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SpeedDating.de – Speed ​​dating website tested and compared


The speed dating provider SpeedDating.de has established itself in Germany under the motto “7 women meet 7 men at 7 tables for 7 minutes each”.

The quick form of contact initiation – also called express date, 10-minute dating or mini date – has long since become established in our area.

SpeedDating.de - Logo
SpeedDating.de – Logo

SpeedDating.de has been around since 2002 and the provider is the most successful and largest organizer of live speed dating in Germany with currently around 375,000 members.

In general, the term speed dating refers to a method originally from the USA and the Jewish milieu of quickly finding new flirting or relationship partners.

The origin

Getting to know each other quickly was invented by a Jewish religious community in New York and Los Angeles, which has now even patented the term “speed dating”.

The original idea was to promote marriages between like-minded believers. Other groups have long since recognized the appeal of the matter.

From the computer mecca in Silicon Valley to the gay hangouts in San Francisco to the suburbs of Chicago, minute dates are now being held.

Dating expert Richard Gosse, chairman of American Singles, the largest non-profit singles association in the world, praises the quick get-to-know-you method especially for shy singles who would never dare to approach strangers in a bar.

His tip: don't talk about money, weight and ex-partners, but rather about your dreams, life goals and hobbies.

The process

Male and female sit opposite each other at a neutral meeting point (e.g. restaurant, lounge, etc.). When the gong hits it starts.

In 7 to 10 minutes everyone tries to find out as much as possible from the other person.
When the gong sounds, the men stand up and advance to the next candidate.

SpeedDating.de - Largest German Speed ​​Dating Provider - Website Screenshot from January 24, 2024
SpeedDating.de – Largest German Speed ​​Dating Provider – Website Screenshot from January 24, 2024

The concept of SpeedDating.de

Speed ​​dating events , whether offline or online, are clearly in vogue. The spread via various media formats in particular has contributed to the increasing popularity of this form of dating.

Basically, there are websites that can be used free of charge and those on which a fee may be charged for certain services.

The contact exchange SpeedDating.de has committed itself to this trend and is coming to the dating portal market with an innovative approach.

In order to take part in SpeedDating, you must first create a user account at SpeedDating.de. This is initially free of charge for you and can be deleted at any time.

The data contained therein, apart from your nickname and age, can only be viewed by you and the operator. You will immediately receive a password to your email address. You can now log into your account at any time using your email address and password.

Once you have registered, you can book an event of your choice. However, this service costs some money.

Please note the age group. The booking confirmation including invoice will be sent to you immediately by email.

We think the idea of ​​SpeedDating is very good in terms of its approach. Our test person therefore also took part in speed dating at speeddating.de twice.

You will be informed at least 2 days in advance whether the dating will take place. According to the provider's terms and conditions, at least 7 women and 7 men must always be registered so that dating can take place.

Otherwise the dating will be postponed until the next date.

During a dating session, each participant should write down the nickname of the person sitting opposite and then mark “no” or “yes” if they want to see the person again.

How does registering and booking a speed dating event work?

Register for SpeedDating for free to take part in a live speed dating event. Your personal information will be treated anonymously and only your nickname will be displayed.

You can have your account deleted at any time. After registration you will receive a password for your personal area. There you can customize your profile and decide whether you want it to be publicly visible or not.

If you are looking for a dream partner , you can invite that person to live speed dating, provided you have already booked the event.

Booking is simply done directly via the website and payment can be made via PayPal, instant bank transfer or normal bank transfer. Two days before the appointment you will receive a confirmation email with the exact date or an alternative date.

cancel free of charge up to 4 days before the event . Come to the speed dating evening relaxed and don't expect anything specific - let yourself be surprised!

Now new: Video Speed ​​Dating / Online Speed ​​Dating

Video speed dating, newly added as a result of the Corona restrictions, offers a new and convenient way to date online. You can get to know singles in your area and flirt undisturbed, all from the comfort of your own home.

All you need is your cell phone, tablet or computer. E

For €12.99 you can get to know 7 singles - great fun for singles right from the comfort of your sofa.

The video chats run on German servers, so you don't have to worry about your personal information. You can also be sure that the other person is taking part for the same reason as you - namely a serious interest in speed dating.

New feature: Online Dating / Video Dating on SpeedDating.de
New feature: Online Dating / Video Dating on SpeedDating.de


After booking, you will receive an appointment confirmation via a link that can be opened on various devices. This link will take you directly to your personal event room, where you can get to know the other participants.

After the 7-minute conversation, you have the opportunity to decide for yourself who you would like to see again.

If the interest is mutual, you have found happiness and achieved your goal 🙂

The SpeedDating.de guarantees

The date guarantee offers you numerous advantages to make your participation in our events as pleasant as possible. The organizer ensures that at least 7 men and 7 women are registered and have paid their participation fee.

If you wish to cancel your booking up to four days before the start of the event, you will receive a credit or refund of the participation fee. Your personal information will only be shared with people who have given you a positive rating in your review.

If an event is canceled for reasons beyond your control and you have already paid, you may attend another event free of charge or receive a refund .

The organizers also guarantee you a quick evaluation within 48 hours as well as trained staff on site who will look after your well-being.

All locations are carefully selected and a team from the organizer welcomes you with a Prosecco at every event (except special events).

Anonymity is also important and the operator ensures that your contact details are only shared with positive matches. Here you only pay the price for the booked event and there are no additional costs for membership with SpeedDating GmbH.

Finally, the operators guarantee the protection of your data in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act and are available to provide you with information or changes at any time.

Free Services (Basic Membership):

  • Login/Registration
  • Create profile
  • Receive newsletter
  • Access to events

Premium members have unlimited access (in addition to basic features):

  • Direct premium membership is not possible; booking and participation in dating events is subject to a fee.


  • Innovative and contemporary approach to dating
  • Registration is generally free
  • Billing per dating event, not a subscription model
  • beautiful and attractive design
  • Various quality guarantees from the provider
  • Dating events in more than 30 German cities
  • Registration and expression of sympathy via the Internet member database
  • Anonymity, no unwanted harassment afterwards, because contact details are only disclosed if there is mutual sympathy
  • Get to know lots of singles in a very short time
  • Welcome prosecco on site
  • Division into 5 age groups
  • Personal support from DatingAngels on site


  • Evaluation methodology of the dating events is not transparent
  • Customer service could be improved
  • No control over the results possible
  • Organization of events could be further optimized

Costs & Prices:

  • Per SpeedDating participation: 28.00 euros (welcome drink included)
  • With the “DatingCard”: €24.27

Payment options:

  • Instant bank transfer
  • Paypal

Cancel a contract:

No contract, no subscription. Payment is made per event booking.


The approach of SpeedDating.de is quite innovative and promising when it comes to getting to know many singles in a short time. If you look at statistics, speed dating events actually lead to some dates where participants exchange contact details and meet again later.

Whether this actually leads to a relationship depends on many factors and is difficult to predict. For a small one-off fee, it's definitely worth a try and can be an exciting experience.

However, you should have a little self-confidence and awareness in order to be able to deal with the - albeit unlikely - disappointment if no agreement is reached.

Maybe this time there just weren't the right candidates. Unfortunately, the offer is currently limited to around 30 larger cities and is therefore less suitable for singles from rural areas.

The website is dynamic and there are always improvements. There have been numerous innovations in the last two years: the pages have been revised, participants now carry out evaluations themselves, telephone support is now offered 7 days a week, a callback function was introduced, and the most important functions are now also available as a mobile version available, new interesting locations (e.g. SeaLive), and introduction of the datingCard.

We are excited to see how developments continue.

Overall impression [Rating:85/100]
Most successful and largest organizer of live speed dating in Germany
Number of registered members [Rating:85/100]
around 375,000 members
Activity/authenticity of members [Rating:90/100]
Participants’ honest dating intentions, success rate of 75% according to the operator
privacy [Rating:95/100]
Clear terms and conditions, data protection guarantee, anonymity
Member checking [Rating:80/100]
Women's quota [Rating:90/100]
Search filter [Rating:65/100]
Costs & Fees [Rating:90/100]
no contract, no subscription, fair fee per participation
Features & Functionalities [Rating:60/100]
Now also available as online speed dating
Usability & operation [Rating:85/100]
Easy to use and attractive design, keep it simple principle
Free services [Rating:70/100]
Free registration, events are subject to a fee
Customer Service & Support [Rating:80/100]
DatingAngels on site
Feedback members [Rating:85/100]
Mostly positive feedback, high level of satisfaction

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  1. Thank you very much for this suggestion, Mr. Schasse! We have now re-examined SpeedDating and corrected the rating upwards accordingly. We are always happy to find out how contact portals are developing!

  2. It doesn't necessarily have to be that way. You should “just” get to know other singles. If you like each other, you can meet a second or third time. Then you have enough time for it to work 😉

  3. Not a bad idea in itself. However, it would probably be nothing for me. I just can't quite imagine how the spark could jump in such a short time, if you know what I mean.

  4. Hello,
    some of the information may be a bit out of date. I would like to invite you to test us again. I think we have improved a lot in the last few months. The pages have been revised, the participants do the evaluation themselves, telephone support 7 days a week, callback function, the most important functions now also as a mobile version, new interesting locations (e.g. SeaLive), introduction of the datingCard and thus speed dating from 17, 40 € and many more functions and features.

    I would be happy if you would take the trouble to test us out.

    Kind regards,
    Hendrik Schasse

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