Flirt glossary and dating lexicon

The big flirt glossary and dating lexicon
The big flirt glossary and dating lexicon

In the jungle of terms on dating and flirting portals, it is sometimes not easy to keep track of things. This flirting and dating glossary and lexicon is intended to help you easily look up the correct meaning of the terms and keywords used.



The outcome of a passionate and usually physical adventure is often uncertain and can (therefore?) exert a strong fascination.
read more about “Adventure”


In Roman mythology, Cupid is the son of Venus and Mars and is the god of love.
read more about “Amor”


The term androgynous comes from Greek and means “combining female and male characteristics and characteristics.
At first glance, androgynous people cannot be clearly assigned to a specific gender. read more about “Androgynous”


In the context of love and relationships, the term affair refers to a sexual love adventure that often takes place at the same time as an existing relationship.
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The term aphrodisiac comes from Greek and is derived from the goddess of love “Aphrodite”.
It refers to a means of increasing or stimulating sexual desire (libido). Using an aphrodisiac stimulates sexual desire. read more about “aphrodisiac”

A Tergo

A Tergo is a term for different variations of sexual intercourse and means “from behind”.
During the sexual act, the active partner has the passive partner's back in view - so he penetrates from behind. read more about “A Tergo”

Attractiveness barometer

Various dating sites and voting portals offer the option of rating the attractiveness of a photo using a scale.
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An artificial person, or a graphical representative (e.g. in a computer game, in a virtual world or in an online community or dating site) of a real person, is called an avatar.
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BDSM is essentially a collective term for a group of related sexual preferences.
These sexual behaviors can be related to dominance and submission, pain in pleasure, bondage play, or playful punishment. read more about “BDSM”

Escort service (also: escort service)

An escort service or an escort agency is a service provider that provides women or men (so-called escorts) for a fee.
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Benching is anything but nice!
Because whoever is banned is literally sitting on the bench. This relatively nasty and unpleasant trick is mainly used in the initial phase of an acquaintance. read more about “Benching”

Blind date

A blind date is an appointment or date between two people who have not met before and know nothing or very little about each other.
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Flower sex

The focus of flower sex (also called cuddly sex) is romance and a gentle approach.
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The term comes from English and means roughly “unfreedom” or “servitude”.
read more about “Bondage”


A “bromance” is a close male friendship that is NOT gay.
This beautiful portmanteau is a neologism of brother and romance. read more about “bromance”

Office mance

The “office mance” trend refers to the phenomenon of the increasing search for a partner at work.
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Car wash

A sexy car wash refers to an erotic form of car washing and is usually carried out by shapely and scantily clad women who, while caring for the automobile, specifically show off their charms and physical assets, soap each other up with sponges, and lasciviously on the hood Loll around and then finally spray with water.
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Casual dating

Casual dating - often called casual sex or casual sex - basically refers to various types of sexual activities and purely physical partnerships outside the realm of romantic, committed and serious relationships.
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“Catfishing” is when someone uses a false identity to deceive someone online.
This can be damaging both emotionally and financially and should therefore be avoided. read more about “Catfishing”


The term chat comes from English (to chat) and literally means “to chat, to have a conversation”.
In the Internet age, the term chat or online chat refers to electronic communication in real time, usually via the Internet. read more about “Chat”

Coming out

The term coming out describes the process of finding one's identity as a gay man or as a lesbian woman.
The person affected becomes aware of their own same-sex feelings or their feelings that deviate from the gender role and accepts them. read more about “Coming Out”

Cougar dating

The trend from the USA in which mature women date younger men and which is now spilling over into Europe via Australia is called cougar dating.
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Cub dating

Cub Dating is a special form of online dating in which older women (Cougar) meet and date younger men (Cubs).
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A date is commonly referred to as an appointment or meeting to get to know each other.
For people in love, this is also often called a rendezvous. read more about “Date”


The term describes women who offer sadistic and dominant practices for money.
read more about “Dominatrix”



Technically speaking, a marriage is a socially recognized partnership between two people, which is established by generally applicable, mostly legal rules and is referred to as spouses, married couples or spouses.
read more about “marriage”


Eros is known as the Greek god of love.
This decides which people come together. read more about “Eros”


An escort is a temporary accompaniment, usually for a man by a lady.
read more about “Escort”



Fakes consistently build a false identity.
Men become virtual women and vice versa. All personal characteristics – such as appearance, height, weight, education, hobbies, etc. – are varied and changed. read more about “Fake”


A faux pas is an unintentional violation, a lack of tact, against social etiquette.
This offense is usually due to thoughtlessness, ignorance or carelessness. read more about “Faux Pas”


Femidom – the condom for women.
A Femidom is a contraceptive that has been available since 1990 and prevents sperm from ending up in the uterus. It also offers protection against sexually transmitted diseases. read more about “Femidom”

long-distance relationship

Long distance relationships are becoming more and more common.
Almost every eighth couple lives in this form of partnership these days. The job usually leads to a temporary separation.
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The origin of the term is rooted in Portuguese.
Portuguese sailors brought back carved animal and human figures from their voyages to West Africa. These were said to have a magical effect. read more about “Fetish”

FKK (nudist culture)

The term FKK (nudist culture) refers to communal nudity without seeing this as an expression of sexuality.
What we have in common is the joy of experiencing nature and being naked. Read more about “FKK (nudist culture)”

Photo voting

During photo voting, images are rated in a wide variety of categories.
This special form of attractiveness barometer is a relatively new invention in the field of online dating. read more about “photo voting”

Friends with Benefits / Friendship Plus

“Friendship with benefits”, “friendship with benefits” or “friendship with benefits”, also called “friendship plus” or “friendship with extras” and “friendship with certain benefits”, is a form of relationship, in which, in addition to a friendship, the partners are sexually involved with each other, but not romantically.
So you can also call it a sexual relationship. read more about “Friends with Benefits / Friendship Plus”



“Ghosting” is a relatively new phenomenon.
It is a trendy term that has recently emerged and is generally understood to mean that someone simply disappears from life, becoming a ghost, so to speak. read more about “ghosting”


Hobby whore

A hobby whore is usually in an inconspicuous, “normal” everyday life, which she leaves at times.
In varying degrees and intensity, she offers sexual services in exchange for pocket money or other material benefits. read more about “hobby whore”


Hyping refers to a dating trend that is anything but nice.
Because anyone who hypes a person, as they say in modern German, usually has something different in mind than it seems at first glance. read more about “Hyping”




Body cult

Body cult generally refers to the external presentation of a beautiful, well-groomed, special appearance.
read more about “Body Cult”

pet name

Pet names are love and tenderness poured into one word.
They have a long tradition; they have always existed between people. They are something very personal and unique between two people. read more about “pet name”


Lolita complex

The Lolita complex (also nymphophilia from nymph and -philia) is a strong erotic or sexual desire of men from middle age towards girls or young women.
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Matching is about suggesting the right candidate to the members of an online dating agency.
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Ménage à Trois

Ménage à Trois is a French term that literally translates to “household of three” .
In the context of flirting and dating, Ménage à Trois refers to a sexual relationship or experience between three people. read more about “Ménage à Trois”


A MILF is a term that comes from English and describes an attractive middle-aged woman.
read more about “MILF”


The still relatively new relationship phenomenon of “MINGLE” is a word creation from the English terms “mixed” and “single” and means something like that you are actually “officially” single, but somehow at the same time you are single relationship is there.
read more about “Mingle”



When you register on platforms, you are often asked to provide a nickname.
This is a name you give yourself on the Internet so as not to reveal your real name right away. read more about “Nickname”


see “Lolita complex”


One night stand

A one night stand is a short sexual relationship that usually lasts for one night or just a few hours.
read more about “One Night Stand”



Philia comes from Greek and describes a form of love that emphasizes friendship as a form of relationship.
read more about “Philia”


So this is about dating the supposedly ugliest person and then dumping them in a lousy way.
read more about “Pigging”


In the course of the rise and march of pornography, female porn actors in particular became increasingly prominent.
The recognition led to the first porn star. read more about “Porn Star”

Positive thinking

Positive thinking is helpful in many situations in life: you are more satisfied with your life, have an easier time at work and are more likely to find a partner.
Nevertheless, many people have the problem of struggling with fears, doubts and worries. read more about “Positive Thinking”


Romance scamming

The English-language term romance scam refers to a form of internet fraud in which fake profiles on dating sites are used to make the victims believe they are in love with the aim of obtaining financial benefits.
read more about “Romance Scamming”


Safe dating

The term safer dating means the possibility of being able to meet safely via an appropriate dating portal.
read more about “Safer Dating”

Slut shaming

Slut shaming attacks women for their sexual behavior, behavior or clothing, or makes them feel ashamed about it.
Slut shaming is an instrument and part of the so-called rape culture. read more about “Slut Shaming”

Speed ​​dating

Speed ​​dating is a trend from the USA that is becoming increasingly popular here.
It's a quick way to get to know each other, whether it's a potential partner or just a flirt or friendship. read more about “Speed ​​Dating”


Stashing is more than just a dating trick.
Because in this case you are already far beyond simple dating. Stashing tends to happen in the phase when you're newly in love and you just want to be happy together. read more about “Stashing”


The activity of a stripper consists of erotically graceful and stimulating dance with seductive undressing.
read more about “stripper”


Submarining is also a dating tactic that can get on your last nerve.
Because with this behavior, the dating partner doesn't contact you for months and sends a message all of a sudden and without warning. read more about “Submarining”

Sugar baby

A sugar baby is a young woman, usually between the ages of 18 and 25, who enters into a relationship with a much older man.
read more about “Sugarbabe”

Sugar daddy

A sugar daddy is a usually older man who has a mutual relationship with a much younger woman.
read more about “Sugar Daddy”



The word originally comes from the South Seas and referred to things that must be strictly avoided because they have dangerous powers or things that are forbidden.
read more about “Taboo”

Phone sex

Telephone sex is about satisfying sexual desires through conversation over the telephone.
Through the intimate and pleasurable conversation on the telephone, the participants become sexually aroused and often satisfy themselves. read more about “telephone sex”

Toy Boy

The term “toy boy” refers to a very youthful lover of a much older woman.
read more about “Toy Boy”

Trophy Wife

This term comes from the Anglo-Saxon language and translated into German means something like “trophy woman”, “prey woman” or “trophy female”.
read more about “Trophy Wife”




In a narrower sense, the term voyeurism describes a form of sexuality in which a person becomes sexually aroused by secretly looking at people undressing or naked, or by observing sexual acts.
read more about “Voyeurism”



A webcam - or simply cam for short - is a small digital video camera that connects to a computer to send the recordings it takes to the web.
The recorded video images of a person can therefore be transmitted in real time over the Internet and used, for example, for a video chat or video telephony. read more about “Webcam”