This is how you find your dream partner in Austria


Are you single, looking for a partner and come from Austria? You don't want to be alone anymore?

Then you are not alone! Many Austrian singles feel the same way. More and more of these singles are choosing the Internet as a medium in their search for true love.

This can be observed above all in the increasing number of members of the large singles exchanges as well as in the fact that more and more flirt exchanges and contact portals are entering the online dating market.

Just a few decades ago, we only had the opportunity to get to know our supposed dream partner in restaurants, discos, bars or clubs, while shopping or at work.

Or you were lucky enough that the initial contact was made through your own circle of friends. However, especially in rural regions, there were very limited options when it came to choice and scope.

Times have long since changed - fortunately for many couples and ex-singles in love who met over the Internet. When looking for a partner, limited mobility is not the only obstacle to happiness with a partner; many working people simply no longer have the time to choose the classic route.

That's why they use online portals, the number of which is constantly growing. Singles exchanges are in vogue , there is no longer any doubt about that.

First steps

If you have not yet had any contact with the topic of online dating and/or doubts or uncertainties are still preventing you from taking the first step in a partner portal, we can give you a little help.

After all, you hear and read a lot of things that could potentially unsettle you. You may also ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is online dating even safe?
  • What do I have to pay attention to?
  • Which dating site should I register with?
  • What are my chances of even meeting anyone?
  • What kind of people will I meet there?
  • Why should I of all people find great happiness here?

These questions are completely normal if you have had little or no experience in this area. We all feel uncertain when we enter new territory. Therefore, I will try to answer your most pressing questions here and give you more confidence in your first steps.

Online dating in Europe

Austrian singles flirt on
Austrian singles flirt on

First of all, a few figures so that you can get an idea of ​​the magnitude:
Online dating in Europe is increasing more and more.

Over 40% of all singles use contact portals of all kinds.

The vast majority of them intend to get to know new people, flirt and find a partner.

Over 25 million German-speaking singles have used online partner portals in the last decade.

This number speaks for itself and should give us great confidence in finding a suitable partner via this route.

This means that if you apply these numbers to singles in Austria, you will quickly realize that you could then meet hundreds of thousands of potential partners on the Internet.

The number of monthly online dating users in Austria increased by 10% in the last two years alone and is now higher than ever before. For example, on planet-randy a large selection of like-minded people.

This provider is Austria's largest personals portal and market leader in this area. Over 500,000 flirt inquiries answered every day speak for themselves.

The advantages of a dating site


The biggest advantage of getting to know each other virtually is that you decide for yourself when and how much you reveal about yourself. You consciously decide to contact us or can end it at any time.

A number of dating sites also have special features to secure your identity and maintain discretion. The necessary adjustments can often be made to this point in the profile settings.

Temporal independence

Find your dream partner via online dating
Find your dream partner via online dating

You are independent of opening and working hours. You can search for a partner and write messages at any hour of the day or night.

This makes it possible to find a partner for every professional group and also across different time zones.

Easier to get to know each other

In real life, it is often difficult to approach other people directly and speak to them. This inhibition threshold is significantly lower if you initially contact someone anonymously.


No one else will know about your activities, whether successful or unsuccessful. Only you decide whether friends or family should know about your online dating activities.

Gigantic selection

No other way to find a partner reaches so many people. You can even look abroad, or search for specific interests and preferences.

Strengthening self-confidence

If you are a reserved or shy person, then finding a partner via the World Wide Web is just right for you. It offers you the ideal opportunity to learn, experience and improve flirting and making contact with others.

You can experiment and find out how other people react to your behavior. Worries in this regard are often completely unfounded.

Advice for safe and successful online dating

Once you have found the right platform for you, it is important to pay attention to a few points in order to actually find your dream partner, to avoid making one of the existing faux pas or even becoming a victim of deception or fraud.

Always stick to the truth

Your goal is to arrange appointments in “real life”. There's no point in making yourself taller or slimmer, for example (apart from tiny cheats...).

At the first meeting the truth comes out anyway and all the effort was in vain. Stand up for yourself and your personal weaknesses and strengths.

Use a current photo

If you haven't posted a photo in your online profile, have a digital photo of yourself ready. If there is a meeting, the person will of course want to get a visual impression beforehand (just like you).

In addition, having one or more photos on your profile significantly increases the likelihood of receiving more letters.

Don't just focus on one person

As you receive more contact suggestions, reach out in multiple directions. Don't focus too much on one person, because then you can be very disappointed.

There are dozens of possible reasons why a contact might suddenly stop responding to your messages: perhaps he or she is seriously ill or other drastic experiences have caused a sudden silence. You gain valuable experience with every contact. And – the others do it too.

Be realistic when looking for a partner

Everyone wants a good-looking, intelligent and not exactly unwealthy partner. But even in “real life” you have to make compromises. Think about what values ​​and attitudes are important to you in your partner.

You may find that there are completely different qualities that suddenly make a person attractive and attractive to you. Stay open to what develops.

Good luck in your search for your dream partner!

I hope I was able to explain to you the most important points regarding the virtual search for a partner and give you the confidence to take a significant step closer to finding your dream partner in Austria. With these tips and information you can now plunge into your first or next adventure. I wish you lots of joy, excitement and success with it!

Every day is precious - and it's nice to share it with someone."

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