Find the perfect time for dirty talk. And even more suggestions for sexy whispers.


When is the right time for sexy whispers?

Hey, if you don't know exactly when you can have a really hot conversation with someone, unfortunately we can't give you a general answer. But in general, you can assume that it can be appropriate in situations where there is a certain level of familiarity and closeness.

The thrilling sexting can

  • give a phone call a special kick,
  • a WhatsApp message ,
  • accompany your sexual activities as stimulating pillow talk,
  • put you in an erotic mood even in everyday situations.

Have you ever tried whispering erotic fantasies in his ear in a crowded elevator? We recommend you give it a try. Maybe after a few similar experiences, your lover will see you as the undisputed sex goddess of dirty erotic exchanges .

Find the perfect time for dirty talk
Finding the perfect time for dirty talk
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Profanity messages can turn frustrating vacations, rainy camping trips, and boring TV shows into erotic explorations - it's up to you whether you want to try it or not. We recommend relying on sparkling, loving whispers, especially if your loved one is a little tired and exhausted.

You will probably be able to enjoy the stimulating effect without delay and benefit from it pleasurably over the course of the evening.

Beware of the dirty talk faux pas: Beware of the wrong time

Just as the right time can really get verbal eroticism

This dirty talk in the following video from Knallerfrauen probably went wrong:

Sexting via smartphone is also something that can go terribly wrong quickly - and ruin everything as quickly as you hit send.

what's the best way to start a sex chat without ruining everything? If there is a major faux pas, everything can end in a major fiasco.

start with a simple “What are you wearing right now?” or “Do you know what I would like to do to you now?” This is not too explicit and you can therefore cautiously sense whether the timing and the mood of the other person are right.

How can you tell if you're doing something wrong along the way?

Well, the other person's reaction will almost certainly give you clues . Also pay attention to the nuances and messages between the lines.

However, there are also a few basic mistakes that David Steele , an expert on relationships, sex and intimacy, told GQ magazine . These are faux pas that men often make, that women hate and that you, especially as a member of the male creation, should avoid at all costs:

  • Sexting Mistake #1: Going in too hard
  • Sexting Mistake #2: Sending an Unsolicited Dick Pic
  • Sexting Mistake #3: Sexting after the first date
  • Sexting Mistake #4: Being Too Controlling
  • Sexting Mistake #5: Sexting when you're drunk
  • Sexting Mistake #6: Being immature or too passive

It can also happen quickly that people verbally abuse each other. What is stimulating for one person can quickly become a mood killer for another.

RTL wrote in its article “Quite a turn-off – and sometimes a bit funny!” – The 10 worst things a partner has said during sex” gross verbal blunders and sexting fails in a nutshell.

The wrong animal names can also ruin lovemaking, as a humorous contribution from the Dreisten Drei in the Comedy-WG shows:

Erotic examples of dirty talk and sensual sexting

Dirty talk is a great way to create a relaxed, relaxed and aphrodisiac atmosphere between the two of you. The more comfortable and confident you feel with this option of sexual exchange via erotic text messages , the more you will enjoy it.

Our most important advice for pleasurable sexting and stimulating dirty talk : Dare!

8 sexy puns for dirty talk via Whatsapp (sexting)

  • “I always dream about you doing me during the day.”
  • “I want you to fuck me on the kitchen table later.”
  • “I love riding you. As soon as you get home I’ll do you the cowgirl.”
  • “Baby, tonight we play by my rules.”
  • “I love the way you twitch when you have your orgasm . Just thinking about it makes me horny.”
  • "I want you. Here and now!"
  • “I always dream about you doing me during the day.”
  • “I want to touch myself just thinking about you.”

12 ideas and examples of dirty talk when you're around each other

Before sex...

  • “Just looking at you makes me wet.”
  • “By the way, I’m not wearing any underwear …”
  • “How would you like it if I took your penis deep into my mouth now?”
  • “Pull my hair and f*** me!”
  • “Finally take off my clothes and do it for me!”

During sex...

  • “I want you even deeper inside me! NOW!"
  • “Give me your cock now!”
  • “I love the way you shake when I run my tongue over your body.”
  • “You’re making me completely weak-willed.”
  • “It just feels good to inhale your cock.”
  • “It’s just awesome when you eat my love juice from my thighs.”
  • “If you keep this up, I’ll come right away.”

A few basic rules and mental suggestions for dirty talk

Find synonyms

For starters, you can think of sharp synonyms for more rigid words like sex , vagina , intercourse , and the like. Then you can relax and use the sexy words and eroticize your partner.

In this situation, it is helpful if you can give your voice an erotic tone. Please use the right actors as role models without imitating them 1:1. Get into the habit of speaking clearly and concisely about sex, direct verbal communication If the person you're talking to can't understand you, there won't be an erotic mood.

Hide negatives

Dirty talk is supposed to be positive and stimulating. Therefore, you should not make any negative comments or topics in this context, for example about an ex-partner or criticize your current lover. That would be anything but sexy.

Feel strong and confident

Erotic exchange of ideas strengthens your self-confidence and promotes the formulation of your sexual needs and fantasies. You could go beyond the boundaries you normally follow in your daily life.

So it can always be a dirtier, more direct and bolder note than what you usually reveal verbally. Forget the good girl in you and use the F-word when you tell him you want to sleep with him.

Stay yourself and relax

You shouldn't bend over backwards when it comes to dirty talk and sexting The guiding principle is that anything that pleases you and your partner and gives you an erotic and stimulating feeling is possible and permissible.

You can start cautiously and wait for your partner's reactions. As a woman, you'll probably find that men really enjoy obscene dialogue So don't be afraid to laugh out loud with your partner about terminology when you say obscene things in your mouth.

Because only with two people can you first become familiar with the “right language” . It's okay to make a bold move if you venture out a little and enter new verbal territory. Just be brave!

It doesn't always have to be dirty talk

First, remember that suggestive puns are one of many expressions of sexual excitement and desire. So if you're in a very romantic mood, you're probably more interested in showing your love.

In such moments, the need for romance and tenderness may come to the fore. So no reason to unpack the verbal sex club here. Let yourself be carried by your current mood.

In such moments, the explicit eroticism fade into the background and you can then express your feelings more subtly. Follow your mood and your ideas here. The following also applies to erotic conversations in bed:

“Everything is possible – nothing is necessary.”

Sexting tips from professionals

In the KroneHit podcast Total Versext, the trained coach and sexologist Sandra Spick (formerly Raunigg) gives you tips on how to make dirty talk easier for you.

Many people want their imagination to be stimulated through language in bed. But how do you start with it? What is too much? What do women find sexy? What is offensive? What's cool?

Sandra Spick the Instagram star “Costina got Curves” and things can get a lot harder with her than with the sexologist.


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Dirty talk challenge with Lucy Cat and Katja Krasavice

The funny challenge about ambiguous terms with the two erotic connoisseurs Lucy-Cat and Katja Krasavice : Creative, horny and not that serious 😉


Dirty Talk Tips from “Bedroom View”

The appropriate use of erotic language can rekindle passion and desire in the bedroom. But perhaps you lack the courage to strike the right tone in bed?

This video is about: Talking is golden! The YouTuber from the erotic channel “Schlafzimmerblick” explains what you should pay attention to when talking dirty and gives you erotic tips that are guaranteed to send both your partner and yourself into ecstasy!

Have fun with this erotic video about dirty talk!

Lola Sparks also reveals her best tips for cover letters

Further contact points for tips, advice and suggestions on the topic

Audio book for even more suggestions and examples

Are you bored with your relationship but don't know how to make it more exciting? Do you want to seduce your partner with words but feel silly doing so? Don't worry, many people feel this way - including the author Alina Weigel .

But she changed her life and her relationship and now, in this book, she shares her techniques with you on how you can authentically drive your partner crazy with words without feeling weird.

You will learn why words have such power over us and how you can overcome your mental hurdles to develop your own style and reveal authentic sensuality. Then it’s all about implementation. With example sentences and tips on how you and your partner can get in the right mood, you will find suggestions for seduction.

There are also helpful tips for long-distance relationships and telephone calls. The many great exercises will help you put what you have learned into practice.

Dirty Talk for Beginners: How to drive your romantic partner crazy with electrifying words without seeming silly
Dirty Talk for Beginners: How to drive your romantic partner crazy with electrifying words without seeming silly

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* Affiliate Links Disclaimer: We generally and without exception only recommend or link products that we use ourselves (or would use if we had the financial means) and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post contains so-called affiliate links (marked with a *), through which we can earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. This is how we finance our editorial work and our magazine articles. Read the full privacy policy .

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