Transsexuals as a sophisticated companion of a special kind


For people outside the scene, transvestites are often just men who enjoy swapping clothes. Of course, an explanation of this phenomenon is not that one-dimensional in reality. The truth is probably much more complex.

What exactly are the differences between transvestites, transsexuals and transgenders?

Transvestites feel at home in their bodies but enjoy dressing up as a woman or a man. They are by no means mentally ill. Why they do what they do is probably not that easy to explain.

So transvestites love to wear the clothes of the opposite sex. But you have to clearly differentiate them from transsexuals. Unlike transsexuals , transvestites feel at home in their bodies and do not want to undergo gender reassignment.

Most of the time it is heterosexual men who feel the irresistible urge to temporarily slip into the role of a woman. Their motives are different: Some simply enjoy living out their feminine side. However, a larger proportion of those affected also experience the change of clothes as sexually arousing.

Among insiders, wearing clothes of the opposite sex is also cross-dressing . Those affected in particular like to use this term because, in their view, the term transvestite is associated with negative prejudices. - Banner – banner

On the other hand, the term “tranny” not very popular among transsexuals . “Shemale” is a widely used term, especially in the erotic film industry. However, those affected themselves usually find this unsympathetic or even offensive. They therefore prefer more neutral terms such as transgender .

The scene can be found on the Internet

The transvestite community has grown significantly over the last ten years. Reasons for this can possibly be found in a more open society and in the networking possibilities of the Internet. This makes it much easier these days to get in touch with like-minded people and exchange ideas about common preferences.

At the same time, the recognition of transsexual people continues to increase, which also means that more and more people with the urge to change gender roles are dealing with this need openly and no longer keeping it a secret. It can be assumed that tolerance towards transgender people will continue to increase in 2014.

Transvestment in escort

Transgenders and cross-dressers have also successfully established themselves in the area of ​​escort services The days when so-called “shemales” only performed on stage in nightclubs are a thing of the past. However, official integration into society turns out to be an exhausting hurdle for those affected.

A change in civil status and the resulting change of name has to be implemented laboriously in the form of legal proceedings, which is why transgender people have to go through a long and difficult path to get where they want to be - in the right body.

In order to at least make it easy for them to establish quick and non-binding contact with like-minded people, there are more and more portals and communities on the web. This also includes the portal – Germany's new No.1 for escort services . It is the largest and most successful platform of its kind for the German-speaking region.

There you can enjoy erotic services as well as high-quality companionship from ladies and shemales or transsexuals . This way you can experience eroticism of a slightly different kind.

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