Polish Singles – What You Need to Know About Dating Polish Women


about Polish women , dating with Polish singles and arranged marriages with Eastern European ladies.

From the perspective of Polish women, many of these things probably read very ridiculous, far-fetched or even absurd.

Due to the countless articles published in the media about Poland, stereotypes and prejudices, many people have a distorted image of Polish people and especially women from this Eastern European country.

There are many ways to ruin a date with a Polish woman. So that this doesn't happen to you, we should get a clear picture right from the start of the typical characteristics, behavior, preferences and values ​​of the wonderful people from our large neighboring country to the east.

Polish singles - get to know women from Poland
What distinguishes Polish women?
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In particular, you should be able to answer the following questions in order to maximize your chances with Polish single women :

  1. What is a typical woman from Poland like?
  2. What's the best way to impress them?
  3. Why are Polish women mainly found on Polish dating sites ?

In this article I will help you find the answers. Let's go step by step.

What is a typical Polish woman like?

Starting from common stereotypes, let's see how Polish women are perceived and check which of them are actually true.


Hospitality is one of the most common attributes attributed to Polish people.

If you are invited to a Polish home, expect the hostess to take it very seriously. Women in Poland love hosting and entertaining guests at home. They love being able to demonstrate their skills as hostess and cook.

In the event that the party is around Christmas, it is very likely that you will be full at least until the New Year.

Be sure to accept any food offered, as rejection can make the hostess feel bad.

Good education

If you want to impress a Polish woman, you need to flatter not only her beauty but also her intellect.

Polish girls make up almost 58 percent of all students at Polish universities. In recent years, more and more of them have been opting for technical courses of study.


Don't be surprised if a Polish woman offers to cook for you or take loving care of you when you're sick.

Apparently this behavior pattern is innate to them, or at least is culturally ingrained - they are caring and dedicated to caring for people they care about.

In return, they definitely expect their efforts to be appreciated. So remember to show that you are grateful - whether with attention, verbally or with small gifts.

Who doesn't need a little pampering from time to time? And who doesn't like to be appreciated for their caring nature?

Family oriented

Many Polish ladies still value the same values ​​that their parents, grandparents and ancestors valued.

Mothers have a special place in the hearts of Polish girls - if you try to reach your girlfriend on the phone and the line is busy - just try again in 30 minutes. She's probably just having a little chat with her mother or grandma.

In any case, accept this close bond within the family and do not interfere.


Polish ladies - beauty and elegance
Polish ladies pay attention to a tasteful appearance
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While you may not mind wearing your ratty gray sweatpants to buy milk at a local store, Polish women will think carefully about your appearance before heading out of the house on an errand.

This doesn't mean they are overdressed, but they do pay close attention to their makeup and clothing choices. Her style is always appropriate, elegant and stylish. Polish women are generally known for their good taste in fashion.

Polish ladies pay particular attention to a tasteful appearance, especially on special occasions such as business meetings, family celebrations, weddings or evening events.


Due to traditional upbringing, Polish women expect their partners to act as noble knights in shining armor, at least from time to time. You would also like to be courted as a lady and love romantic surprises.

Almost three quarters of them believe in love at first sight. Who knows, maybe your rendezvous with a Polish woman will only last a moment that will decide your future together.


Polish girls are not bitchy or always looking for heated discussions. Accordingly, romantic quarrels between Polish couples in public places are rarely observed.

Instead of immediately making a scene, a Polish woman can deal with problems in the relationship more confidently and usually gives the man the space to take the first step towards resolving a problem.

What is the best way to impress Polish women?

Contact with foreign cultures or cultures that we don't yet know well is not always easy for us and can sometimes cause insecurity and discomfort.

This need not be. With a little preparation, you can confidently start your first dating adventures with women from this wonderful culture.

Here comes some useful advice:

Good manners

First of all, you can't behave worse than Polish men. Polish men have good manners and behave courteously towards women.

They hold doors open and always let women through the door first, whether into the restaurant, the store, the car or any other door.

The popular greeting among Poles (both men and women) in personal circles is a kiss on the right and left cheek.

However, don't try to kiss her on one cheek right away during the first meeting. This can be seen as too bold, intrusive and an intrusion into their personal comfort zone. Take it easy and don't rush into anything.

Typical Polish men would also always help a woman carry a heavy luggage or suitcase or rush to the side during any other physical exertion.

So always behave like a complete gentleman. Despite all the equality and equality between the sexes, Polish women still like a traditional distribution of roles in various everyday things and like to be courted, protected and treated as ladies.

Flowers open the way to your heart

If you want to win the heart of a Polish girl, bring fresh flowers on the first date. That may sound tired, but it will certainly not fail to have the desired effect.

In Poland, flowers are given as gifts on many occasions such as weddings, birthdays, etc.

Polish women love flowers
Polish women love flowers
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If you are invited to visit a Polish home, be sure to bring a gift as a small gift - usually flowers for a hostess, sometimes a select bottle of wine or vodka for a host.

Beautiful flowers are everywhere in Poland, especially at farmers' markets.

to eat out

When you have dinner together in a restaurant, you should show your elegant and gallant side.

Always ask first what she wants to eat, etc. Let her sit in the restaurant first. Pull out the chair for her and take her coat to the cloakroom.

First, pour wine into her glass. Don't be pushy or pressure her to drink more.

Don't drink too much yourself and keep your composure. Alcoholism is a social problem in Poland, especially among men. You can ruin all your chances if you get drunk and misbehave.

The first impression is of great importance. Don't tell her you love her at the first opportunity you get. Don't jump the gun and don't overdo it with compliments.

Don't try to impress her by only talking about your own successes.

Give her your undivided attention and listen to her. A sense of humor could also be very helpful in your first conversation.

Try to show that you are educated, stylish, intelligent, strong, confident, but not too self-centered and self-absorbed.

Polish women want to feel protected and secure. Help her feel this way, for example by offering her your jacket if you were leaving the restaurant and it was too cold for her.

If the lady feels like she can rely on you, that makes her seem sexy.

Be sure to pay the bill at least the first time you go to the restaurant or cinema. In Poland it is less common to split the bill in restaurants.

Usually one person pays the full bill, the one who invites the others, and a man more often than a woman.

Polish women are usually good cooks (besides teenage girls). If she invites you to dinner, bring a flower and appreciate the food. If you tried to fix food for them, it would be even better!

Learn a few Polish words

An excellent way to demonstrate your genuine interest is to learn a few Polish terms and phrases.

Make an effort and learn a few common greetings, terminology and colloquial expressions.

Garnished with a pinch of humor, you'll be able to get her on the board in no time.

A few words about personal distance

People in different cultures have different comfort zones in terms of closeness and distance in which they feel comfortable.

Poles, like other Europeans, typically don't get physically closer than arm's length unless dancing or holding hands.

Don't stare persistently into her eyes. This could be seen as an invasion of their private space. Remain a friendly, attentive, but by no means intrusive observer and give her space.

A few words about personal distance

And perhaps the most important tip at the end: Polish women are usually not interested in casual, harmless and open relationships. You take the search for a partner seriously. Commitment, honesty, trust and keeping commitments play an overriding role.

Be aware of this and respect this fact.

Why do Polish women mainly frequent Polish dating sites?

Polish dating sites such as MyPolonia and dating agencies have become increasingly popular over the last few years. With regard to relationships, love, romance and even marriage brokerage, numerous providers have appeared on the Internet that specialize in getting to know Polish women or in facilitating or supporting the establishment of contacts with ladies from this culture.

Traditional methods of finding a partner, such as locations in the city, at work, in the shopping center or the library, have retreated and become significantly less important.

Polish women looking for a partner
Fewer clubs and bars – Polish women rely more on online dating when looking for a partner
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Since the recent boom in digital services, mobile apps and social networks as well as messaging apps, the number of people looking for a suitable partner through dating websites has increased significantly.

This also applies to women from our hospitable neighboring country. But why are Polish women less likely to be found in the general, large singles exchanges and dating portals, but rather in specialized contact exchanges?

The culture, behavior, needs and expectations of Polish women from potential partners – whether from Poland or other countries – differ in a few key ways from Western standards.

I have already described these cultural peculiarities This also explains why dating sites and apps like Tinder & Co., which are more aimed at quick numbers and innocuous contact, are not the method of choice for girls from Poland.

They prefer long-term relationships and not one-night stands. As a result, they primarily join online dating services that offer the most accurate matching possible with a partner for a long-term, serious and trusting relationship.

Single Polish singles are looking for something stable, a relationship that will last a lifetime. They are literally looking for true love.

Online dating is particularly successful among singles from Poland and enjoys unbridled popularity. Women are no longer just looking for a suitable counterpart within their own national borders.

To the delight of men from all over the world who are looking for exactly what Polish women embody in a woman - elegance and beauty, caring, family orientation, stability, and a strong sense of romance.

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