The future of dating apps and dating sites and the role of artificial intelligence


Tinder may not be particularly original, but it has taken the online dating world by storm. After about 10 years, there are an estimated 650,000 active users in Germany.

In addition to Tinder, there are countless other dating sites and dating platforms throughout Germany that are dedicated to pairing up singles who are happy to have a relationship.

Dating apps like Tinder are an indispensable part of finding a partner
Dating apps like Tinder are an indispensable part of finding a partner
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If you want to get an overview of the best dating sites, you should take a look at LocaDating . Here you will find a detailed comparison of the alternative dating landscape in Germany .

Many of the platforms reviewed here also specialize in certain niches and social sub-groups , such as transsexuals or senior singles, single mothers and fathers, and disabled singles looking for a partner.

Of course there is also the other side of the coin. Couples and married people and singles looking for affair portals will also get their money's worth and will find a neutral comparison of the best sex dating sites in Germany here.

What role do online dating services play among younger singles?

dating apps now become an indispensable part of the search for a partner, especially for younger singles Apps are cool compared to conventional dating sites, which predominantly rely on complex matching algorithms.

While Boomer and older singles are still embarrassed and a little embarrassed to admit Parship or ElitePartner , most active Tinder users grew up naturally on the dating app.

In the USA, almost half of all people between the ages of 16 and 29 ( see figures on Statista ) have already had experience with online dating services.

In other words, dating apps and online dating sites have now become mainstream .

With a playful design, these portals guarantee an exciting experience with a high addictive potential. At the same time, the non-binding atmosphere creates the prospect of uncomplicated sex, although the most reputable dating apps are now increasingly used for serious and serious intentions.

Online dating sites and dating apps enable people to fulfill some basic psychological and social needs. Ultimately, as with conventional social media, the focus is on connecting and bringing people together. Even if it is done in a more infantile, sexual and superficial way.

Narcissism and self-affirmation on online dating sites make it more difficult to find a partner

At the same time, it gives various singles the opportunity to feed their competitive spirit by taking on the competition in the dating market. This gives you the opportunity to have your supposed market value measured, assessed and confirmed.

The prospect of self-affirmation drives thousands of singles, without any real trace of relationship and dating ambitions, onto various platforms and matchmaking apps, even though they have no interest in getting to know their chat partner in person.

More and more dating sites are being replaced by dating apps

This also represents a significant lesson for dating site operators who have tried to streamline the process of finding a partner using sophisticated personality tests and psychometric algorithms. In fact, it turns out that people are much more superficial than experts thought.

Users, especially younger generations, react more sensitively and are more interested in virtual stimuli than in detailed and lovingly filled out user profiles.

First, images are used to assess whether a person represents an attractive partner on a physical level, and then the chat function is used to filter out whether the individual in question also meets the character criteria for the desired partner. Blind trust in a technical and complex algorithm has diminished over time.

Sex dating sites operate in a similar way to mobile apps

Of course , the virtual approach of various dating apps also plays a larger role in casual dating Here you will find a detailed comparison of the most relevant “sex dating sites” in Germany.

The behavior of people on dating agencies corresponds to their experiences at parties or discos, as appearance still remains the decisive criterion.

People lack time because romantic ambitions are put aside for the sake of their careers. Not least because it often forms the basis and prerequisite for romantic relationships. Many people hope to be able to improve their partner prospects through a successful career.

However, many singles of all ages have had frustrating experiences with online dating sites. Whether two people are attracted to each other beyond the physical level is still difficult to predict with certainty.

Seen from this point of view, online singles exchanges and dating apps are still in their initial phase; there is still a lot of optimization potential and scope for improved matching algorithms.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence could help.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are shaping the future of online dating
Machine learning and artificial intelligence are shaping the future of online dating
Photo by Alexander Sinn @swimstaralex, via Unsplash

Many people often don't know what type of partner they are actually looking for. You may say you want certain things, but you're actually doing something completely different.

Machine learning could revolutionize online dating by matching the connection of two singles based on experience and individual user behavior, instead of connecting singles based on stated partner preferences and similarities.

How can AI improve the online dating experience?

For better matches, smarter AI could, for example, take into account the following points:

  • How much time you spend on the app
  • Which profiles you look at and how long you stay on them
  • Basis and content of your chat conversations
  • Individual partner preferences based on the people you prefer
  • Your average response time
  • Whether you usually dare to take the first step or whether you prefer to be approached

If you continue the thought, you could also include the following points in digital dating:

  • Consider your browsing history
  • Your Amazon purchases
  • Which Neflix series you watch
  • Whether you are physically active

AI with improved photo recognition could one day detect interests that aren't listed on your profile, or use facial recognition to more accurately identify users' individual prey patterns.

If you aggregate the data of all users and recognize certain data patterns, you can continuously optimize your online partner search.

The romantic component will not disappear through dating apps

Romance remains an important component when looking for a partner online
Romance remains an important component in online dating
Photo by Taylor Heery @taylorheeryphoto, via Unsplash

How far this development will go - also with regard to the innovations surrounding virtual reality - and what the online dating world will look like in 30 years can only be speculated at the moment. We hope that as a result, romance will not be rationalized away, but will be given a more important role.

Anyone who balks at the increasingly digital dating world still has the option of approaching people in real life in the old-fashioned way.

Conversely, you have definitely left a lasting and positive impression in this way and, with this unique selling point, you stand out clearly compared to online singles.

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