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Welcome to the world of nudist clubs ! Here you will find a variety of wellness oases that specialize in the (erotic) needs of their guests.

Whether sauna clubs , contact saunas , bars or clubs, you will find a large selection of nudist clubs Frankfurt , Düsseldorf, Berlin, Zurich, Vienna and Hamburg

In addition to equipment, size, offerings, price-performance, location and events, we have also worked out the specific features of the respective top clubs. In addition, Instagram posts and virtual video tours provide explicit insights into the inner workings of the erotic wellness temples. We hope you enjoy!

FKK clubs in Germany

FKK clubs in Germany are a paradise for wellness lovers and fans of naturism who want to combine wellness with eroticism. Here guests will find a relaxed atmosphere and can enjoy the company of exciting ladies in a feel-good atmosphere.

There are over 200 sauna clubs in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The first clubs of this type opened in the early 80s, differing from swingers clubs or brothels . The prominent sauna clubs in German-speaking countries include the Artemis in Berlin, the Palace in Frankfurt, the Sharks in Darmstadt, the Globe in Zurich and the Goldentime in Vienna.

FKK clubs in Germany are a paradise for wellness lovers and fans of nudist culture who want to combine wellness with eroticism
FKK clubs in Germany are a paradise for wellness lovers and supporters of nudist culture who want to combine wellness with eroticism
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When planning your visit, you should make sure that hygiene and privacy are guaranteed and that the ambience of the club suits you.

It's also worth taking a look at the club's offerings in advance - you'll be sure to find the right place for your individual needs.

What are naturist clubs and what can you expect there?

FKK clubs in Germany have been a popular place to go for many years for people looking for relaxation and wellness while pursuing their erotic needs. The visitor is usually received already naked.

In these clubs you can move naked and experience a special freedom. Naturist clubs offer their guests a wide range of activities, such as saunas, pools or bars.

A typical sauna club usually includes various areas such as saunas , whirlpools , relaxation rooms , outdoor areas , erotic cinemas and rooms for sexual services . With a flat rate entry you can usually use all the rooms and get food and non-alcoholic drinks. However, sexual services are not included in the entrance fee.

For example, guests can simply visit the sauna or go swimming in the swimming pool. Massages are also often part of what the clubs offer.

In nudist clubs you can move around naked and thus experience a special freedom
In nudist clubs you can move naked and experience a special freedom
Photo by Brian Lawson @visualartery, via Unsplash

There is usually a bar where you can order snacks and drinks for your physical well-being. Prices vary depending on the club, but generally you can expect an entry fee of around 50 to 80 euros.

The ticket price usually includes meals and drinks. A rich hot buffet is often offered, including alcoholic drinks at no additional cost.

Themed days and special events are not uncommon in the nudist club There are a variety of activities available, from simple outdoor barbecues to elaborate themed days.

A historical review

already suspected bathhouses of Roman times This is supported by frescoes from ancient Pompeii , which showed erotic depictions on the walls of the public thermal baths ( WELT reported).

In the Middle Ages, sexual encounters in bathhouses were generally tolerated as a human need.

There are increasing reports in the literature about sexual activities in steam baths in cities with a strong bath culture such as Budapest or Istanbul . There was already a risk of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases .

For this reason, all contact saunas today promote safer sex practices by providing condoms Prostitution Protection Act (ProstSchG, Section 24 Safety and Health Protection).

Since the introduction of the prostitution law in 2002 , numerous huge wellness facilities have been created with love for sale, offering men everything they imagine paradise to be: luxurious surroundings, attractive design, beautiful wellness areas and large outdoor areas.

There is food and parties at fair prices - no rip-offs when it comes to drinks, including frequent free beer offers. The women in these clubs are treated as welcome guests and should feel at home.

They usually earn their own living under attractive conditions.

The best nudist clubs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: An overview of the top locations

FKK clubs are very popular in Germany and offer a unique opportunity to experience wellness and relaxation. If you are looking for the best nudist clubs in Germany, then you will find them now.

In this article you will find an overview of the top locations in German-speaking countries . There are many great sauna clubs and nudist clubs that will give you an unforgettable experience.

01 FKK Club Artemis (Berlin)

FKK Club Artemis (Berlin)
FKK Club Artemis (Berlin)

Since 2005, the FKK Club Artemis in Berlin has been one of the world's leading attractions for sauna club fans . The club covers an area of ​​more than 4,000 square meters and offers everything that makes the heart of a wellness lover beat faster.

A gigantic lounge, a breathtaking wellness area with various saunas, several pools, a sports TV lounge and a hammam are standard here. The in-house restaurant also meets all culinary needs.

During the warmer months, visitors to this sauna club can make themselves comfortable on the spacious pool terrace or stroll through a Mediterranean-style outdoor area.

There is also another roof terrace available. It should also be mentioned that the entire FKK Club Artemis is barrier-free.

  • Entrance fee: Day ticket with re-entry: €80
  • Address: Halenseestr. 32-36 10711 Berlin

02 FKK Club The Palace (Frankfurt am Main)

FKK Club The Palace (Frankfurt am Main)
FKK Club The Palace (Frankfurt am Main)

The FKK club The Palace in Frankfurt offers a variety of pleasant amenities. The luxurious design of the entire facility is particularly remarkable.

Although there is no outdoor area due to the club's central location, the interior of the sauna club is richly equipped with wellness options. These include, among other things, an exclusive lounge with bar , a well-stocked buffet and various saunas such as a Finnish sauna and a bio sauna .

Regular infusions and peeling therapies are also offered. Apart from the massages, all of these offers are included in the entry price.


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  • Entrance fee: €75 day ticket – before 5 p.m. €50 for a day ticket
  • Address: Königsberger Str. 23, 60487 Frankfurt am Main

03 Sharks (Darmstadt)

Sharks FKK Club in Darmstadt
Sharks FKK Club in Darmstadt

The Sharks in Darmstadt offers its guests a comfortable bathrobe, fresh towels and disinfected bathing shoes at the reception. During the visit, personal valuables can be safely stored in a lockable locker.

A varied buffet with organic food is available and is included in the admission price. Soft drinks and coffee are also included.

In addition to the culinary offerings, wellness lovers will also get their money's worth: massages , sauna , steam bath , solarium and an in-house cosmetic studio are available to guests.

Both an outdoor and an indoor pool are available and are mostly included in the entrance fee.

The FKK Sharks offers barrier-free facilities as most of the area is at ground level. The only challenge is the climb to the gallery and the love rooms (although there are special areas for intimate encounters in the lounge on the ground floor and outside).


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The club is located in a commercial area in the north of Darmstadt, more precisely at Otto-Röhm-Straße 72. It is about 20 km southeast of Frankfurt Airport and can be easily reached by car via the A5. The Darmstadt-Nord/Weiterstadt exit leads directly there.

There is a sufficient number of parking spaces that belong exclusively to the club and cannot be viewed from outside.

  • Entrance fee: €65 for a day ticket
  • Address: Otto-Röhm-Straße 72, 64293 Darmstadt

04 FKK Club Hawaii (Ingolstadt)

FKK Hawaii in Ingolstadt - The largest sauna club in Bavaria
FKK Hawaii in Ingolstadt – The largest sauna club in Bavaria

The FKK Club Hawaii , the largest sauna club in Bavaria with an area of ​​4,000 square meters, offers its visitors more than just a buffet and non-alcoholic drinks for the entrance fee.

In addition to the culinary delights, there are numerous wellness options available, including a heated outdoor whirlpool, a sauna and a relaxation room.

There is also another indoor whirlpool for relaxing moments. To fully enjoy the pleasant ambience, a spacious terrace and a lawn with real palm trees invite you to relax in comfort.

The Hawaii also offers wellness massages, relaxation rooms, a solarium, an erotic cinema and an outdoor area with sun loungers and real palm trees.

The entrance fee for the sauna club also includes all non-alcoholic soft drinks and the breakfast buffet (brunch). The main courses are freshly prepared á la carte in the kitchen and are not included in the entry price.

  • Entrance fee: €55 for a day ticket
  • Address: Steinheilstraße 6, 85053 Ingolstadt

05 Club Globe (Zurich)

Club Globe (Zurich)
Club Globe (Zurich)

The Globe in Schwerzenbach near Zurich is one of the most renowned sauna clubs in the world and definitely the benchmark for all other clubs in Switzerland.

No other club offers its guests such an impressive selection of top international girls as the Globe, which is probably due to both excellent management and the above-average earning potential in Switzerland.

The club was founded in 2004 and is considered the parent company and flagship of the so-called “empire” , a rather humorous term that every sauna club friend in Switzerland knows.

If you want to experience the lively hustle and bustle at the Globe, you should not only have enough money in your wallet, but also have strong nerves. Because in this club it gets hot and there are only limited opportunities for rest and relaxation.

The club has remained true to its motto “Sex around the World” and presents itself with a fairytale-kitsch interior. In addition to the lounge with a dance floor, there are indoor saunas and hot tubs, while there is a roof terrace outside.

  • Entrance fee: CHF 95.- (approx. 60 euros) + 10.- deposit
  • Address: Iangstr. 2, 8603 Schwerzenbach (Switzerland)

06 FKK Goldentime (Vienna)

FKK Goldentime (Vienna)
FKK Goldentime (Vienna)

Of course, there is also an exclusive sauna club in Austria, which is considered the capital's sauna club . Similar to the Artemis for the residents of Berlin and the Globe for the people of Zurich, the Goldentime is the meeting place for the Viennese.

In 2003, this luxurious establishment in the heart of Vienna's 11th district opened to great media fanfare and caused astonishment and anger among local authorities.

It set new standards right from the start and was later handed over to more professional management under the managing business economist Alexander Gerhardinger.

Although the Fun Palast in Vienna-Inzersdorf opened in 2008 and is considered a more powerful rival, the Goldentime remains a respected address for sauna clubs.

Its first-class line-up has earned it worldwide recognition and attracts visitors from all over the world, especially in the evenings when the variety is impressive and generates enthusiasm.

Goldentime Vienna is particularly known for its legendary barbecues in the summer . In the beautiful garden area with swimming pool, not only culinary delicacies are served, but also breathtaking show highlights are presented.

07 The Luxor FKK Sauna Club (formerly The Paradise, near Stuttgart)

The Luxor FKK Sauna Club (formerly The Paradise, near Stuttgart)
The Luxor FKK Sauna Club (formerly The Paradise, near Stuttgart)

An impressive oriental ambience awaits you at the FFK Club The Luxor The 5,000 square meter facility spans five floors and is decorated with beautiful carpets and intricate woodwork.

As soon as you pass the reception area, you enter a spacious hall with numerous mosaic decorations. Here you can also enjoy the wellness area, sauna, steam bath, massage parlor, Haman and whirlpool.

There are plenty of seating options available for you to get to know each other comfortably. A few steps further you will find a spacious gallery from which you have a fantastic overview.

There is also a cigar lounge and an internet area for your entertainment. The entrance fee includes the use of all wellness facilities as well as free food and drinks (soft drinks and beer).

The cigar room and internet area are also available free of charge once entry has been paid.

  • Entrance fee: €69 day ticket (€49 if you enter before 6 p.m.)
  • Address: Dieselstraße 25, 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen

08 FKK sauna club in Leipzig

FKK sauna club in Leipzig
FKK sauna club in Leipzig

In the former GDR, nudity accepted far more tolerantly than in West Germany, and this beautiful tradition continues to this day. So if you decide to visit the FKK Club Leipzig, you could interpret it like this.

The entrance ticket costs 60 euros and includes access to the buffet, which serves either brunch, lunch or dinner depending on the time of day. There are even multiple cards with discounts for five or ten visits. A visit to the sauna club in Leipzig also offers some other good entertainment options.

These include the sauna, the cinema and, above all, the attractively designed rooms with their own bathroom - perfect for undisturbed moments for two. Or maybe you would like to try your luck on one of the modern slot machines and find out if the saying “lucky in love” is true?

  • Entrance fee: €60 for a day ticket
  • Address: Torgauer Str. 246, 04347 Leipzig

09 Babylon (Hamburg)

The Babylon (Hamburg)
The Babylon (Hamburg)

Which German city is the first that comes to mind when you think of clubs where you can have a pleasant time with ladies? Correct. And that's why there is of course a nudist club that is designed so that you can enjoy a few hours there.

At Babylon Hamburg you will find around 2,800 square meters full of amenities such as a cinema or large outdoor screen , a sauna , a steam room and a very inviting indoor pool .

The sauna club combines the advantages of a nudist beach with the ambience of a nightclub , so that every visitor can meet their personal taste here.

Of course, physical well-being is not neglected - at any time of the day you can put together a meal from the buffet that will keep you going during your stay.

To enter this wellness paradise you have to pay 60 euros; It's cheaper at night and you can even enter for free on your birthday.

  • Entrance fee: €60 for a day ticket
  • Address: Süderstraße 236 – 238 20537 Hamburg Mitte

10 FKK World (Pohlheim/Gießen)

FKK World (Gießen)
FKK World (Gießen)

When you leave the packed parking lot and walk through the impressive entrance to FKK World, you realize that you haven't gotten lost in a small provincial club.

The FKK World is the largest sauna club ever and can rightly be described as a club of superlatives . The club area extends over a huge parking lot and an equally large outdoor area and offers guests extensive indoor facilities on two floors that offer everything that is expected of a premium club.

The FKK World Gießen is also a sauna club with a long history, which has an air-conditioned indoor area of ​​2,500m² and an outdoor area of ​​25,000m².

The club offers its guests numerous highlights such as its own restaurant , a casino as well as a cigar lounge and shisha lounge . During the summer months, extensive barbecue parties in the BBQ area .

The main meeting point is an extremely tastefully decorated lounge, also known as the departure lounge. This large lounge features a circular bar with direct access to changing rooms, showers and toilets, a dining room, a casino, a cinema and a VIP suite.

A staircase also takes you to the outdoor area. In the basement there is a large indoor pool with a whirlpool as well as a fireplace room and a relaxation bar with Sky TV.

Sauna, solarium and massage rooms are also available, as well as special rooms for more intimate matters.

Of course, the outdoor area also offers a large swimming pool as well as idyllic sunbathing lawns, log cabins, barbecue areas and a beach club with beach volleyball courts.

The FKK World offers space for both lively hustle and bustle and peaceful rest.

The entrance fee to the sauna club not only includes the use of all wellness facilities, but also the cold and warm buffet as well as soft drinks and draft beer.


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  • Entrance fee: €70 for a day ticket
  • Address: Am Pfahlgraben 14, 35415 Pohlheim

11 FKK sauna club Oase (Friedrichsdorf/Frankfurt)

FKK sauna club Oase (Friedrichsdorf/Frankfurt)
FKK sauna club Oase (Friedrichsdorf/Frankfurt)

There is hardly any other German sauna club that is as well-known and popular with the international public as the FKK Oase . This club presents itself as a luxurious and impressive establishment that adult entertainment at the highest level .

The naturist oasis was extensively renovated in 2013/14 and has shone in new splendor ever since. The club has always been characterized by opulent Greco-Roman architecture as well as artistic wall paintings and sculptures. After the renovation, additional Egyptian and Roman VIP suites created, which are unique with their magnificent furnishings.

There is now a new Italian restaurant and a large wellness and spa area. The bar and lounge area remain popular places to party, but the once legendary cinema no longer exists. Outside there are rustic saunas and one of the largest gardens in German sauna clubs .

The well-maintained swimming pool is beautifully embedded in the garden terrace , where many guests can relax on their loungers in summer. For romantic meetings on warm summer evenings, this huge area offers numerous retreats for nice companions.

The FKK Oase is one of the most important sauna clubs in Germany and is an absolute must for anyone who wants to visit the greater Frankfurt area and is a sauna club fan.


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  • Entrance fee: Day ticket – €50 before 4:00 p.m., €70 after 5:00 p.m. Always €50 on Wednesdays
  • Address: Ober-Erlenbacher Str. 109, 61381 Friedrichsdorf

12 Sakura Premium FKK Club (Böblingen)

Sakura Premium FKK Club (Böblingen)
Sakura Premium FKK Club (Böblingen)

The Sakura Wellness FKK Club is located near the Böblingen Hulb S-Bahn station near Stuttgart and covers an area of ​​3,000 square meters. The club premises comprise three floors, offering a true paradise for wellness lovers.

Even in the basement there are numerous amenities such as a steam bath, a Finnish sauna, a bio sauna and various relaxation areas. huge whirlpool is particularly impressive and is an absolute highlight.

If you go to the outdoor terrace , you will find many comfortable bamboo loungers, a bar and even a grill kitchen. If you then climb the stairs to the first floor, you enter a great lounge area with a bar.

From the leather seats you not only have a fantastic view of the screen but also of the stage itself. There is also a restaurant with internet terminals available to all guests of the club.

For the entrance fee to this sauna club, every guest can fully enjoy the all-inclusive wellness offer.

  • Entrance fee: €50 for a day ticket
  • Address: Wolf-Hirth-Straße 38, 71034 Böblingen

13 FKK Paradise Erfurt

Naturist paradise Erfurt
Naturist paradise Erfurt

The interior of the redesigned factory hall is impressive. The FKK Paradies presents itself as a tasteful and modern club with a large lounge where plenty of decorative seating and pole dancing are available.

There is also a bar area, a restaurant , a spacious cinema and an inviting wellness area with a sauna, solarium, a small indoor pool and whirlpool as well as beautifully furnished rooms - everything for a pleasant stay.

In addition to the large swimming pool, the extensive outdoor area also offers another whirlpool and a well-kept garden with arbors, beach chairs and loungers. There is also a beach volleyball court.

In comparison, the line-up of 10-20 people seems a bit thin; the club could easily accommodate more girls without feeling overcrowded.

  • Entrance fee: Day ticket for €60 (discounts possible)
  • Address: Am Stollberg 49, 99085 Erfurt

14 Colosseum Private FKK Sauna Club (Augsburg)

Colosseum Private naturist sauna club
Colosseum Private naturist sauna club

The FKK Club Colosseum covers an area of ​​2,500 square meters and impresses with its consistent Roman style. A particularly attractive attraction is the large oval swimming pool, which is adorned by a waterfall.

Rumor has it that the best girls in the Free State can be found here: on normal days you can expect to see 20-30 naked women, and at peak times even up to 40-50.

From the outside, the building may look like an ordinary commercial hall and have little appeal, but the inside reveals a completely different atmosphere. As soon as you leave the reception and changing area behind you, you enter a hall with an impressive ceiling height. This is crossed by numerous columns and forms a focal point in the form of a large oval swimming pool with a waterfall in the middle.

There is a long bar on the left side and there is also a small restaurant here. If you let your eyes wander, you will see comfortable benches or loungers made of imitation leather in various places on which the ladies of the house can relax.

Behind the swimming pool there are saunas and a whirlpool. The use of stone materials in this hall makes the club appear very tidy on the one hand, but creates a slightly cool atmosphere on the other.

The club originally lacked a cinema, but a small film room was later installed in the basement of the building. Wide staircase galleries lead to the massage room and the functionally equipped performance rooms.

Although the club has a small outdoor terrace, it is disproportionate to the size of the club; in fact, the FKK Colosseum focuses primarily on indoor activities.

partner club FKK Morgenland in Ulm-Donautal since 2005 .

15 FKK Finca Erotica (Dierndorf)

FKK Finca Erotica (Dierndorf)
FKK Finca Erotica (Dierndorf)

In the middle of the Westerwald , very close to the A3/Dierdorf motorway exit , there is a pleasure house of exceptional quality: the Finca Erotica ! This sauna club is a true pearl and has enjoyed great popularity with guests from North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse for many years - and rightly so.

The impressive finca extends over 3,000 square meters of flat space with a magnificent garden. Architecturally, it is characterized by a spacious reception hall, which immerses visitors in a fairytale-like, playful world - with a slightly oriental touch and extremely cozy. The absolute highlight here is a circular bar in the center of the action.

There is a buffet area with a dining area where you can eat until late at night. In addition to a cozy sauna, there is also a relaxation zone with a bubbling whirlpool where you can retreat and comfortably watch what is going on in the lounge.

The highlight of the garden area is a large swimming pool, which is beautifully lit in the evenings and from which you can also take a cozy look in the winter garden on cold evenings.

People with physical disabilities can move largely freely within the club area. Birthday children receive free entry as a generous gesture from the club.

Düsseldorf and the Ruhr area, the strongholds of sauna clubs

The Ruhr area , one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, is home to several cities such as Duisburg, Oberhausen, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Essen, Bottrop, Gelsenkirchen and Bochum. These are located right next to each other and are shaped by a special history and social structure.

The brothels in the Ruhr area are characterized by their own identity. In addition to the historically grown running streets and red light districts, there are numerous private houses as well as clubs, bars and appointment apartments - there are also nudist clubs and sauna clubs.

In the direct catchment area of ​​the Ruhr area you will find around 20 nudist clubs and sauna clubs as well as around a dozen former package clubs. Although these clubs are not the most exclusive, they offer sex at reasonable prices.

RTCs or RTC clubs (Red Carpet Club) are particularly popular in this category . These established brothels have deep roots in the milieu of the Ruhr area.

to choose Düsseldorf when visiting nudist clubs and sauna clubs Although there are currently only two sauna clubs - Dolce Vita Erotik Lounge and Oceans - in the city of Düsseldorf, there are three other interesting establishments right outside the city gates:

  • Acapulco Gold
  • Magnum
  • Livingroom

In addition, the highly regarded Lower Rhine sauna clubs Golden Time Brüggen , Happy Garden Tönisvorst , Villa Vanilla Grefrath and Heaven Seven Willich are practically right on the doorstep.

A trip to the neighboring Cologne Rhineland with its popular party clubs such as Samya , Mondial or FKK Babylon is of course also worthwhile.

FKK Bernds Schieferhof and the Parksauna Residenz also worth a visit.

Overall, around 30% of all German nudist clubs and sauna clubs are located on the Lower Rhine, in the neighboring Ruhr area and in the Cologne catchment area - they can be reached quickly and easily from Düsseldorf.

Hygiene and privacy in German nudist clubs

When it comes to visiting a nudist club, it is understandable that many people have concerns about hygiene and privacy.

But in German nudist clubs, special attention is paid to this. Guests can be assured that the sauna clubs are cleaned regularly and all necessary hygiene measures are taken. The privacy of the guests is also respected.

Many of the clubs have separate areas for couples or individuals where they can enjoy their time undisturbed.

How do you find the right nudist club? Tips for choosing the right club for individual needs

In order to find the right naturist club, it is important individual needs and preferences into account. An important aspect when choosing can be the location of the club.

offers and prices also play a role in the decision-making process.

It is also important to pay attention to hygiene in the club and the privacy of the guests.

A good way to get an overview of different nudist clubs in Germany is through online directories as well as reviews and recommendations from other visitors. This means that interested parties can find out in advance which clubs are most likely to meet their individual needs.

Our recommendations for further contact points:

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