Confession: I was an escort lady


I used to call myself Sara or Vanessa and worked for many escort agencies in Germany and Switzerland. I worked as an escort , accompanying managers on trips and also fulfilling their sexual desires.

A time full of strange experiences and a time full of beautiful memories. I always read a lot about us escort ladies .

But the reports are often mixed with negative comments or the reprimand that we were forced to do this. But many journalists seem to have little idea about what we do. I would like to tell you briefly about my life and give you an impression of the job.

How did I become an escort lady?

In my earlier years, sex was always very boring for me. This was probably because my boyfriend and I only tried a few things in bed. When we separated, I decided to start over. I moved to a big city and wanted to build a new life there.

At first I felt lonely. In response to my applications from large companies, I soon received several interview appointments. But everything seemed so monotonous, colorless to me. I wanted something different.

Confession of an escort lady
Confession of an Escort Lady
Photography by Ilya Yakover (Unsplash)

Then I found some kind of job advertisement at an escort agency. That excited me, but I was also afraid. Companionship also meant sex with strangers. Something completely different than dating a man you met on a dating platform.

But I was curious and so just a few days later I was drawn to a personal interview at the agency, which was conducted by a friendly, middle-aged woman. She looked me over and explained the processes and background to me. Openly asked me how I deal with sex, whether I had already had ONS and generally whether I had problems with my sexuality.

Very nervously, I tried to answer every question positively. Finally, I had to undress in front of her again. She now looked my body up and down and said she wanted to try it with me. I agreed. Next up was an appointment in a 5-star hotel where I had to pose erotically in lace lingerie on the bed and on a chair.

These were later posted on an escort portal . Anyone interested could now ask for an appointment with me. 2 hours cost 500 euros, of which the agency received 150 euros as commission. The boss gave me 800 euros, which I was supposed to use to buy good clothes and lingerie. The repayment would be gradually offset against the income.

The first customer and strange experiences

The first interested party was also one of the strangest. He wanted a threesome. But not as readers might imagine. He booked me as an escort for 3 hours. We met at his hotel. A small double room in a noble house. Now many questions arise as to what is meant by the threesome. That's exactly what's strange. It was supposed to be a threesome with a sex doll .

A love doll, a kind of life-size replica. I couldn't do anything with that. As the meeting progressed, however, I still found it a little funny, but also arousing. The threesome with the love doll took place and he performed the act sometimes with me, sometimes with her. Each alternately. Despite this oddity, it was a very nice event. I also forgot my fear of just going to bed with a total stranger.

Further appointments followed with other men. These included customers from all walks of life. I either went to the client's home or we met at the hotel. My agency was always concerned about my protection. Code words on the phone should convey the status. Every now and then there were some men that I didn't really like. I even rejected 2.

I am a escort lady , so I can also decide whether I accept a date or decline it. The agency makes the pre-selection. On average, I met with 8 – 10 men a month. The ages ranged from 20 to 60 years. Most were married. Often for a very long time, the marriage is no longer happy. But that shouldn't interest me.

Did I only have to go to bed with men?

I always like to be asked this question. The answer is no. Some men, yes of course, book me for quick sex in the hotel. An appointment then lasts 2 – 4 hours. There is often a generous tip at the end. Others booked me for a whole evening or several days. Here there was longer companionship, dinner and yes, sex. But the focus wasn't just on the act.

I particularly liked the travel companion. One booked me straight away for 3 weeks. We flew to Haiti. He had to take care of some business there and I took care of him the rest of the time. With the earnings I no longer had to work for a few months. In general, I earned well. I was very pleased. This has nothing to do with coercion. As an escort you decide for yourself. You can refuse men. Sex only happens when everything is right.

But there is also a disadvantage. As an escort you will be written off by the age of 35 at the latest. And you shouldn't do the job for longer than 5 years, otherwise everything will be too routine and you'll be worn out. I started when I was 26. I got out when I was 31. Now 3 years later I am happily married and have 2 children. My husband knows about my past life. He accepted it.

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