trend that can be described dirty talk sexting . A hybrid word creation from “sex” and “texting” , related to the terms cybersex and sex chats , sexting is primarily about the exchange of erotic text messages via smartphone. Often via messenger services like WhatsApp or mobile dating apps like Tinder .

According to a 2017 study published Computers in Human Behavior , 62% of students surveyed said they had either sent or received a sexting or erotic text message.

Facts and figures about the prevalence of sexting among young people and adults
Facts and figures about the prevalence of sexting among young people and adults

About half of those people shared that it had a positive impact on their sexual or emotional relationships - and this was particularly true for those in serious relationships.

Since you found your way to this article, you are interested in the topic, want to learn more about it, and are probably curious about what positive things it can do for your relationship or love life. 

When your new flirt contact on Tinder, your online chat conquest, or your partner likes to send provocative text messages and lasciviously seductive emails for the very first time, you may feel insecure or awkward.

Then you are probably asking yourself the following questions:

  • How does sexting actually work?
  • Can I do that too?
  • Can you learn it?
  • Where should I start?
  • How do I avoid embarrassing situations?
  • How do others do it?

Sexting expert reveals how we turn each other on with erotic texting

Sabine not only enjoys being with her lovers in real life, but she also enjoys sexting. In the video she tells us exactly how the whole thing works.

Admittedly, there are a few pitfalls and pitfalls, but they can be easily avoided with the help of a few basic rules and tips on sexting .

But don't you want to spend too much time on gray theory and maybe you even have a sexting situation for which you need a few quick ideas and suggestions ?

Then the following sexting examples and suggestions for erotic text messages give you the words you need to get started.

Sexting is the art of creating exciting images in the other person's mind
Sexting is the art of creating titillating images in each other's minds
Photo by Dainis Graveris @dainisgraveris, Unsplash

In the following list you will find more than 80 examples of sexy messages that you can send to your partner right now. The examples are divided into categories to give you a better overview. You can also modify the suggestions to suit your individual situation or use them to find additional examples.

Dirty talk is very personal, so you won't love every idea on this best of sexting list . And not every idea will be suitable for your partner.

In some of the examples you will find gaps with placeholders that you can complete with a suitable term of your choice.

Category 1: Getting started

We don't want to barge in and disturb the house at a completely inopportune moment.

Therefore, the first step is to subtly write to your partner and determine whether he/she also feels the desire for an erotic exchange of words.

Golden rule of sexting: Both partners should have pleasure and a desire for erotic text exchanges
Golden rule of sexting: Both partners should have pleasure and a desire for erotic text exchange
Image source: halayalex, via Freepik

It is always advisable to first find out whether your partner is even interested in exciting texts via messenger, chat or SMS. This will help you avoid unpleasant situations for you and your partner.

Here are a few examples to get you started :

“I was disturbed by a really lustful dream last night. Do you want me to tell you what it was about?

“I bought new lingerie. Eager to know what she looks like on me?”

“I just can’t stop thinking about last night/those mornings/our last time together…”

“I wish you were here right now. Do you want to know what would happen then?”

“I feel the desire to touch you, kiss your lips or gently caress your skin.”

“I miss the feeling of you sensually touching/caressing/kissing my skin.”

“Do you have any idea what new thing I’m dying to do with you in bed?”

"What are you doing? I feel such a strong longing for you..."

“I’m still thinking about last night/this morning/our last time…”

“I long for you to be here with me. Are you interested. Find out what I would do to you in that case?”

Playing with expectations – ambiguous and teasing messages

An important rule that will especially help you get started is: Sexting doesn't necessarily have to be dirty or explicit. On the contrary, skillful sexting is a playful form of flirting on a sophisticated, often humorous level.

Sexting is less about what you reveal and more about the mystery and fantasy. For many women, opening up and revealing intimacy is difficult. This requires not only showing interest in others, but also letting go of the fear of inappropriate or false news.

At the same time, women have to clearly communicate their wishes and boundaries so that they don't give in uncontrollably to a man who is too stormy - perhaps far too quickly and unimaginatively - who then sends dick pic

For the stormy ladies, the following applies at this point: it's better to slow down a gear and use imagination, ingenuity and humor to stimulate imagination and expectations step by step and thus slowly build up erotic tension.

Sexting should be viewed as a type of foreplay . It's important that you perceive it this way. This game is based on the tension created by ambiguous remarks, innuendos and, above all, unspoken words.

If you choose the right approach, the desired ideas will inevitably arise in his/her mind. For example, he/she will inevitably see the image of an attractive and desirable woman/man whose charms he/she cannot resist. In addition, you appear to him/her to be both open and provocative and self-confident, without having to emphasize it.

Here are a few examples of successful sexy chats that skillfully increase expectations and lustful thoughts...

Examples of successful sexy chats

Creating ambiguous images in his mind...

 ambiguous images in his head

Truth or Dare …

Truth or Dare ...

Category 2: Arouse anticipation

If you've gotten started successfully and your counterpart jumps at the first message, then you can slowly continue with hot messages, sexy thoughts and erotic words.

Now things can more explicit and sexual . However, avoid harsh terms and expressions and rather work your way up slowly. This increases the erotic tension and creates a tingling atmosphere.

“I want you to sit back and let me take care of you tonight.”

“I’m going to pounce on you as soon as you walk in the door.”

“I’ll let you do anything you want.”

“I have a surprise for you here.”

“I’m going to make you beg for it.”

“I’m going to make you come so hard.”

“I’ll let my guard down as soon as you get home.”

“I look so hot right now! Do you want a picture?"

“I’m going to give you such a good time.”

Category 3: Prompts

"I want you."

“Tell me what you think about when you masturbate.”

“I want you to kiss/touch my [select body part].”

“I need you inside me now.”

“I want you to come.”

“I want you to make me hot until I can’t take it anymore.”

“Put it in my mouth.”

“Let me take control tonight.”

"Come here right now."

“I want you to make me hot until I can’t take it anymore.”

“I want you to be really rough.”

"On the knee!"

Category 4: Stimulate imagination

Stimulate your imagination with erotic text messages
Stimulate the imagination with erotic text messages
Photo by Samanta Sokolova @, via Unsplash

“I imagine you with another person.”

“I love thinking about you spanking me and pulling my hair.”

“What would you do to me now if I were lying next to you completely exposed with no clothes on?”

“It’s so hot to imagine you tying me up and me being at your mercy.”

“I have been a very naughty girl and I desperately need someone to discipline me for my naughty behavior.”

“Tell me what new mess in bed you’ve always really wanted to do”

“That scene from [movie/TV show] was so hot.”

“Do you know what position I would really like to try now?”

“I often imagine you pleasuring yourself with your fingers.”

“I read this article today about anal sex . I couldn’t get it out of my head.”

Category 5: Teasing

"I'm performing an indecent act on myself and I'm thinking about you."

“It’s such a shame that you can’t be with me at this moment.”

“When my thoughts are with you, my whole body vibrates.”

“I won’t let you climax until you beg me to.”

“I’m so wet right now.”

“I had such a naughty dream last night... you starred in it.”

“I just remembered what I can do with you tonight.”

“I’m really into your (insert body part) and it would be so nice to caress/caress/kiss/pamper you and lick you with my tongue right now.”

“I’m just getting out of the shower and there are still drops of water running down my body in a slightly tickling manner.”

Category 6: Shared memories

“I miss feeling you inside me.”

“Do you remember that time when we [fill in the blank]?”

“I can’t get last night out of my head.”

Create a sexy mood with shared experiences or preferences
Create a sexy mood with shared experiences or preferences
Photo by Artem Labunsky @labunsky, via Unsplash

“I want you to do now exactly what you did last time we [fill in the blank].”

“I can’t imagine ever cumming as hard as you [fill in the blank] again.”

“The last time you touched my body (or other erogenous zone), I almost exploded.”

Category 7: Compliments

“You always feel so good inside me.”

“I love just looking at you.”

“You make me so wet.”

“I love how you make me feel.”

“I’ve never been as attracted to anyone else as I am to you.”

“I can’t control myself when I’m around you.”

“The anticipation is driving me crazy.”

“I can’t get enough of you.”

Category 8: When you need to answer but can't think of anything

“This turns me on so much.”

“What else are you going to do to me?”

"What are you wearing right now?"

"Tell me more."

“I love it when you talk like that.”

“Your messages send my thoughts on a journey.”

Category 9: The Final

“I’m so excited that you’re finally coming over and we’re going to make this all happen.”

“Now you should come over quickly and give me a hand… otherwise do it yourself.”

“I’m about to burst with desire, please do it quickly!”

“My whole body shook when I came. But it's not the same without you! “It’s about time you came back.”

“That was awesome. I’m definitely having sweet dreams about you now.”

“That totally made my day. I’m so grateful to you for this exciting moment!”

“Incredible, we should definitely remember this experience for future opportunities…”

“That was crazy, but it will be even more intense when you are with me again.”

“My body is excited like a bow for our next time.”

“Well, would you like a second round? Please get in. The wild ride continues.”

Our contribution to the topic: The 12 best sex chat, live sex and dirty talk portals

The 12 best sex chat, live sex and dirty talk portals
The 12 best sex chat, live sex and dirty talk portals

A few more tips at the end

1. Stick to your usual expressions

When sexting, use the words you and your partner normally use for your body parts. For example, you might feel much more comfortable with “cock” than with “dick,” “penis,” or “cock.” There are also very individual preferences when it comes to the names for sexual intercourse

The selection of forms of expression is enormous. Some prefer gentler descriptions such as “making love,” “physical union,” or “making love.” Others prefer to use more humorous terms such as “hide the snake”, “Bumsfallera”, “Knick Knack”, “Schnackseln” or “Matratzenmambo”. Still others like it a little dirtier and use expressions like “bang,” “ poking ,” “fucking,” “fucking,” or “jacking.”

2. The common denominator

Incorporate any inside jokes or personal memories you both share. 

One of the easiest ways talking dirty is to simply rehash one of your favorite sexual memories. You won't get stuck or suddenly not know what to do because you've already experienced and saved the entire process.

3. Better to use the foil than the steam hammer

Adapt your language and choice of words sensitively to your counterpart and the situation. Dirty talk doesn't necessarily have to be explicit and dirty.

Sexual tension is even more often created through subtle hints and ambiguous messages. Sometimes it's nothing more than a joking remark or a stimulating thought.  

Example: "Wait until you see what I'm wearing under my work clothes" may be all you need to get the fantasy going with erotic text messages.

Audio book for even more suggestions and attractive examples

Are you feeling bored with your relationship and want to make it more exciting but don't know how?

Do you want to seduce your partner with words but feel silly doing it?”

Don't worry, you're not alone - the author Alina Weigel had this experience.

In this audio book, she shares her techniques on how you can authentically drive your partner crazy with words without feeling weird.

You will learn why words have such power over us and how you can overcome your mental hurdles to develop your own style and reveal authentic sensuality. Then it's all about implementation.

With example sentences and tips on how you and your partner can get in the right mood, you will find suggestions for seduction. There are also helpful tips for long-distance relationships and telephone calls.

The many great exercises will help you put what you have learned into practice .

Dirty Talk for Beginners: How to drive your romantic partner crazy with electrifying words without seeming silly
Dirty Talk for Beginners: How to drive your romantic partner crazy with electrifying words without seeming silly

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