Erogenous zones: This is where things get particularly pleasurable


Gentle touches on the skin often trigger a pleasant tingling sensation. Some places on our body are particularly sensitive. Anyone who knows them and cleverly includes them in lovemaking can experience unimagined flights of pleasure.

This article shows a few often neglected erogenous zones that can perhaps be integrated into your next lovemaking session.

After as an underestimated area

The anus is one of the most sensitive areas of the human body. This zone, rich in nerve endings, is often included in erotic games because it has the potential to open up new dimensions of pleasure.

Learn more about stimulating often neglected erogenous zones
Learn more about stimulating often neglected erogenous zones
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The high sensitivity of the anus makes it an exciting element in lovemaking for some, but it can also cause pain if handled carelessly. If you want to use an anal plug for stimulation, you should do it gently.

Lubricant helps with insertion and offers more pleasant relaxation.

earlobes and neck

Earlobes are not just jewelry carriers. For many people, gently stroking or lightly kissing this area triggers shivers. The neck, often overlooked, also responds strongly to tenderness.

A light touch can have a strong stimulating effect. The transition from the neck to the neck in particular is an area that often causes strong reactions.

Moving on to more intense regions…

Neck and lower back

If you sensitive neck areas , just a light touch can work wonders. The neck is a sensitive area where there are many nerve endings and small touches can cause intense reactions.

The neck is a sensitive part of the body where there are many nerve endings
The neck is a sensitive part of the body with many nerve endings
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According to experts, just stroking your neck with your fingertips while kissing can have an intense effect - for both you and your partner. Try it out and have your partner gently stroke the back of your neck to feel the concentrated nerve power of this area.

If you want to raise the temperatures even further, you could even make a rule that says kissing isn't about the lips, but the focus should be on the neck instead. Give your partner tips on how best to pamper you and enjoy the sensual sensations together.

Another intensive area is the lower back . Stroking along the spine can promote relaxation and excitement in equal measure. Such gestures not only promote physical closeness, but also emotional trust between partners.

If you want, you can also add a little oil here so that it can glide even more gently over the skin.

Hands are more sensitive than you think

Hands are extremely sensitive and versatile. Deep stimulation can be achieved by interweaving the fingers or gently massaging the palms and fingers.

The wrists and the spaces between the fingers are particularly sensitive. It becomes particularly pleasurable when the hands are massaged with oil or cream.

Soles and ankles

Soles of feet contain numerous nerve endings and respond strongly to touch, making them important erogenous zones. Massaging your feet can have a relaxing effect and send exciting signals at the same time.

Even though you may not be particularly into foot massages or even think you're not a "foot person ," you can change your mind with the right touch.

Feet are full of pressure points that can trigger arousing feelings for some people. The arches of the feet in particular are equipped with numerous nerve endings, making them extremely sensitive to touch.

Since many people's feet are ticklish, it is recommended to use targeted and consistent stroking movements instead of using light, tickling touches. Think of the foot massage as a pleasant experience in any situation that also contributes to relaxation - for many women it is even a key to orgasm .

The ankles, often neglected, also offer potential for tender gestures.

The armpits

When you think about foreplay, you don't usually think about the armpits. But if you ignore the sweat, hair, and taboos a little, the armpits can actually become a surprising erogenous zone.

Imagine: your armpits are extremely sensitive. The same sensitivity that makes it so ticklish can also make this area surprisingly stimulating. To explore, simply ask your partner to take their fingertips and gently stroke your armpits.

Start by gently moving up and down before moving into a flowing, circular motion, paying close attention to which reaction resonates best. It may be playful, but it also has a seductive component.

Inner thigh as a source of pleasure

The inner thighs are particularly sensitive. Light stroking movements in this area can evoke intense feelings.

This zone offers opportunities to playfully explore your partner's sensitivity.

The inner thighs are ideal for extensive caresses
The inner thighs are ideal for extensive caresses
Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen @vidarnm, via Unsplash

Before moving on to the main course, you and your partner can spend some sensual time exploring the insides of your thighs. This region is full of nerve endings, making it particularly receptive to gentle touch, caresses and caresses.

If you want to take intimacy to a new level, you could invite your partner to run an ice cube over your thighs and explore a whole new sensual feeling together.

Massage tips for defining moments

A sensual massage can open the door to deep intimacy and pleasure. Gently stroking your back with warm oil awakens your senses and relaxes your body. Gentle touches on the arms and sides of the body can cause butterflies in the stomach.

Gently kneading the shoulders not only relieves tension, but also increases emotional closeness. Playing with temperatures, such as using warm and cool elements, also stimulates the skin and increases sensation.

Whispering words during the massage intensify the atmospheric mood and strengthen the connection.

Circling movements around the back of the knees - an often overlooked erogenous zone - can provoke surprising reactions. Focused massaging of the hands and feet, including the toes and palms, deepens relaxation and well-being.

Finally, gentle stroking along the spine tops off the massage and leaves you with a feeling of complete satisfaction and connection.

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