Looking for love: Myths about online dating debunked


The digital world has revolutionized the search for love and a suitable partner. Despite the growing popularity of online dating portals, persistent myths persist that make potential searchers hesitant.

This article aims to dispel these misconceptions.

Myth 1: Only desperate people use dating portals

A widespread belief is that dating portals are only used by people who cannot find a partner in real life. However, statistics show that the majority of users of such platforms are socially active and professionally successful.

Only desperate people use dating portals? Dating myths like these persist when looking for love online
Only desperate people use dating portals?
Dating myths like these persist when looking for love online Image source: Freepik

They value the efficiency and reach that a dating agency offers to meet people with similar interests and life goals.

Myth 2: Online relationships are less lasting

Some claim that relationships that start online are less stable. Research impressively refutes this. Couples who met online often report deeper satisfaction and lower divorce rates compared to traditional relationships.

The opportunity to exchange ideas intensively before the first meeting leads to more informed decisions when choosing a partner.

Myth 3: Fraudsters are lurking on every corner

The fear of fraud and deception prevents many from seeking their fortune online. While caution is always advised, reputable platforms have strict security measures and verification processes in place to ensure the integrity of users in their search for love.

Testimonials and ratings help to assess the trustworthiness of services.

Myth 4: Chemistry can only be tested in person

Many people believe that interpersonal chemistry can only be determined through direct contact. virtual communication offers the opportunity to get to know each other without physical pressure and to discover similarities and differences.

Video chats and phone calls can provide initial insights into the chemistry between two people.

Myth 5: Dating portals are superficial

The assumption that online dating is only focused on appearances persists. While photos play a role, many users place great value on personality profiles and the quality of conversations.

Deep interactions are not only possible, but often the norm on platforms that value detailed profiles and matching algorithms.

Myth 6: There are too many options

The abundance of profiles is often perceived as overwhelming. However, a targeted approach and the use of filters make it possible to search for potential partners based on specific interests and values ​​when looking for love.

This increases the chance of finding someone who really suits you, rather than experiencing the search as an endless odyssey.

Myth 7: Online dating is only for young people

A common misconception is that dating portals are only intended for the younger generation. In fact, people of all ages use the Internet to find a partner.

Does searching for love work on the Internet and through online dating agencies? We've debunked the most common myths.
Does searching for love work on the Internet and through online dating agencies?
We've debunked the most common myths. Image source: frimufilms, via Freepik

Many platforms are aimed specifically at older people who are looking for love and companionship after a long-term relationship or as a late starter. The digital world of dating has no age limit.

Myth 8: All good games are already taken

Some people mistakenly believe that the “good” singles cannot be found online. This assumption ignores the diversity and dynamic nature of the online dating world.

New people register on dating platforms every day. Many attractive, interesting and successful singles use these modern ways to meet like-minded people.

Myth 9: It's too expensive

The thought that online dating costs a lot of money discourages some from trying it. While some platforms charge for advanced features, there are numerous free apps and websites that offer extensive services at no cost.

Even with paid options, prices are often cheaper than many traditional dating activities.


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