International Fetish Day: A journey into the world of lacquer, latex and leather


On January 19, 2024 we will once again celebrate International Fetish Day 2024 , a day that takes us into the fascinating world of lacquer, latex and leather.

This special day, which traditionally takes place on the third Friday in January, invites us to get to know and explore the diversity and beauty of fetishism. Whether BDSM , bondage or other preferences, International Fetish Day reminds us that we can celebrate our individual inclinations and fantasies.

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Let's share this wonderful journey together and learn more about this extraordinary holiday!

International Fetish Day and its meaning

International Fetish Day is a special day for people around the world who are interested in fetishism, BDSM and a kinky lifestyle .

The abbreviation BDSM stands for “Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism” . This term refers to sexual behaviors and preferences, some of which involve pain, dominance, punishment and submission.

On this day, various actions and events are organized to raise awareness of the diversity of fetishes and reduce prejudices.

International Fetish Day is a special day to celebrate fetishism, BDSM and a kinky lifestyle
International Fetish Day is a special day to celebrate fetishism, BDSM and a kinky lifestyle
Image source: fxquadro, via Freepik

International Fetish Day is more than just a holiday - it's an opportunity to bring this special community together and celebrate their passion for vinyl, latex and leather.

There are numerous International Fetish Day activities around the world , from workshops to parties to exhibitions. Safety and consent are always the priority when it comes to fetishistic practices.

wearing patent leather, latex and leather serves as an expression of their own identity and allows them to live out their fantasies. Despite the growing interest in fetishes, taboos and prejudices are still present.

However, International Fetish Day offers the opportunity to break through these prejudices and initiate an open discussion on the topic .

International Fetish Day is a journey full of passion, sensuality and erotic preferences
International Fetish Day is a journey full of passion, sensuality and erotic preferences
Image source: LipikStockMedia, via Freepik

In many cities, events are organized to celebrate International Fetish Day - a great opportunity for newcomers to the world of patent leather, latex and leather to gain their first experience or meet like-minded people.

International Fetish Day is a passionate journey into the fascinating world of fetishes that deserves to be celebrated.

History of International Fetish Day

International Fetish Day was first launched in the UK 2008

The history of International Fetish Day is closely linked to the BDSM community and other fetish practices.

It began as an initiative to promote awareness of the diversity of sexual preferences and fantasies and to free them from taboos.

Origins and first IFD

Our research on the WaybackMachine archive pages of the International Fetish Day and the online forum Informed Consent led us to the declaration of January 21st as National Fetish Day by the BDSM online portal Informed Consent in 2008. Unfortunately, the websites of the two platforms no longer online now.

A user named Pierced Knight is named as the initiator, but the exact timing is unclear. There are different sources that give either September 4, 1998, September 4, 2008 or January 21, 2008 as the date.

However, it is certain that the first International Fetish Day took place on January 16, 2009 and has been celebrated on the third Friday of January every year since.

The move to this flexible date may be related to the UK's looming ban on extreme pornography, which came into effect on January 26, 2009 and posed a legal threat to the BDSM subculture.

“Perverts Wear Purple”

According to our sources, the theme of the first National Fetish Day was “Perverts Wear Purple . BDSM supporters and fetishists were encouraged to show their belonging to the community by wearing purple clothing.

The color symbolized that these people are not harming anyone with their sexual preferences. However, discussions about it were controversial, with some rejecting the “Pervert” .

Nevertheless, National Fetish Day gained national attention when a politician accidentally expressed support for it while misinterpreting the term “fetish.”

Dissemination and growing acceptance

Over the years, this day has become a global phenomenon where people from different backgrounds come together to explore their common interests and create opportunities for exchange.

Although this day is still accompanied by some misunderstandings, it has made an important contribution to the acceptance and normalization of fetishistic practices.

International Fetish Day is therefore not only a holiday for lovers of vinyl, latex and leather, but also a symbol of self-acceptance, openness and respect in a world full of different sexual preferences.

The diversity of fetishes: lacquer, latex and leather in focus

International Fetish Day focuses on the diversity of different preferences and practices in the area of ​​lacquer, latex and leather. These three materials have a special meaning for many people with a fetish and serve as an expression of their sexual identity or as part of their lifestyle.

In addition to an aesthetic component, lacquer, latex and leather offer, above all, a sensual experience
In addition to an aesthetic component, lacquer, latex and leather offer, above all, a sensual experience
Photo by Colin Lloyd @onthesearchforpineapples, via Unsplash

Lacquer , latex and leather not only offer an aesthetic component , but also a sensual experience by wearing these materials on the skin.

Although the choice of these substances is often associated with BDSM practices, it is important to emphasize that this is not a mandatory requirement. Each individual defines their own way of expressing themselves.

Lacquer, latex and leather offer the opportunity to cross boundaries and live out fantasies. They can boost self-confidence and provide a sense of power.

Wearing these materials can be liberating for some people as it allows them to express their true nature. It's about feeling comfortable in your own skin and being authentic.

BDSM practices such as bondage also find their place here and expand the range of possibilities in the area of ​​the kinky lifestyle.

The fetish from the perspective of psychology or sexual science

In the Stuttgarter Zeitung, Markus Brauer examined the psychological perspective on the human fetish in a topic article.

It shows that the famous depth psychologist Sigmund Freud to study sexual fetishism intensively with scientific attention.

In his work “Fetishism” from 1927, he describes the fetish as a replacement for the mother's phallus, which the male child clings to tightly and does not want to do without. In these descriptions, fetishism primarily refers to certain body parts and inanimate objects as a stimulus for sexual excitement.

The magic of fetish

Surprisingly, the term “fetish”

They brought strangely carved figures with them from West Africa, to which the natives attributed a magical effect.

from the Portuguese word “fetiço ,” which “magic,” in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Dr. Summer team explains

The “Dr. Summer Team” from the youth magazine “Bravo” describes sexual fetishes as certain objects or materials that can contribute to sexual arousal, such as underwear , shoes, masks, silk stockings or restraints .

Silk and fishnet stockings and feet can have great sexual attraction for people with a corresponding fetish
Silk and fishnet stockings and feet can have great sexual attraction for people with a corresponding fetish
Photo by Artem Labunsky @labunsky, via Unsplash

Certain materials such as patent, leather or velvet can also serve as fetishes because they convey a special feeling. Some people also have a preference for certain body parts such as feet or breasts.

The youth magazine also explains the difference between religious fetishism and sexual fetishism. It is emphasized that modern sexual fetishism has nothing to do with belief in supernatural powers.

Breeding, trees, bees and pet play: bizarre sex preferences that are little known

Most people are probably already familiar with BDSM or foot fetishism Masochism , group sex , pain, bondage, armpits, balloons, BDSM, suits, worn underwear , and voyeurism also common kinks.

In addition to BDSM and the preference for certain materials such as patent leather, latex or silk, the foot fetish (so-called podophilia) is particularly widespread
In addition to BDSM and the preference for certain materials such as patent leather, latex or silk, the foot fetish (so-called podophilia) is particularly widespread.
Photo by Artem Labunsky @labunsky, via Unsplash

But what about “saliromania” or “dendrophilia” ? On the occasion of International Fetish Day in 2022, the STERN editorial team unusual sexual preferences .

Puppy play

In early 2022, a report circulated on social media about a woman presenting herself as “Puppy Girl Jenna” on TikTok . This woman claims to earn 800,000 euros a year on the payment platform OnlyFans by either dressing up as a puppy or taking on the role of a dog.

Her videos on TikTok alone have been viewed millions of times.

Similar scenes could also be observed in Berlin the year before, as described “Berliner Zeitung” (see “ Berlin Tiergarten: Fetish excursion in a pony costume” During broad daylight, a woman walked around the zoo in a horse costume , pulling a carriage attached to her back.

A man sat on the carriage and steered the disguised “horse” with the reins. The spectacle is said to have lasted about an hour and, according to witnesses, both the horse and the coachman enjoyed it.

For some people, such images may be completely normal, while other visitors to the park had their mouths hanging wide open in amazement.

In the scene here we speak of “Puppy Play” , “Pony Play” or generally “Pet Play” . People take on the role of animals using high-quality animal costumes.

The choice of animal as a role-playing partner depends on the person's individual preferences. Different animals such as horses, dogs or cats can be chosen.

In this game, another person gives instructions to the “animal” or treats it like a real animal. A dog is led on a leash, a horse is brushed and a cat is given food.


People with a fetish for “breeding” are stimulated by the idea that they could become pregnant during the sexual act.

People with a fetish for “breeding” experience extraordinary sexual excitement at the mere thought of becoming pregnant during intercourse. This special idea creates an intense pleasure and satisfaction in them that they can hardly or cannot achieve in any other way.

The appeal lies primarily in the fact that these people view the act of conceiving a child as a highly intimate and natural act. For them, the process of conception symbolizes a deep bond between two people who love and trust each other.

The awareness that her body is capable of producing new life greatly enhances her sexual fantasies.


Dendrophilia is an unusual form of sexual preference in which people experience an increase in pleasure when they look at or even touch trees.

This unusual tendency can affect both men and women and is manifested by a strong sexual desire for contact with trees. It may be difficult for some to understand how someone can feel sexual arousal from looking at trees.

But for those who are dendrophiles, these natural creatures are more than just simple plants. They see them as an expression of strength and beauty as well as a symbol of life and growth.

For dendrophiles, it's not just about the visual pleasure of seeing a majestic tree or a picturesque group of trees. Rather, it is the touch of the rough bark material or the gentle stroking of the leaves that increases their desire. The tactile stimulus plays just as important a role as the optical component.


Moneypig or Paypig people who experience extraordinary pleasure when they can submit to a dominant counterpart and he spends their money generously - without expecting anything in return.

People also talk about money slaves or pay pigs . This particular tendency goes so far that the slaves either go shopping with their mistress or are even willing to give up a significant part of their hard-earned monthly wages to their dominant partner.

It may be difficult for some people to understand how someone could voluntarily jeopardize their financial independence.

But for these particular individuals, the real appeal lies in this: they find it extremely exciting and satisfying to find themselves in such a situation of dependence.

The dominance of their partner gives them a feeling of safety and security - but at the same time they also enjoy being at the mercy and control of the other person.

For many Moneypigs, not only the act of spending money itself, but also the associated feeling of inferiority and devotion to their dominant partner is of great importance.

Trust in your partner plays a crucial role - after all, you need to be able to ensure that your hard-earned money is used responsibly.


People with a balloon fetish “looners” in the scene .

This term encompasses a diverse group of people who are fascinated by balloons in different ways. For some looners, just the sight of a bulging and taut balloon is enough to feel an intense feeling of excitement.

However, some looners find the feeling in their mouth when inflating the balloon extremely arousing. The stretching of the rubber under the pressure of the breath can become a sensual experience for her, in which her senses are completely focused on the moment.

The act of inflating thus becomes a kind of ritual that gives them deep satisfaction. There are also Looners who have a special fondness for the bang - when a balloon bursts.

This explosive event gives them a very special thrill and brings their sexual energy to a climax. The sudden release of air and the associated destruction of an object can be perceived as a symbolic act and evoke strong emotional reactions.

Saliromania / Salirophilia

People who have the fetish of “saliromania” or “salirophilia” find true joy when things get dirty in the truest sense of the word. However, this special fetish can occur in a variety of forms and can be individual.

For example, some people prefer to dirty themselves and experience a very special satisfaction in the process. They really enjoy spreading liquid, slimy or mushy substances on their own bodies.

Others, however, find fulfillment in smearing their partner with such substances and thus sharing an intense sensual experience. It's not just about the physical feeling of touching these unusual materials on the skin, but also about the psychological component of the power imbalance within a relationship.

The choice of substances used is extremely variable and depends on the individual preferences and personal limits of each Saliromaniac.

From foods like chocolate sauce or pudding to body paints to less mundane things like mud or oil - everything is possible and allowed.


Melissophobia describes the fear of insects, especially bees. People suffering from this phobia experience great fear and discomfort around bees or even at the mere thought of them.

These fears can have different causes, such as traumatic experiences in childhood or watching other people being stung by a bee.

In contrast to this is “melissophilia” , a rather unusual sexual preference for bees and their stings. For some people, just the sight of a bee can be arousing. The thoughts of a bee sting are perceived as exciting and pleasurable.

This is a rare paraphilia in which the desire for sexual stimulation is expressed through contact with bees. Another paraphilic tendency is “formicophilia” .

This type of fetishism involves experiencing sexual arousal from insects crawling over your skin. Ants in particular are frequent objects of this interest. The appeal lies in the fact that the tingling feeling is perceived as stimulating and therefore leads to a particular increase in pleasure.

International Fetish Day activities worldwide

International Fetish Day on January 19th is a day when numerous activities take place around the world to celebrate the diversity and beauty of the fetish community.

From action days to BDSM parties to special events - there are many ways to celebrate this special day.

Meetings and events are organized in various cities around the world where like-minded people can come together to live out their passion for lacquer, latex and leather.


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It's not just about having fun together and making new contacts, but also about exchanging knowledge and experiences.

A popular activity for International Fetish Day, for example, is the bondage seminar , where those interested can learn the art of bondage. But workshops on topics such as role playing or other BDSM practices are also in high demand.

You can learn the art of bondage and restraint at bondage seminars and BDSM workshops
You can learn the art of bondage and restraint at bondage seminars and BDSM workshops.
Photo by Colin Lloyd @onthesearchforpineapples, via Unsplash

For those who prefer to participate online, today there is even a special International Fetish Day app that allows you to find out about and share all the events.

Whether offline or online – International Fetish Day offers everyone the opportunity to live out their preferences and be part of a global community of like-minded people.

Berlin city cleaning department also prepared for the fetish day in a humorous way two years ago:

After the friendly Reiner took part in the event in a harmonious outfit, he is apparently now standing naked in the garage and is waiting for the next CSD so that he can mingle with the cheerful party crowd again and ensure cleanliness...

Fetish Day events and parties – where can you find information?

To find out about events, parties, workshops and events related to Fetish Day, we recommend the following sources:

  1. JOYclub events area
  2. > Events
  3. Facebook groups on the topic
  4. Instagram channels of relevant clubs, initiatives and organizers celebrates Fetish Day with attractive offers

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Safety and consent in fetish practices

Safety and consent play a central role in fetish practices. This special day celebrates the diversity of fetishes and serves as a platform for people to live out their preferences in patent leather, latex and leather.

But while the focus is on gaining pleasure, it is also important that everyone involved feels safe and consensual.

For example, BDSM practices such as bondage require clear communication and mutual trust between partners. Therefore, it is advisable to talk boundaries , safewords and emergency signals

In addition, physical safety precautions be observed to avoid injuries.

International Fetish Day is an opportunity to share safety guidelines and educate newbies .

Taboos, clichés and prejudices surrounding fetishes

In addition to exciting activities and the expression of one's own identity, there are also taboos and prejudices associated with this special day.

Misunderstandings lead to stereotypes and prejudices that are often associated with the fetish community. It is important to emphasize that International Fetish Day not only provides an opportunity to express one's sexual preferences, but is also a space for self-acceptance and self-expression.

Everyone should be respected, regardless of whether they identify with patent, latex and leather or not. It's time to break these taboos and create more understanding about the world of fetishism.

International Fetish Day should be seen as an opportunity to look past prejudices and promote acceptance and tolerance - both within the fetish community and in society as a whole.

Share your thoughts on International Fetish Day in our comments! How can we break down prejudices and create more open understanding?”

Tips for newcomers to the world of lacquer, latex and leather

International Fetish Day offers a great opportunity to immerse yourself in this fascinating world and gain new experiences.

However, as a beginner, it can be overwhelming to familiarize yourself with the different aspects of BDSM, bondage, and other fetishistic practices. We have therefore put together some helpful tips here:

  1. Be informed: Before embarking on new adventures, it is important to thoroughly inform yourself about the different types of games and safety measures. Read books or take workshops to expand your knowledge.
  2. Set boundaries: Clarify your own boundaries in advance and communicate them openly with your partner. Consensus always comes first.
  3. Safety first: Make sure that all materials used are safe and cannot cause allergic reactions. Always use suitable accessories such as good quality handcuffs or ropes.
  4. Start slowly: Go slowly and explore your preferences gradually. There is no pressure to try everything at once.
  5. Open communication: Speak openly to each other during the game and clearly signal your needs and desires.
  6. Find community : Find like-minded people in your area to connect and learn from their experiences. There are often fetish events or regulars' tables where you can make new contacts.
  7. Stay true to yourself: Don't let prejudices or social taboos limit you. Own your own identity and enjoy your passion without shame.
  8. Don't forget aftercare: After intensive sessions, it is important to ensure the well-being of everyone involved. Take your time for aftercare and make sure that everyone returns to everyday life smoothly.

International Fetish Day offers a unique opportunity to explore the world of vinyl, latex and leather and express your own sexual identity. With the right information and an open mind, this journey can be full of passion and self-discovery.

Enjoy your individual pleasure!

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