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More and more people on the Internet who want to flirt are calling for a fair comparison of singles exchanges, for an overview of singles exchanges that users can rely on. The demand for regional dating sites and independent dating sites is increasing. This blog aims to live up to this reputation.

Germany is becoming more and more a single country because the number of singles is increasing.

Numerous factors contribute to this, certainly including greater financial independence for women compared to earlier times, which means that they are no longer necessarily dependent on a breadwinner. Above all, however, the fast pace of our time also contributes to this. Singles in Germany in 2009 have more choice than ever on the singles market, if the German single charts are to be believed.

In times when more and more people remain unintentionally single, it is no wonder that more and more people are asking themselves “Who is right for me?” “Where can I find my dream partner?”

More and more people are looking for the answer to this question on the Internet in singles exchanges and dating portals as well as chat sites and dating agencies. It's no wonder that this market is booming like never before and the trend of dating sites is clearly pointing upwards. Singles in Germany in 2009 set records on the dating markets.

But even in our mountainous neighboring country, single life prevails over intimate togetherness. In one article, Austria is even referred to as the “land of lonely hearts”. According to a study, the trend clearly points towards long-term singles.

  • 23% of 1,239 respondents described themselves as solo
  • Hardly any differences between men and women

Austria is a country of singles: a quarter of women and men between the ages of 18 and 69 are single. The highest proportion of unattached people can be found among those who have not yet celebrated their 30th birthday. And the trend is towards “long-term singles”, as a published IFES survey shows, which was carried out on behalf of the inline partner agency

Caroline Erb, psychologist at, explains the fact that around 23 percent of the 1,239 people surveyed described themselves as single and living alone as follows: “In addition to a general tendency towards individualization, the high demands on potential partners and the relationship certainly also play a role here important role."

Hardly any differences between genders

And this apparently applies to both genders. Almost as many women (24 percent) as men (22 percent) are without a partner. 66 percent of singles are single, 22 percent are divorced and eleven percent are widowed. One percent were still married, but had apparently already mentally said goodbye to the marriage. Regionally, most single people can be found in Salzburg and Vienna. Upper Austria (only 15 percent singles) and Burgenland (twelve percent) represent a bastion of stable relationships.

More than half of the “lonely hearts” have been without a partner for more than a year. 19 percent are apparently uninterested or unemployable because they have “always been single”. The general rule is: the older you are, the longer you are single.

All of these facts speak for themselves: with the increasing number of singles in German-speaking countries, the demand for partner exchanges, flirt exchanges, dating exchanges and similar offers is also increasing. But who can still find their way in the jungle of information and the oversupply?

This website is intended to provide assistance by evaluating and describing existing dating sites, making a comparison among the most important portals, uncovering niches and giving tips.

So if you're looking for a partner online, we recommend browsing through our dating, flirting and online dating portal!

We strive to create a fair singles exchange comparison and a good singles exchange overview that users can rely on.

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  1. Lonely hearts in Austria? I can well imagine it 🙂 Well, I think it's great if we singles are given the job of comparing and examining dating portals. This means we can concentrate on what's important and don't have to make 50 registrations on different portals. Thanks for the tip!

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