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elFlirt – Free contact portal tested and compared

Overall impression: [Rating:80/100]

Christian Mogge and his team are behind this flirt exchange, which can largely be used free of charge. According to the operator, 120 new registrations are added every day. The platform currently has around 750,000 members. The average age of the platform is rather young at 25 to 40. However, there is no upper age limit. However, you must be of legal age to register.

El Flirt would like to ask a question right at the beginning ( “angel or urchin” ) to ask whether users are looking for a committed relationship or a quick adventure. Since 2009, the platform has made it possible to get to know each other reliably and easily. In the following test, our experiences will show you what the singles exchange offers, whether there are any fees and what type of members there are.

The singles exchange elFlirt

Who is this dating platform suitable for?

The dating site elFlirt is aimed at people of all kinds who want to flirt. You can use an option in your profile to decide whether you have serious intentions, just want to flirt without obligation or are more looking for an adventure.

Young adults between the ages of 20 and 40 will have the most fun and success in this community.

Security and privacy

Our experiences with elFlirt show that the protection of personal data is a key concern for the operator . According to the platform, it ensures that your information is not passed on to third parties. Our test of elFlirt.de also showed that the company ICONY GmbH is experienced and established and that the dating site has already been featured in various media.

We can also confirm that your data will be treated discreetly and other users will not be able to give you access to it without your permission. This shows that the elFlirt dating agency is reputable and that you do not have to worry about your privacy when opening your profile.

In addition, the dating site's servers are hosted in Germany and comply with GDPR standards . The entire data exchange is also SSL encrypted.

  • GDPR standards are complied with
  • SSL encryption when exchanging all data
  • Servers exclusively in Germany

Registration and profile area

The registration process on the website is very simple and, like most services, free. To register, you only need to enter a valid internet address and a nickname. You will then receive a confirmation email with which you can activate the account.

Our experiences with elFlirt show that you can do a lot with the basic membership . This way you can get to know the platform before taking up a paid membership. You also have the option to make your profile information detailed to increase your chances of being contacted. It is also possible to indicate your preferences and wishes regarding a partner.

When registering , you must provide information about your stature, preferences and contact requests. If you want to take full advantage of the free features, you'll need to upload a photo of yourself. So you can take part in the photo flirt and send other users a smile. It is also possible to change the information provided at any time. If you answer questions from the Question Flirt section, the answers will be visible to other users on your profile. You can also view other profiles and photos for free.

  • Create a detailed profile
  • Image upload required for photo flirt
  • Members can view all profile pictures for free

Members & membership structure

Since elFlirt was founded in 2009, more than 750,000 people have registered, some looking for a permanent partner, others looking for a flirt. The platform is a perfect place for casual dating . The majority of users are younger than 25, but there are also users older than 50.

The proportion of men and women on the platform is balanced, which can be seen as an advantage. elFlirt is also suitable for the homosexual community those who are specifically interested in homosexual singles, we recommend taking a look at Gay.de.

  • Around 10,000 members are active every week
  • Many members under 30 years old
  • Profiles show the orientation of the singles
elFlirt - Flirt for free - Safe partner search for angels and urchins with maximum data protection
elFlirt – Flirt for free – secure partner search for angels and urchins with maximum data protection

The profile – angel or devil?

After registering, you can create your own profile. On the flirt card you can also specify who can receive what information and how much you personally want to reveal. When you register you can also decide whether you are just looking for a flirt or true love.

If you choose the angel, you are looking for something longer-term. If you choose the devil, you are off on an adventure. The flirt card is completed by a photo, which can be verified by the platform upon request.

Search and find

A function allows you to immediately see who is online or who has recently joined the community.

Contact with other members is possible from day one without restrictions and without hidden costs. You can use the search function to limit your search by angel, devil, distance or city. The webcam chat option allows you to directly see who is sitting on the other side of the computer. Chats can be person-to-person or in groups.

Protection against fakes and unwanted requests

According to our elFlirt experience, you can have your profile checked at any time to verify its authenticity and receive ID check symbol

We have noticed that fake profiles are very rare on the platform. The members are extremely sociable and do an authenticity check . In addition, elFlirt's support team carries out strict security checks .

This indicates that elFlirt Fake has no chance and the serious way of working is emphasized once again.

  • Voluntary proof of identity with ID check symbol
  • Temporary profile blocks for checks when logging in from abroad
  • Editorial review of new members

The profile – show yourself from your best side

Immediately after registering, you can create or complete your own profile. Various areas are provided here through which you can describe and stage yourself:

  • General: Here you specify what you are looking for and can share a personal motto or guiding principle.
  • About me: In this free text field you have plenty of opportunity to describe or paraphrase yourself in your own words. A little tip: avoid general formulations and phrases and stick to your personal style.
  • General: Important key information about you, such as profession, marital status, income, language skills, zodiac sign, smoking behavior, personal characteristics, hobbies, pets, personal likes and dislikes.
  • Profile: Description of your external appearance (physical characteristics such as height, hair and eye color, stature, piercings, tattoos, ...)
  • Interests and hobbies: What do you like to do in your free time? What films and books do you like? What kind of music do you like to listen to? What inspires and excites you?
  • Way of life: Let us look a little deeper into your private lifestyle (diet, sport, lifestyle, dreams and desires, ...)
  • Partnership: Describe your attitude and personal stance on the various aspects surrounding partnerships and relationships.

The question flirt

Question flirting plays a special role in designing your own profile. In short, this is a simple personality test in the form of a questionnaire.

More than 100 questions about pleasant and unpleasant things ask about your individual attitudes on various topics. The questions can be answered with a cross. You choose the answer options that best match your ideas and also indicate which answers you accept from a potential counterpart. Then weight the questions.

The question flirtation is voluntary and can be divided into several stages if you feel overwhelmed by it at the beginning.

However, if you attach great importance to the fact that your ways of thinking, wishes, dreams and ideas harmonize well with potential flirt partners, then we recommend that you answer at least 80-100 of these questions in order to achieve a certain level of significance for the matching factor .

If more than 65 percent of the answers from two participants match, the pair is considered a so-called top match. This is a simple matching algorithm that cannot be compared with scientifically based personality analyzes from large online dating agencies such as Parship , ElitePartner or eDarling .

It always gives you a good initial indication of whether you have a good basis for getting to know a prospective flirt partner.

Search and find

You can immediately see who is online via a notice on the platform. The search can be refined with various filters (general, location, external). More specific filters such as hair and eye color, relationship type, hobbies or “last online” are only available with the premium membership.

The photo flirt – swipe your way to the next date

Most people probably already know the principle of photo flirting from the popular dating app Tinder. Photos of other members are displayed and you can swipe to the right or left to indicate whether you are interested in the person shown or not.

If mutual interest is expressed, a match is made and both partners are informed about it. Afterwards you can write to each other directly and flirt with each other.

A nice, uncomplicated and entertaining feature to find matches quickly and without a lot of searching, finding and texting.

Free services:

  •   Registration
  •   Create a profile including question flirting and matching factor
  •   Upload photos (including verification)
  •   Have your profile picture verified
  •   Receive and reply to messages from premium members
  •   Send messages to premium members
  •   Search and filter functions (limited)
  •   View profile information (limited)
  •   Participation in photo flirting (limited)
  •   Favorites list (with limitation)
  •   Send smileys
  •   Use the “Like” function for interesting profiles

Paid services:

  •   Search and filter functions (without limitation)
  •   View profile information (without restrictions)
  •   Participation in the photo flirt (without restrictions) including displaying all interested parties
  •   ID check symbol on your own business card
  •   Surf anonymously
  •   Use video dating without restrictions
  •   Write unlimited messages to all members
  •   Receive messages from non-premium members
  •   Unlimited number of visitors and smileys displayed
  •   Favorites list (unlimited)
  •   Hide unwanted members
  •   Own profile cover photo


  •   Basic functions to try out are free
  •   Overview “Who is online? / Who’s new?”
  •   Video Chat
  •   Certified authenticity image
  •   User-friendly layout & design
  •   Clear search results
  •   Search function with filter options
  •   Successful matching principle with question flirting
  •   few fakes, good moderation of member profiles
  •   Fotoflirt creates a Tinder moment for quick contact initiation
  •   Informative blog with tips and advice about the dating market
  •   Transparency and authenticity of the operators, also in terms of security and data protection


  •   No standalone web app for on the go
  •   Limited functionality of the basic membership
  •   Premium membership automatically renews
  •   Question flirting a bit complex

Costs and prices:

Basic functions (some with restrictions) are free with the basic membership. In order to be able to use the full range of functions with all contact options, an upgrade to a premium membership is necessary. A monthly fee is then due, which depends on the period selected:

  •   1 month: 29.90 euros / month
  •   6 months: 16.90 euros / month
  •   12 months: 11.90 euros / month

Payment options:

  •   Credit card (MasterCard, VISA)
  •   Bank transfer, direct debit
  •   Paypal

Contract and termination:

If you would like to terminate the premium membership, you should terminate the premium contract in writing. If you do not cancel in a timely manner, your membership will automatically be extended for the booked period. Regardless of the term, a 14-day notice period applies. You should terminate the subscription in writing (by letter, fax, email) or directly in the member area (under “Account Management”).

Please do not forget to always provide your user name and email address when canceling in writing.

To delete your entire user account including profile and all data, click on your user name and go to the “Settings” menu item. At the very bottom of this section you will find the “Delete User” option. Click on the link “here”. Please note that this process cannot be reversed and all of your data will be deleted.


Overall, we can draw a positive conclusion about elFlirt, although there are still a few disadvantages compared to other dating portals. The costs for a premium membership are comparatively low, but sending messages with the free version can take a lot of time, especially after the second message.

But there are also many advantages , such as the numerous free features that attract singles. After all, elFlirt offers the opportunity to get in touch with others for both a relationship and casual dating. Question Flirt allows users to determine their match in advance, which is a great feature that isn't unique to here.

Anyone looking for a little flirt or an adventure will quickly find like-minded people on this largely free dating platform. The members can decide for themselves what type of contacts they are looking for (angels or devils).

Compared to the big singles exchanges, there are still a limited number of members here. However, the trend is growing. Despite the certificate of authenticity of your own picture, fake profiles cannot be completely avoided. However, with the blocking function you have the option of removing these users from your contact list very quickly.

Overall impression [Rating:80/100]
Number of registered members [Rating:80/100]
approximately 750,000 members
Activity/authenticity of members [Rating:70/100]
Few fakes, authentic members with real intentions, sometimes very long waiting times for sending and receiving messages
privacy [Rating:100/100]
Compliance with German security and data protection standards, maximum focus on security when looking for a partner
Member checking [Rating:90/100]
Verified profile pictures, manual checks by support team
Women's quota [Rating:80/100]
above-average proportion of women
Search filter [Rating:70/100]
Search with filter options delivers average search results (all filters but only in premium version)
Costs & Fees [Rating:80/100]
Basic version with a good range of functions can be used free of charge, fair fees for premium functions
Features & Functionalities [Rating:85/100]
Flirt card, search functions, angel-devil option, video dating chat, group chat, virtual gifts, blog with tips and advice
Usability & operation [Rating:85/100]
user friendly and easy to use
Free services [Rating:90/100]
All basic functions for free
Customer Service & Support [Rating:85/100]
Online, via email, helpful support team
Feedback members [Rating:80/100]

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Joachim D.https://www.dating-vergleich.com
Online editor, copywriter and publicist in the field of online dating since 2012. Passionate blogger for over 10 years with diverse interests and many years of expertise in the market for dating sites, dating apps, dating agencies and flirt chats through hundreds of product tests, expert interviews and intensive research over more than a decade .


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    First of all, thank you very much for your comment. I took it again as an opportunity to read our review of Poppen.de to check whether we may not have made it clear which services are free and which require payment. I think we've listed in detail what you can do there as a free basic member. Since the range of functions of the free basic membership was sufficient for us to make erotic contacts, we also used phrases such as “free sex contacts”, for example. However, the range of functions is limited, which we will point out in detail.

    In general, it is difficult to draw the line between free and paid portals. Basically, every portal has to finance itself and therefore generate income in one way or another. What is crucial for us is that a free membership gives you enough functions to build real contacts.

    We haven't tested the Lustagenten portal yet. But I'll put it on my to-do list.

    I hope I was able to help you a little with this answer. I hope you continue to enjoy elFlirt!

  2. Hello,
    Elflirt is probably the one that is really free, I've been there for a long time myself.
    Hey, you noses from this review portal, what you do here as free for most people
    is free but is not free, for example poppen.de is only free to register
    and otherwise you have to pay for everything, also Lustagent if you already write for free
    then check whether it really is Your noses are free, oh another thing. Registering has always
    been free, otherwise no one would register.

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