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Flirting and the beach, or flirting on the beach… with these two terms, pleasant images will quickly come to mind. In our mind's eye we see ourselves relaxing and strolling along the beach with a cool cocktail, looking for attractive people and having the odd flirt. That's how to endure it, isn't it?

flirt and singles chat must have had a very similar thought when naming the singles exchange.

What is about?

This classic singles exchange has become a real player on the market in the last 3 years since its founding and now has more than 2.3 million registered members .

Social media in particular has contributed to this growth and has ensured that members can now look for like-minded people, get to know new people and plunge into many exciting online flirts .

In addition, the Flirtstrand offers an entertaining platform to get in touch with other people in a playful way in minigames and to frolic like a fish in water in the huge flirting community. - Singles Exchange, Flirt & Single Chat – Singles Exchange, Flirt & Single Chat (Screenshot)

What range of functions does the singles exchange offer?

Flirt chats - of which this platform is one - are primarily used by a young audience, but there are also long-time singles among the members. The preferences of the vast majority of active users lie primarily in casual interaction with one another.

You can give free rein to your passion for flirting and make contacts in a relaxed manner and deepen them if necessary. Pure sexual contacts or the long search for a partner for life are less of a focus for Flirtstrand fans than can be seen on specialized contact exchanges.

The options for contacting other members can basically be divided into two areas: there are functions for direct contact for the aggressive singles and features for indirect contact initiation for the more cautious and thoughtful users.

With the direct route, members primarily have access to direct single chat - in a similar style to what some may know from the online chat provider Lablue - through which you can get in touch with the person you want without detours.

If you rely on the indirect way, you can, for example, send virtual gifts as a form of attention. These are easily paid for in the flirt chat using the virtual currency “Flirtmuscheln” .

Of course, the additional functionality also includes the personal profile , in which you can present yourself to other members in an appealing way. Search functions and a lively community complete the picture.

“Gamezone” promises many hours of entertaining entertainment with small mini-games. Last but not least, the platform team provides entertaining information about news, trends and flirting tips in their own blog , which can be accessed via a link at the bottom of the website.

Another positive aspect is the fact that the single chat is free and available immediately after registration. This also allows newcomers to get a taste of the world of online flirting in real time and gain their first experiences without any financial risk.

Extras – such as virtual gifts – are paid for with Flirtmuschelen. These can be purchased separately as a package. These packages are clearly designed and prevent the user from incurring excessive costs for chatting.

A detailed review of can be found here .

What can I use this platform for?

As a member, you decide for yourself what preferences or direction you would like to pursue in the singles community. The following options are available to you:

  • simple chat
  • flirt
  • Meet
  • Finding a partner
  • fling

A completely filled out profile including attractive photos with a personal touch significantly increases your chances of flirting.

Sparkling online flirts in the chat
Sparkling online flirts in the chat

Advantages of at a glance:

  • Simple site structure
  • More than 2.3 million members
  • Fast registration, no need to fill out long profile texts or surveys
  • Free use
  • Free registration & use
  • There are no subscription traps

So head to the virtual beach and start flirting...

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