Virtual worlds – a new dimension of flirting


Do you spend a lot of time online and want to meet new people, or are you looking for a suitable flirt partner? The first thing that comes to mind are the common online dating platforms, dating sites and online chats, right?

But that is no longer the entire spectrum of flirting and finding singles over the Internet. Today we would like to introduce you to a new dimension of communicating, flirting and chatting.

Virtual worlds - 3D chat - flirting on the internet

Are you familiar with virtual worlds Have you ever heard of “Second Life” ? If so, then you'll already know what I'm getting at. If not, then read on!

In a virtual world - also known as an online world or virtual world - the participants meet as self-created avatars in an artificially created environment over the Internet.

These avatars are the representatives of the real people they control. They can be based very realistically on the person or they can be a fictional dream image, depending on what the person in question decides to do.

A 3D chat offers countless possibilities for interactions and communication with other people in a digitally created world .

A little terminology

3D world

3D worlds are images of a fantasy world represented by digital media in which the participants can usually move quite freely. Most of us are already familiar with such three-dimensional environments through video games.

3D Chat

With 3D chat you can see, speak to and get to know your counterpart virtually in a three-dimensional world. You can meet up with friends and chat like in real life. Very convenient without having to leave your own home.


Avatars are virtual characters that represent you in the simulated world. You can individually determine and put together the appearance and certain characteristics of your representative.

With an avatar you can let your imagination run wild. You can essentially “design” yourself and present yourself as you have always wanted to be. Or you can decide to create your representative realistically. Whatever you want.

Once you're done creating, you can enter the digital environment and freely explore the virtual world with your avatar and look for other avatars.

If you haven't had any contact with this topic yet, it may seem a little strange to you at first. However, this approach to flirting has a number of notable advantages:

Advantages of virtual worlds

  • The opportunity to get to know people online in a “virtual environment” of your own choosing.
  • Flirt, make chat friends, fall in love – in an extraordinary atmosphere. A virtual romance can then develop into a real partnership at any time. Users decide for themselves when they want to take the step from the digital to the real world.
  • Visitors are given space in which they can move around largely without fixed guidelines and according to their own ideas and chat with other users.
  • You can create your own representative (avatar) in the virtual world and shape it according to your ideas. This gives the whole thing a creative and playful touch.
  • There is the possibility of a first “virtual meeting”, which is closer to reality than a mere text chat . Nevertheless, you don't have to leave your safe four walls and you can sniff each other out first.
Create your own attractive avatar

Flirting in the virtual world

Starting a flirt in a virtual world is completely different than, for example, in a dating site. After all, the interaction doesn't just take place via written text, but you can observe the other person and carry out a variety of actions that a conventional chat does not offer.

You don't know if the other avatar just wants to get to know the new world, flirt, or maybe more. And that's exactly what makes it so attractive.

The exchange between each other does not happen as usual through writing and exchanging information or pictures, but through body language, behavior, actions and stories - just like in real life. You get to know each other and then let things flow freely.

This parallel world on the Internet offers participants the greatest freedom and opportunities to make contact . For example, you can also purchase property, celebrate or even host parties, go shopping, attend concerts, take part in competitions, and much more...

This wide range of interaction options strengthens the personal bond with the communication partner so much that the factors of spatial and “temporal” distance (time zones) are almost eliminated.

The only possibility for improvement is real contact with the other person. And here too, of course, everyone has the choice whether and when they want this.

Secret City – A 3D chat of the latest generation

Are you now curious about the possibilities of the virtual world? recommend Secret City to you as one of the most exciting providers with a free chat

Secret City - Free 3D Chat
Secret City – Free 3D Chat

Secret City is a 3D chat embedded in a virtual world. Just like in the real world, Secret City offers you countless entertainment options:

  • You chat in the attractive 3D environment of a lively city
  • You meet other people in virtual places (e.g. on the beach)
  • Build your own 3D apartment
  • Make friends
  • Start flirting
  • Free registration
  • Lots of exciting chat games
  • Various opportunities to participate in teams

Online dating via the well-known and traditional dating sites and contact portals has been successfully helping us to make contact and find a partner for many years, but it has clear limits.

When you chat virtually, you expand your options and immerse yourself in an exciting world full of adventure, variety and entertainment.

A virtual world can also be an interim solution before a first real meeting with an online acquaintance.

The first real date will definitely no longer be slow and you will have to obsessively search for topics to talk about. After all, you have already experienced a lot together and can exchange ideas much more easily.

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