– Vanessa Cortez and the ultimate orgasm


Vanessa Cortez 's website , it quickly becomes clear that everything there is about turning seemingly limp men into sex-filled love machines.

Sex is wonderful, I think we can all agree on that. Really good sex is great and fantastic and we all dream about it. For beginners or men who have not yet had any experience in this area, getting started is often not that easy.

You hear great stories about supposedly excessive sex lives from friends, colleagues and those around you. It's no wonder that men can become nervous and insecure. You can be under a lot of tension and pressure.

It can therefore be helpful to first approach this matter from the theoretical side. fun with sex - it's usually just a question of knowledge and practice combined with a playful calmness.

But who really knows all the tricks and tips on how to give their partner even more sensual pleasure? This knowledge can relieve the great burden of uncertainty, especially for inexperienced men.

This is where love expert Vanessa Cortez and her DVD offerings come into play. Openly and without taboos, she reveals in the DVDs advertised on her website what seems to make women happy in bed.

In a mixture of information, facts, stimulating tips and open instructions, she explains what can be done with the mouth, skin, fingers and the rest of the body.

DVD set: The Ultimate Orgasm

Perfect in bed - The ultimate orgasm - video course
Perfect in bed – The ultimate orgasm – video course

This latest ultimate orgasm is about the fine art of satisfying a woman.

It consists of the following chapters:

Hot foreplay and other tips

Here you will find information about how you can really get women into full swing.

Anatomy and erogenous zones of women

Knowing about our bodies as well as the bodies of the opposite sex will also lead to a better sex life . Here you can find out everything about a woman's pleasure zones - from the crown to the soles.

Cunnilingus – The art of orally satisfying women

Stimulating pleasure zones with lips and tongue is extremely popular. One more reason to take a closer look.

Fingering – Bring women to orgasm with your hands

Here you will find step-by-step instructions for stimulating women to ecstasy with practiced finger skills and gentle caresses.

The G-spot – search, find, stimulate

the legendary G-spot also needs to be examined in more detail. It is a pleasure zone that supposedly gives women a very special kind of pleasure.

In this chapter you will learn more about it.

A-Zone – A new way to achieve incredible orgasms

A point is still shrouded in mystery . Not much information can be found about this yet. Here you can find out more about the pleasure potential of this erogenous point.

Anal intercourse

Inexperienced men have a particularly large number of unanswered questions about anal sex . So if you're keen to experiment and want to experience a new kind of pleasure, you should try Greek love. There is information and tips here.

Free eBook: “Perfect in Bed”

If you would like to get a taste of Vanessa Cortez's advice potential, you can request a free eBook directly using the graphic below:

The Ultimate Orgasm - Try the video course for free
The Ultimate Orgasm – Try the video course for free


It's hard to say something about a product that you haven't tested neutrally yourself. Of course, Vanessa Cortez's website uses excessive sales language and heavily touts the DVD set. The text is also not necessarily on a journalistic level in terms of didactics and style.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean anything bad about the quality of the DVDs. After all, it's about quickly learning all the important tricks and tips for satisfying women.

The DVDs come with a money-back guarantee . So if you as a buyer are not completely satisfied, you can request your money back. This suggests that customer satisfaction is taken seriously.

I would be very happy if you, as a visitor, know this product and write a comment about it here. This will help other interested parties.

Thank you!

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