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Overall impression: [Rating:80/100]

With the slogan “Find singles in Switzerland and fall in love again” a promising new singles exchange was launched in the Alpine republic in February 2020. The dating agency did not start from scratch but can rely on the large and proven ICON network in the background, which already has 20 years of experience in the online dating market.

Last but not least, this fact makes a very hot candidate and a promising dating site for men and women of all ages from Switzerland. Reason enough for us to take a closer look at the new online dating platform.

Although the focus of the vast majority of members is on the serious search for a permanent life partner, it is also relatively easy to find like-minded people for sports and leisure activities or the next trip. Logo of the Swiss singles exchange

As a cooperation partner of the ICONY network based in Reutlingen (DE), the dating portal uses a shared database with over 90 partners (including real heavyweights of the online dating and community scene such as and and can therefore rely on a shared database Member pool of more than 1,500,000 registered users. This means that members of can also get in touch with singles from Germany and Austria. As is well known, love knows no (national) borders.

It is difficult to say how many members are in Switzerland alone. According to a conservative estimate there are probably around 100,000-150,000. The age structure is very balanced and should reflect the population quite well. The most common people are singles between the ages of 30 and 60. However, there is no age restriction and you can find something at any age. - Singles exchange/partner exchange for Swiss singles – dating site / dating site for Swiss singles (screenshot)

Who is this dating platform suitable for?

The Swiss dating site is aimed at flirt-loving people of all types and ages who either live in Switzerland, want to get to know someone from Switzerland or are planning to move to the beautiful Alpine republic.

Of course, it's up to you whether you're looking for that one true love or simply want to casually look around for nice contacts and leisure partners in your local area. In both cases you have a good chance of success at There is also definitely one or two hot flirts with the exciting prospect of more.

The Swiss are considered a sociable, open-minded and communicative people. Register, find potential partners, make contact and start flirting. The gender ratio seems relatively balanced for a general dating site, perhaps with a slight surplus of male members.

Activity, authenticity and level of members

Every day there are usually several thousand members online at the same time for the more densely populated regions of Switzerland, for example in the immediate vicinity of the metropolitan areas around Zurich, Basel, Bern, St. Gallen and Geneva. There is enough potential to start looking for a partner with good chances of success Even in the more remote corners, you can usually find something relatively quickly within a radius of 50-100 m.

It's best to log in in the evening. That's when it's busiest.

In terms of interactivity , we were pleased to find that there are few dead files and fake profiles. This means that when you send out letters and messages, you have a pretty decent chance of getting a response. Fortunately, the level of the members be described as consistently high. Good manners prevail and a friendly and loving tone dominates.

A small downside may be that some of the profiles could be more informative so that the searcher can get a more detailed picture before making contact. The question flirt, which is important as a kind of questionnaire-based personality test for matching, is very well received and used.

Here the moderation of the members by the operator certainly seems to be paying off.

Membership and registration

Registration is quick and easy with just a few clicks. To register for the first time, in addition to a user name and password of your choice, all you need to provide is the usual biographical information such as name, date of birth, gender, place of residence and email address.

Every new registration is checked manually by the editorial team. All images and free texts are checked for discrepancies and fraudulent intentions and are only released after successful moderation. The automated, algorithmic check is usefully supplemented by manual inspection. It may therefore take a little longer for the release to take place.

You can conveniently use the waiting time to complete your profile.

If you wish, you can also have yourself clearly verified directly with the operator after registering. This gives you an ID check mark on your profile, which signals to other members that you can rely on the authenticity of the data in your profile (only with premium membership).

By the way, registration with the basic membership is free. It includes basic functions such as completing your user profile including question flirting, photos and matching factor.

The profile – Show your best side

After registering, you can create or complete your own profile. Various areas are provided here that you can describe and introduce yourself to:

  • General: Here you define what you are looking for and can also enter a personal motto or guiding principle.
  • About me: In this free text field you have plenty of opportunity to describe or paraphrase yourself in your own words.
  • General: Important key information about you, such as profession, marital status, income, language skills, zodiac sign, smoking behavior, personal characteristics, hobbies, pets, personal likes and dislikes.
  • Profile: Description of your external appearance (physical characteristics such as height, hair and eye color, stature, piercings, tattoos, ...)
  • Interests and hobbies: What do you like to do in your free time? What films and books do you like? What is your taste in music?
  • Way of life: Let us look a little deeper into your private lifestyle (diet, sport, lifestyle, dreams and desires, ...)
  • Partnership: Describe your attitude to the various aspects surrounding partnerships and relationships.

The question flirt

The already mentioned question flirting plays a special role in the design of one's own profile. This is a simple personality test in the form of a questionnaire.

In well over 100 questions about both pleasant and rather unpleasant things, your individual attitudes to a wide variety of topics are asked. The questions can be answered with a cross. You choose the answer options that most closely correspond to your ideas and define which answers you will accept from a potential counterpart. Then weight the questions.

But don't let the sheer volume of questions put you off. You don't have to answer all the questions and you are welcome to proceed in stages depending on your needs. This way you divide the work into bite-sized “bites”. And the question flirting is of course voluntary. If that's too much for you at the moment, skip this area for now.

However, if it is particularly important to you that your thoughts and wishes, dreams and ideas fit and harmonize well with potential flirt partners, then we recommend that you answer at least 80-100 of these questions in order to achieve a certain level of significance for the matching factor . The effort can be worth it and save you a lot of time and many disappointing flirting experiences when looking for a partner.

If more than 65 percent of the answers for two candidates match, the pair is considered a so-called top match. It should also be mentioned that this is a simple matching algorithm that cannot be compared with scientifically based personality analyzes from large online dating agencies such as Parship , ElitePartner or eDarling .

But it definitely offers a good starting point for finding a partner.

Search and find

You can immediately see who is online via an ad. You can use the search function to limit the search by filters (general, location, external). Additional filters such as hair and eye color, type of relationship, hobbies or “last online” are not included in the premium membership.

Free services:

  •   Registration
  •   Create a profile including question flirting and matching factor
  •   Upload photos (including verification)
  •   Have your profile picture verified
  •   Receive and reply to messages from premium members
  •   Send messages to premium members
  •   Search and filter functions (limited)
  •   View profile information (limited)
  •   Participation in photo flirting (limited)
  •   Favorites list (with limitation)
  •   Send smileys
  •   Use the “Like” function for interesting profiles

Paid services:

  •   Search and filter functions (without limitation)
  •   View profile information (without restrictions)
  •   Participation in the photo flirt (without restrictions) including displaying all interested parties
  •   ID check symbol on your own business card
  •   Surf anonymously
  •   Use video dating without restrictions
  •   Write unlimited messages to all members
  •   Receive messages from non-premium members
  •   nlimited number of visitors and smileys displayed
  •   Favorites list (unlimited)
  •   Hide unwanted members
  •   Own profile cover photo


  •   Basic functions to try out are free
  •   Overview “Who is online? / Who’s new?”
  •   Video Chat
  •   Certified authenticity image
  •   User-friendly layout & design
  •   Clear search results
  •   Search function with filter options
  •   Successful matching principle with question flirting
  •   few fakes, good moderation of member profiles
  •   Fotoflirt creates a Tinder moment for quick contact initiation
  •   Informative blog with tips and advice about the dating market
  •   Transparency and authenticity of the operators, also in terms of security and data protection


  •   No standalone web app for on the go
  •   Premium membership automatically renews
  •   Question flirting a bit complex

Costs and prices:

Basic functions (some with restrictions) are free with the basic membership. In order to be able to use the full range of functions with all contact options, an upgrade to a premium membership is necessary. A monthly fee is then due, which depends on the period selected:

  •   1 month: 34.90 euros / month
  •   3 months: 19.90 euros / month
  •   6 months: 16.90 euros / month
  •   12 months: 11.90 euros / month

Payment options:

  •   Credit card (MasterCard, VISA)
  •   Transfer
  •   Paypal

Contract and termination:

If you would like to terminate the premium membership, you should terminate the premium contract in writing. If you do not cancel in a timely manner, your membership will automatically be extended for the booked period. Regardless of the term, a 14-day notice period applies. You should terminate the subscription in writing (by letter, fax, email) or directly in the member area (under “Account Management”).

Please do not forget to always provide your user name and email address when canceling in writing.

To delete your entire user account including profile and all data, click on your user name and go to the “Settings” menu item. At the very bottom of this section you will find the “Delete User” option. Click on the link “here”. Please note that this process cannot be reversed and all of your data will be deleted.

Conclusion: impresses with an all-round successful appearance with numerous functions, serious terms and conditions, good security standards and a decent membership size. The pricing model is also fair. We are sure that this flirt portal will maintain a permanent place in the Swiss online dating scene.

Overall impression [Rating:80/100]
Number of registered members [Rating:80/100]
> 1,500,000 members (of which approx. 100,000-150,000 from CH)
Activity/authenticity of members [Rating:85/100]
few fakes, authentic members with real intentions
privacy [Rating:90/100]
Compliance with German security and data protection standards
Member checking [Rating:90/100]
Editorial control
Women's quota [Rating:75/100]
around 40-45% women
Search filter [Rating:85/100]
Search with filter options and clear search results
Costs & Fees [Rating:80/100]
Free basic membership with limited functionality, fair pricing model
Features & Functionalities [Rating:85/100]
Extensive profiles, search functions, question flirt with matching factor, video chat, photo flirt, blog with tips and advice
Usability & operation [Rating:85/100]
user friendly and easy to use
Free services [Rating:70/100]
Basic functions with restrictions for free
Customer Service & Support [Rating:80/100]
Online, via email
Feedback members [Rating:85/100]
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