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Overall impression: [Rating:75/100]

The singles exchange promises in its slogan “Singles and like-minded people are a dime a dozen” . 2.3 million registered singles could make the dream of uncomplicated contact come true, but what does the singles exchange actually look like in general and what are its strengths and weaknesses? - Free single chat with flirting mussels in the singles exchange comparison – Free single chat with flirting mussels in a singles exchange comparison

This is how Flirt Beach works

Anyone looking for a platform away from the mainstream exchanges and much-advertised singles chats will sooner or later come across The good thing about this dating site is that registration and use of the site are largely free. Therefore, despite the lack of advertising and regional marketing, the operators can look back on an impressive 2.3 million members.

The advantage of this is that as a single person searching, you can't really get started with a premium account - which finances advertising on many dating sites.

Register and get started for free is the motto at Flirt-Strand and in addition to the quick registration, the account itself is also filled out quickly and the person looking for a partner can go all out.

Uncomplicated and simple

Registration is actually lightning fast – as promised by the portal. And luckily you won't find any subscription traps or flimsy promises that can only be realized with a paid profile.

The single chat makes use as transparent as possible and also points to the different options that such an exchange generally offers.

If you're looking for something casual, you can find this as well as butterflies in your stomach and holding hands. The search itself is left almost entirely up to the user - free use also has its downsides for some.

The profile is not filled out meticulously, but uploading a photo is possible and makes sense. Because the times when profiles without pictures could flirt and date successfully are long gone.

Today people want to know what the person on the other computer looks like and caution is also the mother of the virtual porcelain box.

He is single himself

Professional psychological evaluations, endless questionnaires and contact only at the suggestion of Flirt-Strand itself? This type of partner search is common practice on other dating sites, but flirtstrand follows a different concept.

As in “real life”, the person looking for a partner has to put in the work themselves, try to make contacts, read through profiles and discover similarities and, last but not least, write to the person they love or the man of their dreams themselves.

The advantage of this is that you have to think about how you come across yourself and don't have an operator at your side who is professionally looking for matches for you, but doesn't rely on spontaneity and unpredictable sympathy.

Flirting and chatting on your own could be the motto of the site; you can look for different chat partners both regionally and throughout Germany. Helpful tips can be found in the “Flirting tips for singles” section. There you can also find a Singleboersen comparison .

Paid flirt shells and support

If you are shy and don't dare to flirt with another user directly, you can use the so-called flirt shells to establish initial contact and signal that you are interested. However, these shells are paid but can be earned playing games on the platform.

Such games also have the advantage that you can get in touch with others informally and maybe land a lucky hit, or at least have a nice conversation.

If you have problems or come across one of the fakes that like to roam around the Internet and especially on a dating site, write an email to support, who will then take care of the problem.

Free services:

  • Registration and profile creation (including photos)
  • Use the search function (including search filter)
  • View other members' profiles
  • Receive and reply to messages
  • Singles chat
  • Favorites list

Paid features:

  • Only so-called flirt shells, which are intended to make flirting easier, are subject to a charge

Like that:

  • many regional and national flirting opportunities
  • quick and easy profile creation
  • Reply to messages for free
  • Registration within 2 minutes
  • no costs or subscription traps

I don't like this:

  • Only sporadic support from the portal to find the best flirting opportunities
  • If you're shy, you have to pay (flirt shells)
  • no meaningful profile information possible

Contract and termination:

Since this dating site is not a subscription model, there is no need to cancel a current contract. There is therefore no risk of ongoing costs with this provider. For additional services, so-called flirt mussels must be purchased prepaid.

If you would like to delete your profile, you can do this at any time via your user account. If you have any doubts or are unsure, you can also contact customer service.

Please note that credits packages that have already been purchased and paid for cannot be refunded.
So it makes sense to use up the credits before deleting your profile . Otherwise they expire.

Security and privacy:

Security, data protection and anonymity are based on German standards.

User data such as IP address, access status, date and time are stored in a log file on the platform's server. This data will be deleted as soon as it is no longer needed.

Evaluations only take place anonymously and for statistical purposes. Personal data will not be linked to this data. Further details can be found in the data protection declaration.

Voucher for

Unfortunately there are no vouchers available at the moment. As soon as we have current voucher codes, we will publish them here.

If you would like to be informed immediately about the arrival of new vouchers for this dating platform, then simply write us a short email with the subject “Voucher for” and we will send you current voucher codes by email as soon as they are available become.

Customer service and contact address:

For inquiries or to cancel your profile in writing, simply use the following contact:

Phonemotion GmbH
7 08115 Lichtentanne

Email: support[at]
Fax: +49 89 12 50 12 – 941

free template from Aboalarm to cancel .

Further information about your valid right of withdrawal can be found on the website of the Hamburg Consumer Center .


Singles chat, various flirting options with people from the area and easy registration - the singles exchange offers a playful and easy way to make new contacts over the Internet.

As a single looking person and equipped with the necessary know-how, this portal offers a very free way of looking for a partner. There is no great psychologization here or promises of so many flirts.

Register for free and get started is the motto at Flirt-Strand. A good alternative to the virtual flirt beach would be LaBlue's online chat .

Frequently used search terms and typos

flirt beach, flirt beach

Overall impression [Rating:75/100]
Large online chat provider with many members
Number of registered members [Rating:90/100]
2.3 million members
Activity/authenticity of members [Rating:70/100]
privacy [Rating:78/100]
German data protection standards
Member checking [Rating:60/100]
Women's quota [Rating:60/100]
~ m 69% : w 31%
Search filter [Rating:80/100]
Costs & Fees [Rating:95/100]
All functions free of charge, extras for a small fee, no subscription system
Features & Functionalities [Rating:70/100]
Messages, search function, single chat
Usability & operation [Rating:65/100]
Free services [Rating:95/100]
Free profile creation and contact (messages + chat)
Customer Service & Support [Rating:65/100]
FAQ area, email support
Feedback members [Rating:80/100]
quite popular among young people

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  1. I came to the portal through TV advertising on RTL2. I thought registration was definitely not free. But I took a closer look and then realized it was free.

    After registering, however, you only have two free messages, which I find a bit low. I then decided to buy a Flirtcoin package to get to know a lady. It was a one-time payment, which I thought was good and not a subscription. A few weeks later after a few conversations I met her.

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