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Dating site
Dating site

Overall impression: [Rating:85/100]


The singles exchange is simple and clear and is therefore suitable for all age groups, including older people who are less tech-savvy and like things to be simple.

Although you cannot create a psychological profile on this site and receive regular recommendations as a result, the chances of finding a match are not bad.
The profiles are clear and well structured so that you don't lose track.

On this dating portal you have the opportunity to score points with searchers with an interestingly worded text and are not assigned based on a psychological form. Which type of partner search suits you best is purely a matter of preference.

That's why I wouldn't necessarily consider the lack of the ability to create a psychological profile as a negative point in a dating comparison. It's just a dating site, which doesn't make things all that complicated.

The free services of this dating portal include the search function, which is also possible without registering, as well as placing ads and sending frog kisses (a sign of sympathy).

Writing messages is not possible with a free account; you can only reply to a message from a premium member.

The correspondence that is possible with a free membership on this dating portal is clearly too limited.

One negative point, however, is that there is no free membership for women on this site.

Accordingly, the number of female members naturally decreases.
Nevertheless, the ratio is correct.

Many members are only registered with a free account, so you can only communicate with them if you have a premium account.
If you also had a free account, you wouldn't be able to write to each other, but as soon as one of the two members has a premium account, the two members can write to each other. This is a sensible alternative to the free membership system for women.

As a premium member, you can also embed images into the ad to make your profile more interesting.

And as I said, communicate unlimitedly with all members of the platform.
Extending or canceling your membership - if you wish - is unproblematic and easy to do. There is also a customer service that promises help with any questions you may have.

However, these do not arise on this portal, so you can concentrate on the actual purpose of your membership: the search for love.

Registering is definitely worth it, also because of the comparatively low prices for the premium account.

For just 10 euros you can purchase a premium membership for one month at the singles exchange.

Three months on the dating portal costs 25 euros. These are reasonable prices for reasonable performance. This portal can certainly hold its own in a dating comparison.


» easy-to-understand site with a wide range of offerings
» real opportunities
» high authenticity, few fakes
» many potential partners


» A relatively large amount of advertising is displayed

Free services:

» Place a contact ad with a photo
» Search function & view profiles
» In principle, all the usual basic functions of a dating site are free

Paid services:

» Your profile contains your picture with the option to enlarge it
» Search for entries with an image
» Search result list with images
» Message outgoing list with profiles
» Message incoming list with profiles
» Search for entries with multiple zip codes
» Weight as a search criterion
» When replying to You can send your picture along with profiles
» If you answer, you can send a reference to your own profile
» Scanning of your picture is included in the price

Premium membership costs:

1 month premium subscription: €10.00
3 month premium subscription: €25.00

Try the dating site for free

Overall impression [Rating:85/100]
Number of registered members [Rating:90/100]
Activity/authenticity of members [Rating:100/100]
few fake profiles
Member checking [Rating:80/100]
Women's quota [Rating:80/100]
m 48% : w 52%
Search filter [Rating:90/100]
Costs & Fees [Rating:80/100]
Premium: 10 EUR / month
Features & Functionalities [Rating:90/100]
Online chat, forum, extra services
Usability & operation [Rating:90/100]
good design and usability, keep it simple principle
Free services [Rating:80/100]
Feedback members [Rating:90/100]


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