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Overall impression: [Rating:85/100]

“Find your personal escort service from 20,000 escorts and models.” – this is the slogan used by the erotic platform for purchasing loveKaufmich! – your free escort community for hobby whores, brothels, dominatrixes and commercial sex.

how comprehensive , promising, cost-effective and reputable is.

What are escorts?

An escort service is a company that provides escorts for various occasions. However, the definition of an escort service can vary depending on the country and region. In some countries it is illegal, while in others it is legal as long as it follows certain regulations. As a rule, however, escort services offer companions for social events, business trips or even private meetings.

The companions (so-called escorts) are paid for their time and company, and the costs vary depending on the service and performance. It is important that clients are clear about the definition of escort service and the associated costs and prices before availing a service. To run a successful escort service business, it is important to understand the needs and wants of clients while ensuring that all legal regulations are adhered to.

What makes Kaufmich so special?

Regardless of whether you are looking for an elegant rendezvous or just prefer a quick sensual experience , is the extensive and popular platform for escort desires of all kinds. For more than a decade, Kaufmich has been the largest community for erotic connections and intimate contacts in the German-speaking area Area.

The modern erotic platform enables customers, escorts, hobby whores, dominatrixes, TG ladies and other love goddesses to communicate discreetly and directly with each other, to plan appointments or to exchange ideas. The paid sex community continues to grow rapidly.

Since its founding in 2009, Kaufmich has grown into the largest community for sex workers and customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, 8 million visitors and 150 million page views per month


Buy me! Escort, hobby whores, dominatrix & brothel community
Buy me! Escort, hobby whores, dominatrix & brothel community

In the online community, self-employed ladies and girls from Germany and all over the world have the opportunity to create a personal profile at no cost and to captivate candidates with seductive photos and interesting information.

The membership structure

On Kaufmich you will find a variety of whores and escorts. There is something suitable for almost every occasion and taste. The operator claims that there more than 100,000 profiles spread across the country. Even outside of big cities like Berlin, you have a good chance of finding an attractive woman through direct contact via text message or chat, posts or the forum. If a woman is offline, that's not a problem, as many people publish their cell phone number in their profile.

As a customer, you can contact your chosen one discreetly and directly for a meeting. Simply choose a city and then you can browse the profiles of the many escorts or use search filters to search specifically for your preferences and desires. Lustful love ladies, high-class whores and call girls are waiting for their customers in the portal. These are just a few clicks away from a charming companion to a business lunch or a spontaneous sex meeting .

Since paid sex is no longer taboo, new hobby whores and private escort ladies are added every day. Whether professional or amateur, from the young student who wants to earn something on the side with her passion to the housewife looking for variety. The selection of escorts and ladies at Kaufmich is actually very large and diverse.

, on the erotic portal you will also brothels , whorehouses and sex clubs that woo their customers trans escort

Kaufmich is bringing the world's oldest business into the 21st century through your online offering. It has perhaps never been easier to find an escort for an unforgettable time for two.

But we take a close look at the individual functions, services, offers and also the small print! How well does the escort platform for professional companionship and purchasable love work? How many hobby whores and escort ladies offer pleasurable services? Which services are free? What are the members' experiences? Are there rip-offs? Are there any recommended alternatives to You can find all the answers here!

How does registration/membership work?

Registering with Kaufmich is quick and easy for customers: directly on the registration page you only need to provide information about your gender (male, female, transsexual), place of residence and whether you work as an escort. However, the latter is only permitted to women and transsexuals - men cannot offer their services at Kaufmich.

Finally, you have to enter a user name (note: you cannot change it later!), password and email address. After confirmation you are ready to use immediately. And all in just a minute.

Registration completed in under 1 minute
Registration completed in under 1 minute

A connection with your social media accounts, such as Facebook, is not intended - although we would generally not recommend such a connection for such platforms.

Create a meaningful profile in no time

At Kaufmich, as a member you only have to a few mandatory details , namely the ones you provided when registering. However, if you want to reveal more about yourself, there are plenty of options available to you. Remember that the ladies can decide for themselves who they want to meet. A fully completed profile significantly increases your chances of meeting!

In addition to the standard data, you have many options in your profile to put yourself in the right light. “interview” extremely useful , in which you can answer open questions about your preferences and intimate desires in free text fields.

Specify sexual preferences in detail

The field for sexual preferences is also very extensive. Almost every conceivable game type can be specified. You can also specify your prey scheme - both in terms of age, appearance and type.

Profile photo

Before you complete your profile, you have the option to upload a photo of yourself . To ensure a high level of quality in the community, the photo guidelines are very strict .

The profile photo should therefore be of high quality in order to meet Kaufmich standards. If you would like to anonymize your photo, you will find detailed instructions in the extensive help section. Please note, however, that emoticons or adult image content are not permitted. Each uploaded image is manually reviewed, which can take up to 72 hours. So some patience may be required.

Completely creating your profile may take some time, but you can pause it at any time and add or change it later.

Extensive profiles for escorts and hobby whores

At Kaufmich, ladies and companions have extensive opportunities to present themselves in the best possible way and draw attention to themselves with a meaningful profile.

Escorts and ladies can provide extensive information about their profile
Escorts and ladies can provide extensive information about their profile
Screenshot Kaufmich (2013)

Contact and interaction features

free search function for all registered users . Particularly noteworthy are the local search (including a map with locations) and the detailed search, which leaves no wish unfulfilled diverse filter options

A small downer: Unfortunately, the results cannot be sorted according to criteria such as age or distance.

Calling contacts possible

There are various ways to make initial contact. In addition to a phone call you can also send a classic message or virtually send a paid gift , which is paid for “Kaufmich Dollar”

What's particularly positive is that you send unlimited messages for free . Only the number of “initial contacts” PLUS membership is recommended .

The Kaufmich magazine

Here you can read a lot, including interviews with whores. Suitors talk about their experiences. There are sex tips , exciting sex stories and exciting surveys. You will learn about the laws on prostitution: What is the new Prostitute Protection Act? What does it mean for the ladies? What does it mean for the suitors? Since when does it apply?

The Kaufmich magazine offers a lot of news
The Kaufmich magazine offers a lot of news

A post is published almost every day. Occasionally there is even a competition where you can get a free Plus membership. You will also get insights into what is happening behind the scenes on the Kaufmich website. So you can follow what measures the developers are taking to make the platform reputable. Find out how they plan to stop fake profiles and what steps they take to keep paysex


Escorts and brothels announce their events here: parties, openings, special offers. All events can also be viewed without membership.

Here you will find out all the important details when a well-known erotic actor visits the strip club . We will tell you the organizer, the location and time of the event as well as the dress code, if there is one. The admission price is also communicated transparently. If you are curious about new sensual experiences, you will definitely find something suitable here.

The Kaufmich blogs: experiences and personal reports from escort ladies

Every lady at Kaufmich has the opportunity to write blog posts You have the chance to read them and even leave comments. The women report on a wide range of topics, including their experiences, experiences and wishes.

Blog post by Kaufmich members Fixie.and.Foxy
Blog post by Kaufmich members Fixie.and.Foxy

They share what they enjoy about their job and what they may dislike. They also describe their ideal date, what turns them on and what puts them off. If you are interested in an escort, check if she has a blog! In this way, you will gain insights into her personality and find out how you can be particularly well received by her.

Etiquette, manners, fairness & safety for members

It is very commendable that the operator pays attention to respectful interaction between customer and escort. Kaufmich customer etiquette at the beginning to ensure a high-quality start.

According to their corporate philosophy, the operators enable a fair and effective exchange between all members, in which customers and sex workers have equal rights and can find sex contacts via their profiles. The Date Manager ensures greater commitment to agreed dates and experience reports enable members to rate each other and thus ensure transparency

Fun and safety go hand in hand

At Kaufmich, the focus should be on having fun with sex and having a safe dating experience This is also shown by the clear commitment in the mission statement . In practice, this should be ensured through a comprehensive information service and industry information. The information on Kaufmich is intended to help members enjoy sex dates without any worries. To this end, sex workers are offered various information guides on the topics of law, taxes, health and safety and a Kaufmich etiquette for customers .

The site operators feel obliged to adequately educate the community about sex work information page on the subject of forced prostitution and the safer sex information page .

In Kaufmich magazine, everyone can find out about news from the industry, political issues and legal restrictions.

How does the Kaufmich Date Manager work?

The concept of the date manager is as simple as it is effective: if a confirmed date is not canceled in time, the person concerned has the opportunity to write a warning review for other members. However, this is only possible if the meeting has been confirmed by both parties via the date manager.

The date manager is therefore an extremely useful function on Before its introduction, anyone could write reviews as they wished, regardless of whether a date came about or not. On the one hand, this led to many “disingenuous” reports and, on the other hand, to great frustration among the escorts.

However, the testimonials on are an important service aspect of the portal. Thanks to the date manager, which also increases the security of all members, you can now trust that there are no fake reviews.

After the date, both the escort and the customer have the opportunity to write a review of their experience within 7 days. These reports are then displayed in the profile.

Data protection and privacy

Your email address and other personal data that you have not made public will of course remain secret and your anonymity will therefore be protected.

The provider undertakes to observe and comply with all statutory data protection regulations, in particular the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Telemedia Act (TMG). There is expressly no data trading with your private data. Data will only be passed on to third parties with the customer's consent or to fulfill contractual or legal obligations.

The user is also entitled to at any time, free of charge , and to object to the use of their data for direct marketing or advertising purposes, as well as to receive information about the storage of their personal data.

Authenticity of members and quality of profiles

As part of our research, we almost always found extensive and well-filled escort profiles. The absolute majority have a variety of images to create a good first impression.

You will be informed at a glance about the women's offerings, availability and prices. If you're in a hurry: Many women have also provided their cell phone numbers. This way you don't have to wait for them to check their messages and you can arrange a meeting straight away.

On the profile you can also add users to your favorites list or block or report unpleasant people with one click.

Many members have complained in the forums in the past about online rip-offs on the platform. The reviews about one or two women are fake and the photos do not correspond to reality.

Our experience has shown that in individual cases the customers were probably right. You have to look closely at a woman's profile on the portal and find out about other members' experiences about it. However, the review system is having an impact and Kaufmich seems to be aware of this problem. With appropriate measures, it is increasingly possible to prevent scams, fraud and rip-offs But a keen eye doesn't do any harm.

Never pay unknown escorts in advance for a service via PayPal or the like. You should also be careful when looking for a brothel or a club. Because many a store has posted photos from several years ago and in reality presents itself as slightly worn out. magazine also warns of a special scam : Some ladies on Kaufmich try to have their services paid for with vouchers for Amazon or Paysafe instead of using the secure Kaufmich vouchers. It often happened that these dubious escorts had Amazon vouchers sent to them, redeemed them and then blocked the customer. Very ugly!!

In 2021, the platform was fundamentally revised and numerous mechanisms were installed to combat fraud and improve the user experience. The visibility in the search has been improved and you can increase the trust level of your own profile through various checks. This makes it easier for everyone to find reliable customers or escorts and to protect themselves from fakes and rip-offs.

Kaufme dating app

Due to its explicit content and sexual orientation, Kaufmich is not compatible with the requirements of the app stores. A mobile phone app is therefore not available. However, the site was developed in a responsive design and can be easily operated via the mobile browser, even on the go.

Costs and fee model

A good bit of information to start with: The basic functions of Kaufmich are absolutely free ! This gives you the opportunity to get a first impression without any obligation. If the website inspires you, it is still recommended to invest PLUS membership

Better positioning for PLUS members

Thanks to the PLUS membership, you not only have a significantly higher chance of making first contacts, but also the opportunity to place your profile prominently among the escorts. Although the services are of course paid, the ladies have the freedom to choose their customers. With a PLUS membership you present yourself as a serious and solvent customer and thus set yourself apart from others.

Traveling anonymously

With the premium subscription you not only get access to exclusive features but also to the escorts' XXX pictures and videos of them. You can also benefit from read receipts, visitor lists and the option to hide your online status. The premium package therefore offers a comprehensive experience for demanding users.

Reasonable overall cost

The monthly fees are reasonable, in the middle range and the subscription system (only when paying by direct debit or credit card) offers a fair notice period. You have the option to stop it at any time with just one click in your profile settings before renewal. Particularly commendable: Even after cancellation, all functions are available to you until the end of the paid period.

Free services:

  • Registration
  • Create profile
  • upload photos
  • Send and receive messages
  • Search function with many filter options
  • 3 initial contacts per day
  • Try 7 days PLUS membership

Paid services (PLUS members – premium functions):

  • See FSK18 photos & videos
  • Search for escorts nationwide
  • 50 first contacts per day
  • Highlight your own profile
  • Send virtual gifts
  • Read receipt for messages
  • Visitor list and display of favorites
  • Hide online status
  • Telephone support at local rates


  • Registration, profile creation, messaging (limited) completely free
  • Fast registration and activation
  • Lots of attractive women and men offering paid sex. Women of all ages and preferences are represented.
  • Improved member verification to build trust. Experience reports ensure security.
  • Active Paysex Community. Good contact options.
  • Easy to use
  • High chances of contacts
  • Search function with many filter options
  • Very meaningful profiles. Good opportunities to present yourself as an escort or hobby whore
  • Free 7-day premium membership available as a non-binding trial subscription
  • Direct indication of prices on the escort profiles
  • Fair prices for additional functions
  • Good support and extensive help section
  • Initial contact possible via phone call
  • Operators are very concerned about quality, fairness and etiquette on the platform.


  • Unfortunately there is no Kaufmich app available
  • Occasionally fakes and scams, despite measures taken by the operator./li>
  • Premium subscription is automatically renewed

Costs and prices:

Basic functions permanently 100% free. A reasonable price is only charged for the additional functions (see above):

  • 1 month: 29.90 euros (29.90 € / month)
  • 3 months: 74.70 euros (24.90 € / month)
  • 6 months: 119.40 euros (19.90 € / month)
  • 12 months: 178.80 euros (14.90 € / month)

Note: All price information is subject to change and can be changed by the provider at any time. For bookings for 3, 6 and 12 months, the total contribution is always due immediately.

Payment options:

  • Invoice/transfer (not possible with 1-month Plus memberships)
  • Direct debit
  • CashtoCode (available soon) for 1, 3 or 12 month packages
  • Credit card
  • Paysafe card no longer possible on Kaufmich since October 2022)

Contract and termination:

Membership only renews automatically if payment was made by direct debit or credit card. When paying with Paysafe card or by invoice/advance payment, the membership is NOT automatically extended, but must be purchased again after it expires.

The effective cancellation can be made simply by email, fax or post. So don't forget to cancel at the right time (14 days before the end of the subscription period).

Voucher for Kaufmich:

Unfortunately there are no vouchers available at the moment.
As soon as we have current voucher codes, we will publish them here. If you would like to be informed immediately about the arrival of new vouchers for this dating platform, then simply write us a short email with the subject “Voucher for Kaufmich” and we will send you current voucher codes by email as soon as they become available.

Customer service and contact address:

For inquiries or to cancel your profile in writing, simply use the following contact:

SmH GmbH
PO Box 200434
13514 Berlin

Fax number: 030-338405-999

If you have questions about payments or would like to protest against debits via credit card, please do not contact the portal directly, but rather contact Compay GmbH in Langenfeld (Hans-Böckler-Straße 64).

free template from Aboalarm to cancel .

Further information about your valid right of withdrawal and contractual details for dating sites can be found on the website of the Hamburg Consumer Center . It also provides information about other pitfalls in the digital world for those looking for a partner to prevent financial risks.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Kaufmich:

Is Kaufmich really free?

The basic functions of Kaufmich are absolutely free. With this basic membership you can register, create a profile, view escorts and companions in full (except XXX photos) and make up to 3 initial contacts per day.

Is Kaufmich a rip-off or legitimate?

By no means is it a rip-off. This is an absolutely reputable online offer. Transparency and fairness are the focus of pricing. The price-performance ratio is good. The escorts and accompanying ladies determine their prices independently and communicate them transparently on their profiles. Despite all the security measures taken by the provider, there can sometimes be black sheep among the escorts. The trust level in the profile and the experience reports should always be checked before a financial transaction. Never blindly send money using anonymous transaction methods. The operator explains scams in the help area here.

What is the average age at Kaufmich?

The average age of the members is around 35 years.

How long does it take to register with Kaufmich?

Registration is done very quickly and only takes about 1 minute.

What is Kaufmich PLUS?

This is an optional paid premium membership that provides a number of useful additional functions.

Is my data safe with Kaufmich?

Data protection, anonymity and discretion are very important on this platform. Only publicly available data in the profile is visible to others. All non-visible data is secured according to German data protection standards. There is also the option of anonymous payment.

Is there a Kaufmich app for your cell phone?

Unfortunately, there is currently no native smartphone app. The mobile version of the platform is also optimized for mobile devices.


This erotic community attracts over 8 million visitors every month. This makes it one of the red light portals with the widest reach in Germany and offers a huge selection of escorts, hostesses, models, hobby whores, brothels and dominatrixes, TS girls, gay escorts and call boys nationwide.

Sophisticated escort service, home visits, hotel visits and hot dates, find escort ladies throughout Germany who best suit a wide range of needs. Kaufmich's search functions allow members to quickly find what they are looking for. The ladies are true professionals when it comes to home and hotel visits and also make excellent travel companions. Special forms of escort service include holiday companionship, trade fair companionship or catering companionship. Experience reports about the call girls are often available directly in the respective profiles.

In summary, it can be said about Kaufmich that it is a large, reputable and active escort community with high chances of contact. The erotic platform has many functions and offers excellent presentation options for escorts and hobby whores. As a customer, you can quickly and easily find attractive escorts and lovers from all over Germany, write to them and arrange a sex date. The community on Kaufmich is large, diverse and very active. There are all preferences and inclinations. You can also exchange ideas about Paysex in the forum. Some escorts tell a lot about themselves, their preferences and secret fantasies in blog entries.

Exciting articles await you in the magazine. With the free features you can already enjoy numerous sensual experiences. The additional paid offers are particularly advantageous for escorts. Fortunately, the premium subscription can be tested for 7 days without obligation. If the PLUS membership does not meet your expectations, simply do not renew it. The pricing model for the additional functions is fair. The operators generally attach great importance to fairness, transparency, seriousness, discretion and data protection.

Overall, Kaufmich is worthwhile for both escorts and their visitors.

Overall impression [Rating:90/100]
Largest escort and hobby whore community in German-speaking countries. Our test winner in the “Escort Communities” category
Number of registered members [Rating:75/100]
over 100,000 members
Activity/authenticity of members [Rating:90/100]
monthly up to 8 million visitors, few fakes, authentic members with meaningful profiles, high response rates, effective mechanisms for reporting fakes and scams
privacy [Rating:95/100]
German data protection standards, transparent conditions
Member checking [Rating:80/100]
Identification / FSK18 check, photo check, telephone number check, trust scoring
Women's quota [Rating:70/100]
male: ~61%, female: ~39%
Search filter [Rating:90/100]
Search with filter options and regional search results, area search
Costs & Fees [Rating:75/100]
Free use as a basic member with contact options, only additional functions for a medium fee
Features & Functionalities [Rating:80/100]
Meaningful profile functions, messaging system, favorites lists, message archive, unfortunately no mobile phone app
Usability & operation [Rating:85/100]
very user-friendly, easy to use, layout modern and attractive
Free services [Rating:80/100]
Can be used free of charge to a reasonable extent, free 7-day premium trial subscription
Customer Service & Support [Rating:85/100]
good online support, extensive help area, forum, magazine, telephone support for PLUS members
Feedback members [Rating:80/100]
high activity, good chances of success, many members, occasional scams and fakes, operator very concerned about fairness, discretion, etiquette and transparency
Joachim D.
Online editor, copywriter and publicist in the field of online dating since 2012. Passionate blogger for over 10 years with diverse interests and many years of expertise in the market for dating sites, dating apps, dating agencies and flirt chats through hundreds of product tests, expert interviews and intensive research over more than a decade .

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