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Overall impression: [Rating:85/100]

There are many dating sites on the Internet. So what sets this portal apart? The contact exchange “” is one of the five largest dating exchanges in Germany. A total of over three million people are already registered with “Bildkontakte”, of which up to 50,000 members are online and active at the same time every day.

The high level of appreciation for this dating site is also reflected in the numerous awards and top rankings that have been achieved again and again. After 2013, the audience again voted the “Best Website” in the dating sector in 2014 (see A positive recommendation was also made by

Most recently, the contact exchange was awarded the “DtGV App Award 2022” this year. This award is one of the largest Germany-wide rankings in the area of ​​app satisfaction and is carried out by the German Society for Consumer Studies mbH ( )

Over 4 million singles who want to flirt at
Over 4 million singles who want to flirt at

What sets Bildkontakte apart?

The dating site “Image Contacts” offers its members a special feature because it is absolutely necessary to register with a photo. This will also be checked for authenticity by the website editors.

This manual check of new registrations means that members don't face any unpleasant surprises when they meet another member for a date in real life. This makes cheating on appearance much more difficult.

In addition, the basic membership is free, which already comes with a decent range of functions for sensible use of the platform. Anyone who registers with a photo can not only view the profiles of other members, but can also use the chat function of the Internet platform.

The advantages of this dating site

The advantages of this dating site are clearly that many services and functions can be used completely free of charge. This is a real advantage over other dating sites, where the commercial purpose is the main focus and a free trial membership only serves to encourage members to take up a paid premium subscription. This is not the case here.

The requirement to take a photo can also be seen as an advantage, after all you want to start looking for a potential new life partner by registering on a dating site, so you should be able to see who it actually is.

In addition, the number of jokers who only register on dating sites to prank others is likely to be lower due to the obligation to post photos.

The operators assure that every photo posted is triple checked for authenticity before it is finally posted. Frogs who sell themselves as princes have little chance of going the dishonest route.

The other advantages of the platform are that registering and using the site are very easy and quite versatile. Partner seekers can use search functions such as “He is looking for her” and “She is looking for him” to view profiles of potential partners and also get to know each other directly in the chat. Incidentally, events to get to know each other, such as singles events and city trips, are also offered.

The disadvantages

What is an advantage for some is a disadvantage for others. Not everyone wants to reveal their single status and also present themselves to the general public with a photo. Besides, love shouldn't just be about appearances, so perhaps a little more discretion would be more appropriate.

So if it doesn't suit you, there are other dating sites available. "Image Contacts" didn't choose its name for nothing. However, you cannot find a really serious disadvantage with “Image Contacts”.

Member care, support and service

The operators of this website offer a great service. This includes, among other things, telephone support at a landline rate. This is available from Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and Mon-Fri 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Email support also quick and easy to reach. Profiles and pictures are usually released in a very short time. Questions answered just as quickly.

Privacy and security

German data protection and security standards apply, the operators' servers are up to date and protect your data with a firewall. Member data will not be passed on to third parties without your express consent.

Free Services (Basic Membership):

  • Registration
  • Create a profile with photos
  • Write and receive messages
  • Answer messages
  • Participate in online chat
  • Search for singles and be found via search
  • Block receiving messages
  • Guestbook
  • Favorites and friends lists

Premium members have unlimited access (in addition to basic features):

  • Flirt without advertising
  • Read receipts for sent messages
  • Birthday reminder for friends/favorites
  • See all member photos
  • See match partner
  • See your own profile visitors
  • See distance to other members
  • Advanced search functions
  • Hide online status
  • View members in the area
  • View votes/votes received
  • Filter voting top list by state or age
  • Singles magazine with lots of tips and suggestions


  • Large and active community
  • All profiles have photos
  • Ideal for young people up to 35 years old
  • Balanced gender ratio
  • Great support
  • Many functions can be used for free
  • Easy and quick registration
  • Very user-friendly and clear
  • Fakes are successfully combated
  • Member voting
  • Effective mechanisms against unwanted letters and harassment


  • Automatic contract extension when paying by direct debit and Paypal
  • No anonymity as photos are required
  • Older singles underrepresented

Costs & prices: (as of September 2022)

Premium Membership:

  • 1 month premium participation: 14.90 euros / month
  • 3 months premium participation: 29.90 euros (9.97 € per month)
  • 6 months premium participation: 49.90 euros (8.32 € per month)
  • 12 months premium participation: 74.88 euros (€6.24 per month)
  • 24 months premium participation: 99.36 euros (4.14 € per month)

Payment options:

  • Cash payment (send money directly in a letter)
  • Direct debit (direct debit)
  • Bank transfer (advance payment)

Contract and termination:

With the free basic membership, the user is entitled to unsubscribe at any time without giving reasons.

The premium membership is tacitly extended by the agreed extension period when payment is made by direct debit (direct debit) or PayPal, unless the member does so 7 working days before the end of the contract in writing or online via the member account (via the buttons “My Settings” – “Edit Membership” – “Cancel Premium”). For all other payment methods, the contract ends automatically when the term expires.

Premium memberships booked via the Playstore (Android) or iTunes (iOS) can only be canceled there.

Test winner in the category of personal ads portals
Test winner in the “Contacts Portals” category


“Image Contacts” is a reputable and fair dating agency that offers a platform for all those who are either looking for true love or simply want to flirt a little.

The obligation to have a profile picture is an exciting concept that takes cover from potential fraudsters and black sheep and ensures a certain openness in the community.

The additional offers in the form of singles events and city trips are well-rounded. What is particularly positive, of course, is that it is possible to view other users' profiles free of charge and there are also options for direct contact via message or direct online chat without having to pay for it to book a premium membership.

The simplicity of operation and user-friendliness of this website ensure smooth flirting pleasure.

For these reasons, we have chosen as the test winner in the “Contacts Portals” category .

Overall impression [Rating:85/100]
Top 5 singles exchanges in Germany, numerous awards
Number of registered members [Rating:90/100]
over 4 million members
Activity/authenticity of members [Rating:90/100]
active community, up to 50,000 members online at the same time
privacy [Rating:80/100]
German data protection standards, no data transfer to third parties
Member checking [Rating:95/100]
Manual member checking, manual checking of profile pictures
Women's quota [Rating:85/100]
~ m 47% : w 53%
Search filter [Rating:80/100]
average search filters (full functionality with premium membership)
Costs & Fees [Rating:75/100]
cheap prices, unfortunately subscriptions are automatically extended
Features & Functionalities [Rating:85/100]
News, search filters, online chat, favorites and friends lists, singles magazine, singles trips and events
Usability & operation [Rating:85/100]
very clear and user-friendly
Free services [Rating:85/100]
Free basic membership with many functions and contact options
Customer Service & Support [Rating:90/100]
Numerous tips and advice, great customer service, telephone hotline at a landline rate
Feedback members [Rating:85/100]
many satisfied members, numerous success stories

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