3 steps to success on dating portals


In today's digital world, dating portals have become indispensable. The online platforms allow users to browse profiles of other users and connect with potential partners who have similar interests and preferences.

With the increasing number of dating portals on the market, there are more and more options for getting to know someone. If you want to start dating on dating portals, you only have to follow 3 steps. You will find out about these in the following article.

With these 3 steps to more success on dating portals
With these 3 steps to more success on dating portals
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1. Find the right dating portal

Before you can start swiping and liking, the question first arises: Which dating portal is right for me? There are numerous dating portals on the market, but not every dating portal is suitable for everyone. Every dating portal has its own characteristics.

It is therefore important to first ask yourself whether the portal is compatible with your own interests and wishes. Financial aspects also play a role in the selection. It is therefore best to first compare different portals to find the best dating portals

Tinder is probably one of the best-known dating portals. But the app is not suitable for everyone. If you want a deep, long-term relationship, you are better off with other portals. Tinder is best suited for young adults who are looking for easy encounters and don't want to invest a lot of time in creating profiles or answering extensive questionnaires.

Another popular dating app is Bumble . This is best suited for women who want to stay in control of their matches and for men who want to focus on building serious relationships. A key principle of Bumble is that the woman writes to the man in a match. In this way, role clichés and stereotypes are broken down.

For those who to get more serious , Elite Singles best suited. The app is suitable for working singles who are looking for a serious relationship and are willing to invest time and energy in defining their personality and relationship desires in detail.

In addition to the three examples mentioned, there are many other dating portals. Take a look around, read reviews and familiarize yourself with the target groups of the respective portals. This way you can find the app that suits your individual preferences.

2. Create an interesting profile

Once you have decided on a dating portal, it is now time to create a profile. In the end, it is the quality of your profile that determines success or failure on dating platforms.

After all, your profile is the first thing potential partners see before they decide whether or not to get in touch. A well-designed profile can make a positive first impression and generate interest.

Show yourself from your best side and put attractive, high-quality pictures in your profile. But don't be too perfectionistic. The profile also serves as a reflection of your personality and interests and should therefore as authentic .

For example, if you enjoy sports , you should show that in your pictures. No matter what makes you special, show who you are. This is the only way to find potential partners who have similar interests and hobbies.

3. Be active

If you are serious about dating, you should be prepared to invest a little time in it. Being active and searching for potential partners yourself will allow you to browse a larger number of profiles and meet more potential partners. Don't wait for others to contact you.

You should also avoid typical pick-up lines and instead personalized messages . Messages should be tailored to the profile of the person you want to contact. This can help you stand out from other users and pique the other person's interest. So it pays to act carefully when writing messages.


With the tips mentioned above, you should have the best chance of success when dating on online portals. It is also important to be patient. Sometimes it takes some time to find the right person. Have fun swiping!

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