Align – Astrological dating via mobile phone app


Align – Dating app for astrology and horoscope fans tested

Overall impression: [Rating:50/100]

Align , founded in 2015, is about two people whose astrological requirements are similar to each other. fans of horoscopes and astrology will find it well catered for.

Choose your partner according to your zodiac sign

Before entering into a serious partnership, both of course want to know exactly what makes the other tick. Almost no one will reveal all of their negative qualities during the getting-to-know-you phase. For people with a penchant for astrology, a person's zodiac sign offers a good basis for determining the chances of success in a relationship and for checking whether you are compatible with each other based on the stars.

Align - Astrological dating via mobile app
Align – Astrological dating via mobile phone app

Astrological dating – leave nothing to chance

Astrology is a very controversial topic and while some camps consider the predictive power of zodiac signs to be sheer nonsense, others believe there is a deep truth behind it. Astrologers repeatedly emphasize that zodiac signs say a lot about a person.

So if 12 zodiac signs are taken into account when looking for and choosing a partner, a total of 144 combinations of partnerships are created. If the ascendant is also included, things get a little more complicated.

However, you can read in many places in the astrological literature that certain zodiac signs go particularly well together and others less well together. When it comes to love according to zodiac signs , you've definitely come to the right place Align

Zodiac signs pave the way to great love

The dating app has been available for download via the app stores for just over a year now and has already gained numerous loyal fans, most of them in the USA. The platform was founded by two American women who, of course, believe very strongly in the power of astrology.

However, the two are not alone in this belief and the success and growth of the membership also proves them right. In order for a “match” to occur with Align, as with other well-known dating apps, it depends on the zodiac sign, but also on the respective character traits.

Unfortunately, this app is still establishing itself in Germany and is primarily offered for iPhones.

Registration and first steps

In order to use the dating platform, you must log in or register via Facebook. Of course, the date of birth must be stated, because without this the member cannot be assigned a zodiac sign.

Then select emoticons and terms that seem meaningful to you and with which you can identify. These act as character descriptions and are visible to other users.

However, there is a significant difference with this dating site, because each user only receives 5 partner suggestions per day. The singles exchange also sends a very detailed report on each proposal and states why and why these two singles are a match.

The nice thing about this system is that you can concentrate on a few – well-suited – contacts instead of randomly writing to tens or even hundreds of other members with unimaginative texts.

The rest of the process is similar to other offers, such as Tinder. A swipe or a click decides whether you want to take the next step with the suggested person or not.

Astrological dating – does it really work?

Some will probably shake their heads and think that this can't work. However, tests and studies suggest that finding a partner based on zodiac signs can be more successful than deciding whether or not to attract someone based solely on looks.

Free Services (Basic Membership):

  • Registration
  • Create & manage profile
  • Send, receive and read messages
  • View photos
  • Receive partner suggestions

Premium features (paid):

No paid features. The app is 100% free.


  • Unique approach for astrology fans
  • 100% free
  • Visually very beautifully designed
  • Matching better than on Tinder & Co.
  • Concentrating on a few contacts increases the chances of a more intimate exchange


  • less suitable for people who have no connection to astrology
  • The app has repeatedly had technical problems in the past
  • not yet established in Germany
  • Knowledge of English helpful
  • Registration only possible via Facebook
  • Questions about data protection remain unanswered


Finding a partner and love according to your zodiac sign is certainly controversial and not suitable for everyone. In addition, the user base in Germany is still quite manageable and the app is only available in English.

For fans of horoscopes and people who are very fond of astrology, Align is definitely worth a try - after all, the application is free and without obligations.

Overall impression [Rating:50/100]
Number of registered members [Rating:35/100]
occupies a small niche, not yet established in Germany.
Activity/authenticity of members [Rating:50/100]
Registration via Facebook, few fakes
privacy [Rating:50/100]
Hardly any information about data protection and security
Member checking [Rating:30/100]
no manual member checking
Women's quota [Rating:50/100]
not specified
Search filter [Rating:50/100]
5 partner suggestions per day
Costs & Fees [Rating:100/100]
100% free
Features & Functionalities [Rating:60/100]
The usual range of functions for dating apps
Usability & operation [Rating:80/100]
easy to use, visually great
Free services [Rating:100/100]
All functions are free of charge
Customer Service & Support [Rating:50/100]
You can only contact the provider via email
Feedback members [Rating:40/100]
Rather mixed feedback, technical weaknesses are repeatedly criticized

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