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JOYclub – Versatile erotic portal tested and compared


The JOYclub is an erotic portal that has made a name for itself through a variety of subcategories. There are fetishes in all variations, which are lived out together, in pairs or alone, in groups as well as in forums and online chats.

JOYclub - erotic portal and forum

Erotic community

JOYclub is primarily concerned with sexual passion and stylish eroticism . Members also have the opportunity to place advertisements looking for potential sex partners for frivolous meetings.

The erotic portal was awarded the TÜV seal and has managed to create the necessary basis of trust among its members for these discreet concerns.

It is also characterized by an enormous variety of functions and a high level of activity by real members.

In addition to the usual community functions such as message system, profiles, search, guestbook, JOYclub offers a lot more (including a sophisticated voting system to explore mutual sympathy, a messenger, online chats, pin board, personal ads, favorites system, specials for contact, groups and a great platform for online strip poker using webcams. There is also a mobile-optimized version of the website.


In all profiles you will find three small icons in the upper right area with which you can briefly and concisely assess how you liked the profile in question. This rating allows you to later find the profiles in your personal overview.

Your own voting list cannot be viewed by other members and a negative vote is generally not displayed to you or other members. Since you only receive positive feedback, it is very close to a compliment - a non-verbal contact that does not oblige you to do anything.

The voting is intended to make it easier for users to find other members who may find themselves just as likeable based on their profile; it is not a JOYclub barometer for the popularity of a member or his pictures etc. Voting is not a competition, but a simple way to express and receive sympathy.


Screenshot: The JOYclub magazine Screenshot: The JOYclub magazine

There is also a regularly published magazine under all subcategories. Here the company's editors inform all members comprehensively, regularly and in detail about news from the sensual world of eroticism .

The entertaining contributions deal with, among other things, toys and locations (including clubs , etc.). But practical tips and tricks on how to deal appropriately with possible bad experiences, for example, are also published here.

Since the entire magazine is accessible to all members, it may happen that the reader comes across information that absolutely does not correspond to his or her own fetish.

For example, one or another reader may see images or information that he or she does not personally like.

Erotic forum

The subject areas for discussion are as wide-ranging as the magazine and the subcategories - from medical questions to sexual recommendations and experiences, almost everything is discussed here. Serious conversations at a high level can be conducted using the erotic portal.

The members involved describe their experiences in detail. Events are also launched and announced erotic forum These are accessible to anyone interested, whether a member or not.

Erotic art

Screenshot: Erotic photography on JOYclub Screenshot: Erotic photography on JOYclub

Uploading sensual and stimulating videos and photos is not only permitted, but expressly encouraged. It makes it possible to live out another preference. Nude photos , lingerie photos, portraits, fetish or pinup images can be presented.

Publishing videos is also possible. Everything is possible when it comes to voyeurism, from amateur videos to artistically valuable photo competitions.

For artists, models and photographers, the JOYclub platform offers an extremely creative breeding ground for stylish eroticism.

Strip poker

JOYclub has come up with something very special here. JOYPoker is, so to speak, a different meeting place for poker enthusiasts.

The game is played with up to 8 players according to the rules of Texas Hold'em. However, the game does not have to be over when all chips are lost. At certain tables it is possible to win some chips back from the bank by stripping over the webcam or by revealing strip pictures.

All JOYclub members can take part in normal poker. However, if you want to take part in strip poker, you must be a verified or Plus member.

Clubs and nightlife

extensive list of regional swinger clubs and erotic locations for its members . These are also presented in detail. As a member, you can quickly find out which individual preferences - such as burlesque or SM - are served and lived out in the respective club.

But not only swingers clubs, but also locations and night bars where everything can be done and nothing has to be made available to members. The administrators also keep members constantly updated with interesting information about events with a sexual background.

Free Services (Basic Membership):

For men and untested women & couples:

  • Registration
  • Create a profile with a photo
  • Receive and respond to messages
  • Limited search function
  • Read magazine
  • Discuss in the forum
  • Participate in the chat (only with authenticity check)
  • Voting function
  • Erotic art
  • Participation in normal online poker

For verified women & couples (Free PLUS membership):

These functions and offers are available in addition to those of the basic membership (see above).

  • Send your own messages
  • Place personal ads and dates
  • View private photos and videos (except FSK18)
  • Activation for strip poker

Premium members have unlimited access (in addition to basic features):

  • Read and write messages
  • Forward prepaid cipher letters
  • Use public chat
  • Use private chat
  • Browse profiles and shared photos (unlimited)
  • Create private photo albums
  • Priority in search results
  • Create your own chat rooms
  • 10% discount at parties and clubs


  • Contact possibility with over 1.3 million members
  • Free basic membership
  • One of the largest forums about sexuality and eroticism
  • Diverse interested groups
  • Suitable for singles, swingers, couples, photographers, transsexuals
  • Space for art and creativity
  • High authenticity, functioning member verification, few fakes
  • A high level is aimed for
  • High discretion and 100% anonymity via ClubMail
  • Many Germany-wide events and erotic parties
  • Up-to-date online erotic magazine
  • You can unsubscribe at any time with just one click
  • Recommended in the consumer test
  • High ratings at eKomi
  • Official website run in Germany
  • TÜV-certified data protection
  • Great strip poker platform
  • JOYclub messenger
  • High authenticity, functioning member verification, few fakes
  • Good chat functions
  • Lots of features and extras
  • Well-thought-out website structure, helpful tips and instructions
  • Fair prices, discounts if you use it for several months
  • High transparency and clear terms and conditions
  • No automatic contract extension if not requested
  • High data protection standards, trustworthy website
  • Customer support via email and telephone


  • Community requires a bit of start-up time and effort to be accepted and integrated by the other members

Costs & Prices:

“PLUS membership” for men and unverified women & couples

  • 1 month: €19.90
  • 3 months: €44.70 (€14.90 per month)
  • 6 months: €59.40 (€9.90 per month)

“Premium Membership” for men and unverified women & couples

  • 1 month: €24.90
  • 3 months: €59.70 (€19.90 per month)
  • 6 months: €89.40 (€14.90 per month)

“Premium membership” for verified women & couples

  • 1 month: €9.90
  • 3 months: €23.70 (€7.90 per month)
  • 6 months: €29.40 (€4.90 per month)

Payment options:

  • All major credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, American Express, etc…)
  • Bank debit
  • Transfer
  • Paypal
  • cash deposit

Notice periods:

JOYclub uses the common subscription model. However, there is no notice period. You can cancel your subscription at any time before it expires under your profile management. To avoid overlaps with the automatic renewal, the subscription should be canceled at least one day before the end of the subscription period.

Test winner: swinger portals
Test winner: swinger portals

You can also cancel individual paid options and keep your profile. When you booked, you received your NetDebit login details.

You can now use this to cancel a subscription directly online. The subscription then expires at the end of the paid period, but your profile remains intact.

If you no longer have your NetDebit login details, you can also contact this provider by phone or email.

Conclusion seal of quality from seal of quality from

If you are looking for a large and serious erotic portal with stylish eroticism, a wide range of events, various fetishes and a huge erotic forum, then you have come to the right place at JOYclub.

Over 1.3 million members from Germany, Switzerland and Austria prove the success and triumph of this platform.

Here you will experience a wide-ranging and varied exchange with members of all kinds. The portal is also nourished by a large number of long-standing and loyal members.

People with unusual fetishes – as well as swingers of all kinds – also meet many like-minded people here. In this way, sexual preferences can be ideally integrated into daily life.

It's difficult to find points of criticism. JOYclub was also able to achieve an excellent result on (see test seal) and is also our test winner in the “Swinger Portals” and “General Erotic Portals” .

Overall impression [Rating:95/100]
The “Facebook” for erotica lovers
Number of registered members [Rating:90/100]
over 1.3 million members
Activity/authenticity of members [Rating:90/100]
High activity & serious members
privacy [Rating:100/100]
German data protection standards, clear terms and conditions, TÜV certified, anonymity and discretion
Member checking [Rating:90/100]
Editorial authenticity checks
Women's quota [Rating:70/100]
~ 39% male / 31% couples / 30% female
Search filter [Rating:100/100]
Extensive search filters
Costs & Fees [Rating:80/100]
Free basic membership, relatively cheap premium offers
Features & Functionalities [Rating:100/100]
A real wealth of functions: magazine, forum, community, events, clubs, strip poker, voting, and much more...
Usability & operation [Rating:100/100]
modern design, easy to use, good overview
Free services [Rating:80/100]
Feedback members [Rating:90/100]
Many satisfied, long-standing members

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Joachim D.
Online editor, copywriter and publicist in the field of online dating since 2012. Passionate blogger for over 10 years with diverse interests and many years of expertise in the market for dating sites, dating apps, dating agencies and flirt chats through hundreds of product tests, expert interviews and intensive research over more than a decade .


  1. According to, Joyclub is also a very good website that offers the community a perfect framework. Very well structured, clear and even if you only use the free basic account, a lot can be done. Efforts to expose fakes using authenticity checks and “personally known” markings are successful.

  2. We've been here for a few years now and visit the JC every day. Compared to other communities, Joy certainly has some key advantages. For example, there is a large forum that is divided into many areas.

    You can enter dates, set up groups or become members, chat, exchange club emails via user profiles, place personal ads, etc. Also worth mentioning is the list of erotic locations, swinger clubs, SM locations, etc., which are divided into postal codes. This allows you to search for something suitable in your area depending on your zip code.

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